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The Most Powerful Motivation To be Suceed is The Pressure
May 14, 2017

Everyone has a motivation, but not all can reach it. Why? If you ever attended a motivation seminar, it would probably amazingly astounding because the audience were really carried away by the motivation that was conveyed by the motivator.

The motivator might be dazzling in encouraging the audience to reach their dreams. However, to reach a dream is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. If you realize it, the delivered motivations seem not enough to boost your spirit.

Words of Motivation V.S. Reality

In fact, from hundreds of seminar participants, only a few people can maintain the motivations in the real work. Besides that, the participants with safe financial will not be burnt simply with a motivation to succeed. Here we are going to discover how people who actually come from the lower classes can be more motivated as they don’t only have a motivation to succeed, but the pressures of life. Therefore, the pressure is a natural motivation. How does a pressure can motivate a person? Let’s see…!

Like a boarding student who is running out of clothes (means all of his clothes are dirty), the only option is to wash his own clothes. One of the pressures that overshadow our lives in such situation is; what we would be if we don’t wear pant, or wearing a smelling paint. That’s the real example of life pressure that causes real action.
In a popular circus story, you might have known the story of a lion and a whip, we often underestimate the diluted lion because of trained instead of educated. This happens because the lion is afraid of the whip. In fact, actually, such association also afflicted us personally. For example, a student which is identical to a lot of homework which is bored and took up playing time. As a student, he might complain of the homework. Whereas, the homework is the natural pressure for the student.

Ther Pressure Makes Us Learn Something New

Certainly, the pressure makes us learn something. Let you imagine if the student is not being any homework within a semester. Everything may feel comfortable during the semester. Just be honest, without homework, the student would not go anywhere to learn the subjects and less performing in the final exam.

Next, try to observe your profession where your normal working time is 8 hours per work day. If being asked about what is the motivation of getting up every day? Which one of the following is your answer?

A. You are encouraged by your responsibility of your profession.
B. Fear of getting angry boss for being late.

I think you know the answer. Call back the story of the lion and the whip.

Pressures are The Process to Get Succeed

If we observe an entrepreneur, we might ever think that he or she is free to do whatever he or she wants. However, the entrepreneur we see is the one that has achieved a successful in his or her business. The one who have ever once become an egg on the cutting edge of being at the forefront out of the pressures that ever pressed him or her. But now, what we see is the result or the entrepreneurship journey which we never saw the process before.

A process is the most important moment where all the pressures of success motivate an entrepreneur. The bonus of such process is not hit the media spotlight so that not everyone knows.

Entrepreneurship is a demeanor. Therefore, becoming an entrepreneur is not just relying on ego and pride because it can create your own business field. The challenge of becoming an entrepreneur is how you can put a pressure on yourselves and make it as your motivational. The entrepreneurship is a winner mentality because facing the pressure with own capabilities, which is not as easy as working on the pressure of other people. It’s between educated and trained.

Get Out Comfort Zone

Everyone likes comfort and almost everyone says we have to get out of comfort zone. But not all describe how to get out of comfort zone. So, this article is about how to make an enemy becomes a support, how to make the pressure as a motivation. That is by turning the pressure into a positive point of view. The positive-minded pressure is a perfect motivation.

Basically, everyone may have unique ways to get out of the comfort zone in achieving success. You can decide unique ways according to your abilities and requirements to make your dreams come true. However, having the guide to get out of the comfort zone is the right idea.

Certainly, all efforts will definitely bring results. One of them is the creation of a comfortable situation or so-called comfort zone. Everyone has a comfort zone with a different portion to each other. Many people survive in their comfort zone even though they are in a “no progress zone”. But there are also those who choose to challenge their comfort zone, and so much more successful because of it. But it doesn’t mean you come out of our common work because there are so many activities we can do to overcome boredom in our daily work.

How to Get Out of Confort Zone

Each activity must be based on a strong intention, including changes. When you choose to get out of the comfort zone by making changes, you should do it with your total consistency. Or if you choose to stay on a job today, you must also base it with a strong intention. It does seem cliche, but life is an option. Being consistent will help you deal with any pressure that arises from a challenge. The following are the points you need to do to get out of your comfort zone;

  • Find a new challenge
  • Strong intention
  • Self evaluation
  • Starting from Small things
  • Do something different
  • Have a new hobby
  • Do your best
  • Take the advantage of any opportunity
  • Be wise in taking decision
  • Expand your network and your insights
  • Face your fear.
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