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Take notice of first impressions

The first impression for me is rarely wrong, other than I know how wrong it is to judge people by their first appearance for me.
I might have a great interaction and conversation with some people, but somehow, something inside was telling me all along that that will not end up well.
A person can sound very logical and reasonable but to turn completely bad and wrong.
For some reason, some other people who are chaotic and unorganized, annoying and maybe even bad spoken – come out to be good for me.
I can’t control how others come to me, but I can how I behave to others. So I keep my mind open and try not to be shallow in assumptions.
But, that inner sense of disturbance and alertness is rarely wrong, so when something rings a bell in my head I tend to keep a low profile and to keep my expectations either as low as possible or not existent, if I may say so.

Many people close to me are selfish and almost everybody I know has some sort of double standards. Usually, people allow themselves things that they look down on all the others – like, chocolate is bad but they are allowed to eat a little while all the others can’t keep it the decent amount and usually eat too much.
Or if a person is in diet and found eating out, it is always stuffy food but the same afternoon they get an ice cream with no objection said or shown.

I don’t have a problem enjoying life’s benefits but I am maybe too easy going to impose any rules or to have any double standards. Let people live.
This is a reason why I was mainly disappointed in past and I was always spending too much effort to wrong people.

Live and learn.

    1. First imperessions doesn’t last, as the saying goes and this is true.

      We cannot gauge how a person is by the way we see him from his appearance. Some people can be very nicely rich and will give us the impression of being rich.

      Though, I know a lot of people who goes to the bank , when I was still a banker, that appears so simple , in shorts, slippers and casually dressed, but their savings and time deposits are millions.

      Those nicely, dressed are not after all, that rich as I imagined them to be.

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