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A day of Rest is Essential
January 23, 2019

Resting is of great importance. God has stated in scripture how important rest is. Some haven’t yet “developed” the desire to obtain proper rest. Resting will help decrease moodiness. Setting time to rest will help lower stress and will create rejuvenation. It appears as though some are “insisting” they’re able to function properly while obtaining little rest. To be able to function one should obtain the proper amounts of rest.

Resting the body and mind to have a healthy mind will allow greater functionality. There’s more progress and movements when there’s essential resting occurring. Some behave as though they’re afraid to rest. Resting while reading, listening to “soothing” music, or laying in bed. Whatever the choices are it’s very important to rest. I’ve an advocate of rest. I’m a better me when I’m resting. “What is to be said about obtaining the necessary resting periods?” (Tanikka Paulk). Richard Eisenberg states,”;There’s an overwhelming body of evidence that sleep deprivation leads to bad professional judgment, cognitive impairment and antisocial behavior.”

Individuals should consider resting throughout the day. Persons busy while working may obtain less rest but should rest when they’re not working. Some haven’t yet realized that they’re putting their bodies and minds at risk by spending less time resting. Proper sleeping patterns will allow persons to achieve their desired goals and they’ll behave more rejuvenating. I’ve “achieved” some rest however the plan is “to obtain” more rest so that I’m able to achieve finalizing my desired projects. Refusing to place too much loads allows my body and mind to rest which is awesome!

Some are overjoyed when they’re resting on vacations. Vacationing is also a great way to rest and relax. Some should really consider taking trips whether short or long. leaving home will allow individuals to enjoy a great trip whether near or far. Some aren’t able to vacation the way they’d like to. “I certainly enjoy vacationing near home or away from home but there’s more to be said about a delightful vacation.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Turing the light off and propping up my feet allows me to relax. I’m so excited when I’ve rested and I’m able to conduct business properly. That’s what rest has and will continue to do for me! Oh yes indeed some haven’t yet discovered how resting will incur more alertness. Being is alert when the proper rest is obtained. I’m able to progress further when I’ve achieved the proper resting levels.

There’s so many areas where rest can be achieved. Some have found they’re able to rest while shopping when perhaps relaxing is a better word. There’s more joyfulness when relaxed and also persons are able to communicate more effectively. Functioning should be on the agenda. Utilizing the abilities so that more is achieved. “To rest is what’s best and to be able to relax is what leads to the prospering.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Quote By: Richard Eisenberg January 5, 2017

“Health is Simply a Category Some Haven’t Understood.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Restaurants and the Vacationing
December 20, 2018

Entertainment and dinning is a great way to socialize and obtain the necessary relaxation. There are so many restaurants around the world. Many tourist visit the different cities and countries to gather whether daytime or nighttime just know that there is a purpose for the eateries and also for the “vacation” spots. There are so many cities advertising how wonderful their restaurants and resorts as well as hotels are. There’s so much to see and rather in or out of town there is lots of fun to be apart of. Festivities occurring throughout the year. A good meal and watch the smiling faces.

There are so many restaurants kid friendly perhaps families would love to dine by candlelight or perhaps having discussions outdoors. Whatever folks decide to do there are many places to visit. Having a blast and gathering around some of the greatest of musicians. Listening to music while eating a great meal certainly can incur better moods. Miami has some of the most nifty restaurants. There are so many visiting such a great city. Perhaps more will be willing to travel to “Miami” making the city more attractive will help generate the tourism.

Here are some Great Restaurants to Visit

Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants



Outback Steakhouse


There are plenty of more great restaurants to visit. Searching online of perhaps a tour will help find the catchy restaurants. Whether seafood is on the “menu” or steak having a great meal will help alleviate some of the stresses. There are some dining later in the evening or perhaps brunch. Whatever is decided there’s so much to see and so much to be apart of. Now that the holidays are coming up the restaurants could receive more customers. There’s also entertainment inside of some of the most prestigious restaurants.

Vacationers are ready to travel and they’ll want to travel to the exciting cities and countries. Looking for some of the most exciting destinations. There’s plenty and vacationing is awesome because vacationing allows vacationers to relax and unwind with their family and friends. There are some destinations awaiting to spoil their guests. Some of the most upscale hotels and resorts. Isn’t it time to travel? To find that great vacation hot spot.

