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Think out of the box, choosing different

It’s important to adopt Theory of Thinking out Of Box. It means choosing the different path to reach the destination i.e., success. Out of box thinking means thinking free, beyond heights, open, without any limitation. It is broadening up the horizon of imagination. Out of box thinking does not mean to be super intelligent, it means how great you can imagine. Limiting your mind forces you to kill your own dreams & wishes. Your creative thinking will make you stand out of the line.

Every one faces the bad phase of life, successful man is the one who deals with it cleverly & comes out with the desired solution. In schools, we are taught to be different amongst all. The theory of thinking different proves it right. Then you become the all rounder. You make your own ideas, create your own image, think positively, which makes you best student of all. Brainstorming sessions are introduced in schools so that students can be better at facing practical situations also, not just getting educated there.

We can take any example when we talk about out of box thinking. We find many musicians or music directors in the world, many writers do exist, may art lovers are there. But the one who are running with different approach are renowned & have individual image. They are famous because whatever they do is either different or they present it differently.

Once you are out of the group with out of the box approach, you’ll find many changes in you & in your life.
1. Be ready to accept the changes.

2. If you are stuck, make your own ways.

3. Find the best solution to your problems.

4. Always think positive with an attitude “Never mind”.

5. Accept failures, learn from them.

6. Never panic in worst conditions. Try to overcome it.

7. Make your monotonous routine, fun & entertaining.

8. Try brainstorming sessions; it’s good to release stress.

9. Do not forget to self assess yourself.

10. Never leave fun element, life becomes boring & you’ll lose interest.
This theory has created big names. I am sure you want to be like one of them. So create such an image with your words, work & by thinking out of box.

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    1. Thinking outside the box……I always use my imagination when it comes to doing that. I feel like I always have to be creative about everything rather its my career, my kids, or myself. I try to make the best things hopin that they would go throu. When it all comes down and burn to the floor then I pick myself back up. Knowing that the first time was not the way to go. But in reality we all pick up our pieces and start all over again.

    2. Thinking outside the box is how civilization got out of the box. the desire of men to conquered their environment and things around them is what brought about all the changes we see around us. thinking out side the box is good for every one because we can not always think one way. Every situation have it unique kind of solution and therefore we need to always look at many ways of dealing with each and every kind of problems which requires using our imagination and assertion. Had the creators of all the things we see around us did not think outside the box, where will we have been now.


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