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The Result of Sitting on Your Vote
January 24, 2017

It has become clear, since the elections in the United States in November, 2016, that many people did not vote.   Only Fifty Seven point Nine Percent, (57.9%) voted.   Any number below 75% is a bad number, because the fact that people did not vote for means their vote counted against.

If you look at the marches in Washington, New York,  Los Angeles and other places in America, there were millions of people who went out to express their rejection of the Trump Administration.   This has never happened before.

Yes, there might be small protests in a corner, usually with some esoteric view, but never has there been greater turn out for the Non-Inauguration than for it.

The ‘Alternate Facts’ that the Mind Control Masters of the Trump team attempt to push, only work with those of a particularly tiny brain.

The reality is that many people did not vote.   And that is why Trump was elected.

America is not the only place this happened; early in 2016, in Jamaica there was an election.  The best estimate is that Forty Seven point Seven percent, (47.7%) voted.   Not even half the electors came out.

This meant, clearly, that the Prime Minister was unelected and became Prime Minister by default.

In America, with their ridiculous Electoral College which skews the vote,  Trump ‘won’ the election.  He didn’t get the popular vote, he got the Electoral College votes.

[Image State A has 10 Electoral College Votes and State B has 5.   In State A 1,000 people vote. 550 for T and 450 for H.   T wins those 10 votes.   In State B 20,000 voted.  17,000 for H and 3,000 for T.  H wins those 5 votes.]

The fact is, nearly half the electors sat on their vote because of things they heard about Hilary, much of which was proven untrue, and other ‘cute’ little scams which played with their minds so they stayed home.

By staying home the Orange Monster won.

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    1. “… the fact that people did not vote for means their vote counted against.” We have had this discussion before and I still respectfully disagree with you on this. 🙂

      My first reason for disagreeing is: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. So when you say vote, which vote are you talking about? The electoral vote or the popular vote? Because if you’re referring to the popular vote, Hillary Clinton should be POTUS. If the people who did not vote had voted for her and she had not gotten the electoral vote she still wouldn’t be president.

      My second reason for disagreeing and this is much more important than my first reason: Voting is not the ONLY THING that a citizen can do! It’s as if you believe a person who does not vote is somehow “unpatriotic” and that it’s because of their “non-vote” that a person is now in office who should not be there.

      I don’t buy that! Because I have not voted for years. Sometimes the candidate I was in favor of won the election. Sometimes they didn’t! Not voting didn’t me make any less of a patriot. I have survived all of these presidents. Without my vote, America is still standing!

      No I did not vote. But I did do and still do my part as an American citizen. I have been an American all my life and a patriot ever since I came to know and understand what it means to an American. So I don’t vote! That doesn’t mean I don’t serve my country.

      I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Amen!

      * In my lifetime of living in America, I have never seen that many people protesting the results of a presidential election. OK! Protest. Protest. Protest. Trump is still the President. Also, with respect to the “electors” that you say “sat on their vote”, I totally understand and respect their right to choose to sit on it! They voted or rather did not vote, according to their conscience.

      * * Last question: Who is the Orange Monster? I’ve never heard that expression.

    2. You didn’t vote… your vote went to Trump. It is as simple as that. Suppose there are ten people on this site. The choice; limit to three posts a day or not. You don’t vote. I and Cely are the only ones to vote to limit. We ‘win’.

      A lot of people say, my vote is not important. If you were in politics you’d understand how important it is to prevent voting. In one election a particular area with over 25k voters ‘elected’ a representative who received 3,635 votes and the other, 3,300. Where were the votes? The Police had scraped up thousands of people and held them in custody beginning the night before until polls closed.

      A few months later, during local, where the police were inactive, two counselors from a particular party garnered 15k and 12k each. The other party split the 3,635 votes.

      So you, whether you want to appreciate or not. got Trump elected.

      • OK. Following your logic: If by NOT voting, my vote went to Trump. Let’s say that’s correct.

        Then … what I’m trying to say is that in other previous elections when I also DID NOT VOTE, then my vote also went to whoever won the election.

        So since by not voting, somebody became president … and sometimes it was the candidate I thought would make a good president and sometimes it wasn’t … then by not voting … it still mattered what I did! Or rather … what I did NOT do.

        I have lived through all the presidencies where I did not vote. None of those president stopped me from being an American. None of them made me want to leave my country. Every last one of them made decisions I did not agree with, even if it was a candidate I favored!! Hey! Can’t please everybody.

        For all of that, America did not crumble like the Roman Empire (which is always predicted because of how sinful a people we are). I’m confident that I will survive Trump’s presidency too! (If God spares my life.)

        I don’t have any high expectations of Trump making America great again. But I also don’t feel desperation, doom and despair and envision a future where Trump has ripped the fabric of America and torn the country apart, dividing US and causing another Civil War!

        Oh please! It’s just Donald Trump. Who do people think he is? Thor, the thunder god or Zeus or something? Respectfully … back to you.

        • In Jamaica, we sat on our votes, the JLP came into office. There was a very low turn out. In America it is clear the non-voters who ‘would have’ voted for Clinton but didn’t, thinking that their vote ‘didn’t matter’ proved it did.

          Most people do not yet appreciate the Trump Presidency. For example, it is beyond question that at least 3x the crowd was at Obama’s inauguration, yet Trump and his troop can look straight in the camera and turn it obverse.

          That a ‘spokeswoman’ can talk about ‘Alternative Facts’.

