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The Current Brazil Meat Scandal
March 21, 2017
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Brazil is no stranger to scandal.  But this one is going global.

There is a meat scandal in Brazil.

Rotten meat may  not only have been eaten by Brazilians, but exported.

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There is evidence that the employees of some meat processing firms actually bribed inspectors to ignore the fact they were selling meat not only beyond its expiry date, but very much adulterated.

Brazil is one of the largest meat exporters in the world. A lot of its economy depends on meat.  There are over 150 countries which buy Brazilian meat.

Brazil’s federal police conducted a major search in six Brazilian states.  Over 1,100 officers carried out 200 different raids.    They found forty cases of breach, from the use of chemicals to change the smell of expired meat, and the insertion of flour and cardboard to fatten sausages.

One of the companies is JBS SA,  the world’s largest meat processor.  Although the company retaliated with media advertisements stressing its high-quality standards and denying the use of adulterated produce, no one believes them.

BRF SA, another company confirmed the arrest of one executive, but denied wrongdoing.  “BRF never sold rotten meat,” stated the company.

The European Union is halting imports of Brazilian meat.

It is stated that the companies involved used various chemicals.

This is not unique to Brazil, of course, many other countries have had the infamous ‘pink slime’ attack and the fact that many additives to process meat are anything but meat.

Brazil’s president met with ambassadors from countries that import Brazilian meat trying to minimize the damage.

President Michel Temer tried to assure the diplomats that Brazil’s “government wants to reiterate its confidence in the quality of our national product.”

He said that only 33 of the 11,000 inspectors at the Agriculture Ministry are being investigated for taking bribes.

However, as some of the bad meat was exported to Europe, the E.U. is not amused which is why all imports are being stopped.


    1. This news is really unacceptable.The people involved in this practice should be punished.I suddenly conceived a weird imagination.The meat is being consumed like in the TV series The Walking Dead.Thus, it is so unhealthy to eat this kind of meat.

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