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The almost Psychotic connection to Cell Phones
April 12, 2017

Another person was killed in New York City’s subway system.   This time it was a thirteen year old girl who dropped her cell phone on the tracks, and jumped down to retrieve it, when a train was arriving.

For someone like me, the sentence makes no sense.

Firstly, I wouldn’t be standing by the hard drop to subway train tracks with a cell phone in my hand.   Even if I were called, there are many times I don’t answer.  That is one of them.

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Secondly, if by any chance I had the phone in my hand and it dropped and fell on the tracks,  that is where it would stay.  Simply put, my life means more to me then the cell phone.

The various ‘losses’ I would experience, especially as I back up my contacts to the Sim card (and so would get another SIM with the same number) would be trivial.  Further cheap ‘Missyouleftyourphone’  cell can be replaced easily.

But then, I am an anomaly.  I am a person who sees their cell phone as a portable phone.  That’s all it is.

It is not my ‘life line to the world’, it is not my ‘best friend’, it is not ‘part of me’.

It is only a phone.

I have watched people plug themselves into their cell phones, and babble their business as if alone in the bathroom.   I have seen people so connected that they drive with one hand if they don’t have ear pieces.  I’ve seen people walking on the road talking to ‘themselves’ until one sees the hand at the ear or the ear piece.

Every dog and its cat has a fancy phone which they ‘live on’, because somehow something… maybe the radiation maybe their self loathing, maybe their fear of being alone, keeps them connected at all times.

For these people, their phone is so important they will die trying to save it.

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