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These Businesses Would Likely To Die In Duterte Administration
March 18, 2017

The happiness to some is the crying session for others.

While the administration was praised for strong stance to guard the people and its interest and concern, many of them will be affected. The result could mean the extinction of some of the businesses long been here in the country because they are part of culture and tradition.

While the campaign is true, to safeguard the lives and health of the people but it also means the dying of the livelihood of the families where they get their 3 meals a day, payment for schools, for clothes—the needs and wants of the people. Not to mention the dying of culture and tradition.

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But the campaign is strong—for the betterment of the bigger number of the people instead of the livelihood of the regional families.

Here are some businesses that may die down during the present administration of President Rody Duterte of the Philippines.

  1. Tobacco Industry.

The Ilocos region of northern Philippines is known as the tobacco capital of the country ever since. In fact, the epic Biag Ni Lam-ang (Life Of Lam-ang) also stated the importance of the tobacco tabarkan (native tobacco) as part of the courting of that time. It is also part of life of the people. The dinubla means cigar which the old folks smoke and believe gives them relief.

The tradition of cigar and the “mama” continue until the 90’s. There was no problem for Ilocano who are planting tobacco plants which is consider the biggest cash crop. The Ilocano tobacco farmers plant tobacco and brought their family and their places to progress

That was long time ago.

Time has change when the cigar became cigarettes and later on connected the chemicals like nicotine to many diseases like diatbetis, cancer and other dreadful diseases.

With so many issues the tobacco industry is facing: the high tax on cigarettes; the farming which the young generation don’t want to engage because of the hardship of work; the strong campaign of the country against the smoking; the limited market…

… And now the executive order of President Duterte on regulation of smoking in the Philippines.

  1. The Firecracker And Pyrotechnic Industry

No more firecrackers during the New Year’s celebration because of too many victims of injuries and burning related to firecrackers. No more banging sounds and flying pyrotechnics because the Duterte administration wanted to adopt the celebration of new year in Davao City.

The industry of firecrackers and pyrotechnics that would be likely affected is Bocaue, Bulacan. When Christmas season is coming, people here are alive in manufacturing the firecrackers. But because of escalating numbers of victims sent to hospital, it would be likely a dying industry in the Philippines.

  1. The Gambling And Gaming Industry

The bribery scandal involving the Bureau of Custom’s commissioner by the gambling mogul Jack Lam did not only rock the government but also the gambling and gaming industry.

Then came the executive order of President Duterte to the police officers to stop all kinds of no permit gaming and gambling in the archipelago.

Sure it is for the common good of the people of the Philippines but since the Filipino’s culture also includes gaming and gambling like card games, cara  y cruz, dado, cockfighting among others, surely this will affect the industry.


These industries are the source of livelihood of many people. These are their job and work. But because of many consequences, these industries could be soon… out.

    1. They are sources of livelihood, but negatively affects other people, that of tobacco smoke; firecrackers and pyrotechnics; and gambling which teach some people to depend on mere luck for easy money instead of finding other sources. It could be good; though those industries can be a source of tax for the government, but they should be regulated well on especially regarding safety measures.

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