          Of course Presidents have lied, but not so boldly. And of course there has always been attempts at mind control, but not as powerfully as today.

          The attacks on the Press are especially scary.

          The world is reassessing its relationship with America. It really is not business as usual.

          • Of course, it’s just speculation on my part, but I’m not at all certain that the non-voters would have voted for Hillary Clinton. There were other candidates on the ballot.

            Appreciate the Trump Presidency? At the rate things are going, I think “most people” are going to spend their time either arguing about it, protesting it – physically and “symbolically”, filing lawsuits about it, on and on and on. Whew! We are in for a rough 4 years.

            Regards lies and mind control? Lying is one thing. Signing a lie into law is another. I say Trump can’t so easily do that! Mind control? What’s he gonna do? Hypnotize US?

            That Trump ‘spokeswoman’ is unbelievable, isn’t she? And you know what? I actually think she believes the words that come out of her mouth! (O.o)

            The attacks on the Press? From what I’ve seen of our American Press, they can take care of themselves. Don’t even think you’re going to shut them up! We have dedicated investigative reporters and journalists that are worth ten times their weight in gold. Historical note: It was our Press that broke the Watergate Scandal. Freedom of the Press is a very strong thread in our country’s tapestry.

            The world is reassessing its relationship with America? Our allies ain’t going nowhere. They’re going to sweat out the next 4 years, right along with the citizens of this nation.

            OK! I’m an optimist. Sue me! 🙂 😀 🙂

            (Thanks for continuing to engage me in this conversation. I really need some place to get this off my chest.)

            • I agree… that spokes woman and her ‘alternative facts’… that knocked me across the room. If there is a ‘vote’ to be taken, whether at the dining room table, or in a national election and you ‘abstain’, then whatever the majority choses, even if the ‘majority’ of voters is a minority, wins.

              Now he’s stepping on the native Americans with the pipeline because he’s getting his kick back.
              People want this to happen. They can’t shake their heads and say not me…

    3. During recent US Presidential elections, only 57.9% have voted and the remaining have not voted does not mean that the remaining are 42.1% are against Mr. Trump. So much so it is also not true that they are in favor of Hillary. This is the percentage of people who evinced little interest in the Elections.

      Choosing a candidate for the post of President became a challenge for the U.S voters. They did not want to vote as a protest against Mr. Trump does not carry any meaning. In a Democracy, each and every voter is expected to avail the opportunity of voting. If he does not, it only disappoints the result of the Election. The Voter should be aware of it. If he is not, he must be made to known of the consequences it will have on the Election Result. The Government should educate the people in this aspect and try to see that as many voters exercise their voting rights as possible for a transparent result.

      This clearly shows that the Government has not enlightened the U.S voters on this aspect and took any measures and was watching the campaigns and kept itself busy with the remarks and statements in the Newspapers.

      The sector wise result will make result but not the number of votes. It is always there. Mrs. Hillary might have got number of votes than Mr. Trump but this is not the deciding factor. It is only the number of Segments that they have won in a sector that decides the winning candidate. So, it is not appropriate to say that Mr. Trump is not having any supporters and the election process itself is wrong.
      Finally, it is not appropriate to say that many of the voters did not vote and were carried away by the remarks against Mrs. Hillary it implies that they are not favoring Mrs. Hillary and want to give an opportunity to Mr. Trump.
      Even if it is not so, did anybody stop them from voting against Mr. Trump?

    4. When you don’t vote; unless it is a Tweedledee/Tweedledum then you effectively deny a vote to a candidate. When the voting is below 75% every vote not cast matters. It is a very simple equation.

    5. Looks like I’ve run out of space for additional remarks. Let’s finish this discussion in the group “Anything Over Coffee”. Have a humorous look at a humorous link I’d like to share with you. Started a discussion called “Trump Tweets – A continuing discussion”. It’s serious but I hope it makes you laugh too. 🙂

    6. Meant to start the discussion in one group (“Anything Over Coffee”) but noticed that it is in another group “Making Money Online” (a group that I don’t normally start discussions in). I would have preferred to have it in the group I mentioned. Nevertheless, since it’s there in that group, I am noting it here, just in case somebody comes here, then goes to the WRONG GROUP and can’t find the continuation of our discussion.

      • I did find it odd it was in the wrong place… but did find it

        • It’s my work habit. I am constantly clicking stuff and working in between tabs. You think you’re at one spot but you’re on another tab or in a new window in another spot. I sometimes have 10 to 12 tabs open at a time. My browser usually freezes all the screens and stops responding. Then I have close everything and start all over!

          • I downloaded a little monitor which is at the top of my screen and when it goes to red I clear memory and shut windows.

    7. The end of the matter is: Mr Trump fought and won fair and square. Next time for the Liberal leftists, fight harder (within the Law) and vote.

      • Let’s face it; the Lowest Common Denominator rules. The stupidest kid in the class controls the lesson, the slowest guy on the work floor controls the output, and Trump controls the minds of his supporters. People didn’t vote, and they got what the duck got.

        We, in the rest of the world, are enjoying the show.

        • Nice words. Quite entertaining. The mainstream media that has gone totalitarian with the far Left liberal-democrats are panicking. Their control of the “production of unaware and compliant citizenry” (Podesta’s exchanging words with Clinton camp)is quite revealing for an exposed ‘Master Plan’.

          Yes, stupidity has really gotten out of hand with the Left.


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