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Whenever we hear the word “LOVE”, we feel a different emotion for something… it’s may be good or bad.

What is LOVE??? We all know… grammatically, a strong feeling of affection, a great interest and pleasure in something is called LOVE.

There  are many famous persons already talked about LOVE. They defined LOVE in various ways. anyway, today i’m going to tell a beautiful story of PURE LOVE . I knew about this story from a famous book of India, called “LIVES OF SAINTS”.

A young BRAHMIN boy lived in a village. He fell in love with a bad girl lived another village. There was a big river between two villages. Everyday the boy used to go to the girl crossing the river by a ferry boat. Some day, the boy had to perform the funeral rites of his father. The took a long time… the boy was dyeing to meet the girl. At last, when he completed the ceremony, night came. The night came with tremendous howling storm & rain. The river was lashed with gigantic waves. It was very dangerous to cross the river. But the boy was becoming mad . He saw a log was floating down, he got that and with the help of it crossed the river. He went to that house, lived the girl. Knocked the door but no one answered him. At last he found a rope hanging from the wall. He clutched at the rope saying himself “oh, my love has left a rope for me to climb.” Now he climbed over the wall, to go to another side and missed his footing and fell down , became faint. Hearing the sound of his falling, inmate of the house came out and see the fainted boy.

The girl asked him “what is the matter with you? How did you come into the house?” The boy said, “why, did not my love put that rope there?” She smiled, and said “what love? We are for money, and do you think that I let down a rope for you, fool that you are?” “How did you cross the river?”

“Why, I got hold a log of wood” answered the boy.

“Let us go and see” she said.

They found there is no rope but a snake!!!! Tremendous, poisonous COBRA!!!!   The snake had it’s head in it’s hole, the body out. It couldn’t let it’s head come out. The force of pull killed the snake.

And the log was a rotten dead body floating on the river!!!!

The girl looked at the boy and said, “I never believed in love; we never do; but, if this is not love, THE LORD have mercy on me. We do not know what love is…”



Have you any other explanation of LOVE ?????

Your always friend…. Barnali

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    1. I Think a real love when i felt is when my baby came in this world when i touch him i found a smile on my face and who ever said love at first sight it happens. i love my son.

    2. Wow thats an interesting way od showing one that they are in love with them. Love can actually occur in many ways.but tgis one is one of a kind. Many people used to go to great lengths just to show their love to someone. Unlike now in this digital world where not much rmotion is shown. Instead gadgets and materials are being used. Am just trying to imagine how that boy couldn’t make out that that log was a dead body that was floating, and then how it did not break when he climbed on it is another thing. Then the rope also how he used a snake to climb to where his love was is amazing. All i can say is love indeed conqurers all. There is nothing you cannot do if you love someone. And if its God’s will for the two of you to be together thrn he will make what does not look possible in our eyes possible. Its just amazing how God works through us.


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