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The Justly was and is Purposed
October 28, 2018

There’s a purpose and the fulfillment of my purpose is what needs to occur. There are the unappreciative ones without understanding. “God already prepared my way and I’m continuing to try to reach the level in which was designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’re mistaken what have they caused by their actions? If they are willing to read “scripture” then they’ll find out what God has said. God is specific about His instructions. Some will try to battle for positions they’re not “qualified” for. If they’re chosen then they wouldn’t need to battle. There is no need for Tanikka!-Tanikka Paulk to battle because I’ve been “chosen” by God and mankind.

If they’re unwilling to accept then they will have the troubles. There are the many difficulties but with prayer I’m able to overcome. The words spoken aren’t adding the value that’s needed. I’ve chosen to proceed with the most dignified. The persons in which will assist with the “building up.” My eyes will look away from the irritants. I’m uninterested in their antics. The disruptions aren’t bothering me=Tanikka Paulk because there’s the protection. What? Yes there’s the protection from God and mankind has also chosen to add their protection. The noisemakers aren’t apart of the fulfillment.

The needs are what causes the persons to display out of control behavior. They’ve lied and caused their own declines. Perhaps they should consider what “Word” entails. I’m continuing for many reasons. There is way too many objectives to meet. There will continue to be the additions. Yes some seem to be angered but I’m apart of the glorious actions. No matter what’s been said about you=Tanikka Paulk. “The Bible” speaks a lot about you your. God has stated about the enemies and how to handle enemies. Foes is what some have decided to become.

The birds continue to sing their melodies are welcomed. There is peacefulness in my area. The communities seem to have settled. Perhaps more should join the peacefulness. I’m focused on what can offer prosperity. There certainly needs to be some uplifting. Yes I’m in tune with self motivation. My purpose was designed by God and why should I Tanikka Paulk allow mankind to disrupt my purpose. The attitudes only cause the individuals to disrupt their own minds. “Proceed we’re headed in the right direction. There will be the solutions isn’t that what’s appreciated?” (Tanikka Paulk)

How many are watching? It seems as though the entire world watches my every move. The leadership continues to rise they’re unaware of how their actions affect society. There is the effectiveness although there are the disrespectful ones trying to make their way in. The door is shut to the agitated folks. They’re confused about spirituality. They’re also confused about the political realm. The mixture can cause troubles that’s why they’re separated. Actions. Purposely headed from here to there.

There’s the firmness and although there are some who’ve disagreed with my methods. I’ve strategized in ways in which there’s difficulties figuring out what will occur next. They’ve tried to take my place but they’re unable. The name will remain after leaving earth. “Defeat? No there is too much “faith” to think of the actions in which so many seem to project in order to surpass.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lot to be said in the Bible. The Word of God is filled with the truth. Jesus continues to walk with “thee.”

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