I’ve watched some of the most exciting vacations spots online and on television. Oh how exciting to just imagine how visiting some of the “destinations” will incur tremendous fun. The joyfulness when the family is near and the food while on vacation. Some are unable to vacation or vacation often. Just glancing at some of the destinations relieves some stress. “It’s been awhile now since I’ve vacationed but perhaps there will be some traveling in the near future.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Image result for Miami Resorts


Image result for california beach resorts

Image result for michigan resorts

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The Importance of Taking Mental Breaks
April 28, 2017

In order to be functional and stay functional rest has to be obtained. Resting allows the body to receive what’s needed in order to maintain health or better health. When we’re at “rest,” we;ll function best, better moods and more productivity occurs when there’s little to no fatigue. There’s a lot of people who aren’t concerned about obtaining proper rest. The body can and will shut down if there’s little resting taking place. If one is experiencing a lot of stress in their lives then it’s absolutely important that mental breaks are taken.

There should be less time spent in chaotic environments. Avoid spending long periods with toxic individuals. The mind and body “must function properly” in order to be productive. If there’s periods where memory loss is occurring then it’s quite possible that there’s a lot of stress occurring in one’s life. Whatever is creating the stress should be avoided or at least there should be less time being surrounded by the stressful environments.

Taking Vacations is Important as Well

Some may not consider vacationing as something that’s needed. Taking time to experience other scenery is good for the health. Allowing some time to get away from the same old same old will also help rejuvenate one’s mind and body. Not all vacationing as to take place far away from home. Even vacationing near home will help. The most important thing is to “find ways” to experience some joy and to obtain some rest.

Meditating is Great for the Mind

Taking some time out in the day to allow the “thoughts “to flow. To clear the mind from negative thinking is a great way to keep the mind healthy. Meditating comes in many forms. Some may decide to mediate with sounds. Listening to rain falling against window panes. Perhaps seagulls at the beach. Listening to wind chimes is quite relaxing. Reading is a great way to relax and also learn more.

Prayer is a Great way to Connect Spiritually and to be Inspired

For the ones who believe in prayer, prayer really helps, especially when there’s many trials to face. There’s so many scriptures which relate to daily living. Whatever we’re going through praying can help. Taking some time out during the day to “give thanks” and to connect on a spiritual basis will help create calmness. When prayer is taking place there’s no time to think about all of the negatives.

Taking a Long Warm Bath Helps Ease Tension

There can be a lot of tension “generating “so there has to be some ways to relieve some of the tension and stress. Taking a warm bath helps, perhaps pour in some bubble bathe, or a little rubbing alcohol will help relieve any aches or pains which may occur. Taking time to pamper self is very important. A lot of stress can be generated depending on what one does for a living and also what one is dealing with. So it’s very important to find effective ways to relieve some of the tension.

“Proper Rest Will Generate More Functionality.” BY: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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Writers Should Consider Taking Breaks
December 26, 2016

Some writers may feel as if breaks aren’t necessary. Just like anyone else working, breaks decrease fatigue, breaks will boost memory. Writing can become stressful especially if there’s deadlines involved. Some writers may choose to work everyday and some do vacation and which they have every right to do so. Writing is a craft, for some a hobby, and for others it’s a “career.” No one should work all of the time. “Writing” can be easy but can also be difficult. It all depends all the category of writing.

Some writers may feel as if certain writers should be constantly working. It’s better to work smart and refrain from overworking. Writing a few articles a week is enough for some writers and some may choose to write rather frequently. There’s seasonal writers and writers who work for companies. The ones working for companies will more than likely receive some vacation if they’re full-time writers.

Writing is rewarding and when one first starts out. The rewards aren’t as plentiful. Once a writer becomes experienced then they’ll start making more. Some writers choose to work on one website and others write on numerous websites. There’s also assignments on which writers can participate in. Some sites pay well but the writing must be well written. Everyone needs a break from time to time. There’s writers who will work consistently but that’s always necessary.

Some writers become workaholics. Overworking can create stress and stress causes the health to decline. Not all writers work in the same manner but one thing writers should have in common is setting aside some time to unwind. Writing shouldn’t be stressful but for some writing may become stressful due to the competition. There’s a lot competition when it comes to writing and other “ventures.” Taking time to rest is very important. Some writers may not be able to afford vacations but at some point a writer should consider a few getaways a year.

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