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The Rise, Fall, and the get Back up Again
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We all should be appreciative of even the small blessings received. Imagine being a mogul and feeling like new money. Expensive home, luxury cars, extravagant parties. Feeling as free as a bird. No worries because the money does the talking. Probably no thoughts of ever losing it all. Never know. There’s a lot of people who incurred fame and fortune but it’s not about obtaining. It’s about being to “keep the wealth.” There can be so many occurrences in which one can lose just about everything if not everything.

Not keeping up with the finances. Having greedy fake friends around who drain their pockets. When it’s all gone. Where are the friends? They’ll leave once there’s nothing left “to gain.” A lot have risen and loss so much. Being too trusting or living beyond their means. Not thinking Uncle Same will obtain what’s owed. Living lavishly and not thinking the diamonds and gold won’t fade.

Some choose to have “financial advisors” which is great but when there’s lots of money involved it can be difficult to know exactly who can be trusted. Some not paying much attention to their finances end up losing their wealth because the money is stolen. Of course not all at once but little by little. For some they’ve given away so much and there’s nothing wrong with giving but use wisdom. If they’re always coming around with their hands out then they’re users.

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Some may even brag about their wealth and God isn’t pleased with the bragging. He wants us to be grateful for the blessings received. There’s so many who struggle to no end. Anyone with wealth as a right to spend their money as they see fit. Making purchases before the check clears isn’t the best way to go. Anything could occur. It’s wise to purchase the home instead of renting. Making better financial “decisions” and decreasing the number of people who hang around. They’re not all friends.

A rise doesn’t mean there won’t be a fall. Making smart decisions can help keep the wealth but trying everyone will certainly create a devastating loss. All the fancy cars parked in front of a mansion and expensive parties will cause a decline. Slipping and sometimes having a difficult trying to keep back up. Don’t need a whole lot of people around. Check on the money every now and then. Prevent losing it all.

Having two vehicles or perhaps a third that’s not so expensive is find. Showboating for what? Money can run out pretty quickly. Taxes oh my goodness. That’s some end up losing so much. The taxes burns their pockets. The more expensive a home is the greater the taxes. Not 10 million dollar homes. Just one or two people living in the home. No need. Fall can occur rather quickly. Losing it all when it could’ve kept most of it.

Of we all the finer things in life but sometimes have to just window shop and move on. Especially the ones who grew up in the hood, ghetto, projects. As soon as the check clears they’re off on a shopping spree and expensive. Big gold and diamond chains. Million dollar rings. Really? Pre-Wifey doesn’t need a 10 million ring. If she wants a ring worth 10 million declare the wifey or pre-wifey a gold digger.

Having the right people around is very beneficial. Knowing who the friends and who the foes are is important. Hands out then perhaps consider putting the individuals on a payroll. When the money is gone. They’re ghost. Allow a CPA or Financial Advisor to put some of the money away. Money which isn’t touched. Never what can occur. “Business can be unpredictable” and businesses crumble.

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