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the 10 causes of vehicle crush you never knew

Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents

Every year auto accidents results in hundreds of

thousands of injuries and nearly 35,000 deaths in

the United States. In facts traffic collisions are

the leading cause of preventable deaths in our

country. Thus it is important to have an

understanding as to the leading factors

contributing to car accidents. A list of the leading

causes of traffic accidents in provided below.

1. Speeding While Driving and Reckless Driving:

Failing to follow the speed limit is the most

common cause of traffic accidents in the United


2. Use of Mobile Phone – Texting While Driving:

The proliferation of mobile phone use has

resulted an increased level of danger on our

roads. In response national and state legislatures

have passed strict anti texting laws; while the

judicial system has begun to charge individuals

who’s texting while driving resulted in deaths,

with manslaughter.

3. Other forms of Distracted Driving – There are

numerous types of distracted driving. Some of

the most common types of distractions resulting

in high incidences of traffic accidents include,

eating, smoking, listening to loud music or

changing the dial, reaching for objects in the

vehicle, and looking or talking with other

passengers in the vehicle.

4. Driver Fatigue – Falling Asleep in the Wheel –

According to recently published data driver

fatigue is the cause of 2.5-3.0 percent of all

roadway related fatalities in the United States.

Individual that have a history of falling asleep at

the wheel may be prosecuted for a criminal


5. Drunk Driving – and Driving While Under the

Influence of a Narcotic Substance: According to

studies driving while under the influence of

alcohol results in a 900% increase in the

probability of an auto accident.

6. Rubber-necking – Rubbernecking is another

type of distracted driving and takes place when

drivers look other things on the road not linked to

their driving. Examples include watching other

accidents, looking at sunsets, and nice views.

7. Defective Automobile and Automobile Parts –

Common auto defects that can cause severe

injuries to occupants include, tire defects,

defective design of Sport Inutility Vehicles

resulted in vehicles being more prone to

rollovers, seatbelt defects and defective airbags.

8. Defects on Roadway Construction – The

improper design of roadways result in hundreds

of auto accident fatalities each year. Liable

parties can include CALTRANS and construction

contractors for improper installment of traffic

lights and roadway signals.

9. Poor Weather Conditions – Example of

weather condition posing the greatest dangers to

motorists on the road includes, icy roads, high

winds, and rain after a prolonged drought

resultign in oily surfaces.

10. Improper Coning off of Construction Zones –

Road work is needed to maintain and built the

countries transportation infrastructure. However

in many cases road construction crews fail to

safely cordon off construction zones resulting in

an increased probability of auto accidents.

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