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What the Eyes Can not see

There’s information which is hidden and in order to discover the hidden information there will need to be keen eyes. The type of information in which I’m speaking about isn’t for all to view. There has to be some form of privacy. What some have or will perceive probably isn’t the correct data. There’s certainly a lot “to discover.” Perhaps due to so many trying to take away informative information there will need to be hiding places. Too many seem to be in tuned with trying to subtract instead of adding. “There has to be solutions even if there are less individuals wanting to find the solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The focus is to seek and how many are chosen to be seekers? Some aren’t displaying that they’re even suitable to discover. The actions will tell what’s the real. Very important information needs some form of protection. How can one “protect the information” in which could be used to assist others? There has to be a lot of creativity. Finding the most appropriate ways in order to protect sources and important data. To discover is of great importance to this data and that information the same it is (this that)=Tanikka Paulk. There are so many willing to take enormous risks in order to retrieve important data.

So many may try to steal information but why? If they’re believing that the information can be useful then they’ll take risks in order to retrieve. Perhaps some aren’t considering that they’re committing identity theft by stealing names and other information. For some they’re thinking that the information can assist with excelling further. “Unfortunately so many continue to focus on creating chaos instead of building.” (Tanikka Paulk). There should be building and rebuilding occurring. Shouldn’t persons want to see a stronger global economy? The competition could be the reason why so many end up trying to sabotage instead of creating unity.

They’ve looked and some information is similar to closed doors. Unable to see what’s behind the closed door until the door is open. There is no need to know every thing. There will be some information lost until found later. For some they’ve came across information in which they weren’t looking for. The you will seek and find. The bible has declared so and there will be continuous action to find what can help countries. There has to be some consideration when it comes to saving an “economy.” Shouldn’t all be concerned about revenue?

Yes, we’ll have to keep some information stored where so many eyes are unable to see the information. There will certainly need to be helpers involved in order to keep the stored information safe. Losing any data can be unsettling but there are ways to retrieve data in which has been perceived as being misplaced. To retrieve may take time. No matter how long there will need to be continuous efforts to conceal certain information so that there can be further “progress.” Therefore there will also need to be thinkers apart of the group.

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The many Changes we Must Face
January 18, 2018

There’s so many individuals having difficulties with the many changes. Changes must occur and although we may not be pleased about some of the changes we’ll have to adjust. There could be disagreements related to ‘transformations.” Some are so use to a certain way and may not agree with how business and other areas are being conducted. “Every person will experience some form of change and perhaps there are some continuing to have difficulties adjusting.” By: Tanikka Paulk . What can we do about change? There’s solutions to the injustices faced but we must agree to find the solutions and stick to the solutions.

The Changes are Necessary

Yes indeed changes are necessary. What continues to occur certain needs some undivided attention. No matter how many disagreements there are we’ll have to be apart of change. For some they’re continuing to learn how to adapt. Wars exists because so many refuse to accept change and refuse to make the necessary changes in order to live more productive lives. So many refuse to accept what should be and some may never understand what must be. The battle may continue to occur because “mankind” is unable to adjust to certain changes. If we learn to become patient then we’ll find that there will be more solutions occurring then problems.

My observations include discovering what makes some more accepting to certain ideas and changes. In order to find the best solutions there will need to be more cooperation. If any person expects to see positive changes occur then they’ll have to agree to the changes. The resistance can delay further movement. There will be some unwilling to allow the elevation due to fear. Persons within denial won’t accept and the ones willing to do so may be too afraid to say so because of the reactions.

The experiences continue to cause setbacks because there are way too many wanting to push down instead of pull up. The disconnections continue and when individuals are willing to connect then they’re probably doing so due to selfish reasons. We’re facing numerous problems because we’re bullheaded. Some are so in tuned with their own needs that they’re not looking at the entire picture. “There has to be some thoughts of making the necessary changes in order to advance further.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The time has come when we must face what we must face. Take charge and create a better society. The continuous tugging and pulling isn’t effective. There should be more unification but some are unable to be apart of unification due to their line of thinking. There will continue to be a decline within society because we’re so distant. The persons wanting to see disconnections occur may not understand why the connections needs to occur. Perhaps there should be more understanding so that we’re able to put together the much needed unity. “Causing the disconnections won’t help or improve our living.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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