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The convenience of online ordering + pick up!
March 17, 2017
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There are so many methods on how you could order food for take out now a days.

You could:

  • Go to the food place, stand in line, order your food and wait around until your food is finished.
  • Call the food place over the phone, and order your food then pick your food up inside the place or park in a designated spot for your food to be delivered out to you.
  • Call the food place over the phone, order your food and have the food delivered to your home or work.
  • Go on the internet or use your smartphone, place your order online or via an app and pick your food up or have your food delivered.
  • Of course, you could dine in too but for this blog I am talking about convenience of “online ordering”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.14.20 PM

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What is your preference? 

My main preference would have to be ordering online on the Internet or via an app, and picking my food inside. I ask select the option to pay in the food place too if given because I want to verify my food first prior to paying to ensure my order is correct. A reason why I prefer ordering online is to skip the line especially if you know during the time you are want food is during the lunch or dinner rush. Plus, if you are a picky person like myself, I usually opt or customize and sometimes it is just easier clicking then repeating back and forth for the cashier to understand then the cashier having to repeat back verbally. And most importantly time, time is money so I am not wasting my time going to the food place, waiting in line, waiting for my food to be ready.

Today, my fiancé and I went to our local home improvement store to buy some soil because he is planting tomatoes, kale, broccoli and basil. Then, I used the app to order our dinner from a sandwich store. It was so easy to order and when we pulled up, my food was just finished and I walked out with food in my hand!

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