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The Banning of Coca-Cola and Pepsi
March 1, 2017

In the Indian State of Tamil Nadu the sale of Coca-Cola and Pepsi  have been banned.  This is to support local products.

The trading associations behind the ban say that the manufacture of these drinks take too much water from the  rivers and leave farmers struggling to irrigate their land at a time of severe drought.

In support of  Coca-Cola and Pepsi  it is said that they provide direct employment to two thousand families in Tamil Nadu and more than five thousand families indirectly.

Now I have to laugh.

I will tell you why.

My parents never let me drink these things.   I had to sneak out and taste them secretly.  I was never much of a fan of these products.   That is because I learned that when I was just a little child, these ‘soft drinks’ were used them to clean the Toilet bowl.


We used them as Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

My friends in Cuba use Coke and Pepsi to clean car engines, and testify how good they work.

When I was little, my folks used Coke and Pepsi to clean the toilet.   They would pour the Coke or Pepsi into the toilet and let it sit for thirty minutes.   Then  use the toilet brush to clean the toilet.   It works very well.

When I got older one of the many retail products was used, instead of the soft drink.   This is because, as my mother told me, when you have a little child you have to be very careful of poisoning.  That a little child could by some accident when the parent or caregiver takes his or her eyes off the child for a few seconds, the child could poison themselves.

When you have little children you can’t have any poison in the house.   Just in case something happens and the little child takes the poison.

When I had children I used Coca Cola to clean my toilet.   I would buy one can of it, carry it home, and at night, when the children were in bed, pour it into the toilet.  Sometimes it sat all night, sometimes I would clean it before I went to sleep.

I say all this because there is absolutely no nutritional value in soft drinks.  In fact, they probably have negative value.

It is much wiser to raise your children to drink real fruit juice and coconut water and plain water, than soft drinks.

So I would suggest those who protest the ban in Tamil Nadu repackage their product as Toilet Bowl cleaner.