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There’s Many Forms of Prosperity
December 17, 2016
tree-shaping-There's Many Forms of Prosperity

Some may few prosperity as having wealth but prosperity can also be in the form of knowledge. Knowledge is a way to gain more prosperity. When one is gifted with a craft, the craft can produce wealth may take some time but through confidence eventually the return will come. Not having much doesn’t mean a person will remain not wealthy. “It is better to be rich at heart than to be rich with money and corruption.” Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk). There should never be a thought of hopelessness. Thoughts of abundance and better living can help not only achieve but to feel better in these troubling times.

Some may treat others differently if they’re not wealthy but it’s God who knows the heart and will bless the ones who can be fair whether rich or poor. If we listen to some of the people who hate the poor but adore the rich then we may become prejudice with all the less fortunate individuals. It’s the rich who can also help others become prosperous. They should be assisted the less fortunate in building a more stable economy. Money doesn’t mean that individuals are better. They may have more money but lack knowledge.

Prosperity isn’t an overnight event. To gain some levels of prosperity one may need to go through a lot of trials. The storms are a way to build stronger beings. The troubles won’t last always but there needs to be some going through in order to gain. Some may not want to see others elevate and prosper in some way but if we’re determined to prosper then we’ll do so. No amount of resistance can prevent the prosperity that’s ordained by God.

The work needs to continue in order to reach the level of success that’s desired. If there’s no work done then the likelihood of reaching abundance may be slim. However some reach abundance because of the blessings which are deserved. Some may receive money, food, or clothing. No one should feel bad about receiving “abundance.” God wants us to do has much good works as possible. The good works will allow us to also reach prosperity levels.

For some, prosperity levels are reached a later in life, and that’s alright. Some may not understand why abundance hasn’t occurred yet. God’s timing isn’t our timing. When God says it’s so then it’s so. Sometimes we won’t receive certain things due to the company we’re keeping. Some may wait to take away the abundance. So therefore it’s withheld until the right time. In time we’ll receive the necessary and more. Patience is needed in order to receive the abundance.

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    1. Wow what an inspiring piece. I totally agree with you on this. There is a saying that goes like this where there is a will there is a way and at the end of every tunnel there is a light. Surely anyone who reads this understands what it’s all about. We don’t just prosper you have to always face trials and temptations go through turmoils to get to the place of prosperity. There are others who may not go through the trials but still prosper have you ever stopped to ask yourself how and why? I have many times and the answer is even with all this riches there is always someone who will pay dearly for you to prosper. So for me i don’t envy those people who have so much going for them, riches come pouring out at them while they are just sorted I would rather work and see how I am getting those riches, see myself climbing from one level to another. That way i will appreciate every little thing I have for I know how i got it and what I had to go through to get it. That’s what matters most. Prosperity has never come easy for those who have been there. It has many ups and downs and it needs a lot of patience to be able to receive or get what you want. Many at times we may work so hard and still not find the satisfaction that we are looking for but in the long run of you learn to be patient with yourself you will surely get deserving break that you having working for for so long.

    2. I feel happiness comes first, then comes prosperity followed by success in whatever good one is pursuing, leading to abundance which in turn will attract money. People have become materialistic and they measure others by the amount of money and job which one has. This has become a sad fact of life. The rich always seem to keep on hoarding money which actually be increased by them for themselves and for the nation and its people by investing it in more businesses and creating wealth and not money alone.

      If the wealth trickles down from the top downwards and reaches all the sections of the society then the nation will become strong as the people will possess both skill, job and wealth. For this to happen we need people who have a heart to do something for their country and its people and not think what they can get out of it more. A well researched article.


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