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Confrontational Attitudes Should Receive Peace
November 1, 2018

Being a peacemaker is certainly better than being what is perceived as war. There is the balance but it seems as though there are more willing to generate war rather than to project peacefulness. Truces occur when both sides agree to be peaceful. Why have some decided to project war? Perhaps to obtain whatever they’re wanting to obtain. “There are positive ways to battle. Offering peace is certainly a better solution.” (Tanikka Paulk). Focused on the area or areas in which offer the necessary building. “Create.’ Adjusting the negative attitudes but how? Refusing to provide the war using the most effective tactics, strategies, strategy in order to advance further.

There are chances some aren’t admitting to the needing of changes. There’s the opportunities to progress some probably have decided to agitate because they’re in need of. What else is there? There’s peace despite what has occurred and there is also the option of ignoring the behaviors. Ignoring isn’t always effective. Communications could help learning how to communicate “effectively” will offer more solutions. There will be problems but there are also solutions. “Cometh towards the problem solving. Solving problems demonstrates abilities. Rather be a problem solving and peacemaker.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Facing the problems dissecting the problems analyzing has helped. Further investigating the best ways to manage problematic occurrences. There is war when parties participate but if there’s the refusing to become a participant then there will be less confrontations. Some are confrontational because they’re displeased, unhappy, irritated. Attitudes can change and perhaps some should consider changing the way to react, think, and respond. There is still room to learn. Growth continues to occur and “growth” should occur there has to be progress time shouldn’t be wasted.

The attention driven folks want what they want when they want. No matter how many communication there are some won’t understand exactly how to cease their behaviors. Peacefulness can be obtained perhaps thinking before responding or perhaps refusing to respond to disrespectful actions. Conquering has occurred and will continue to occur when there is love. Love conquers. There are the many emotions some are unable to channel their emotions. Stress occurs when the emotions circulate.

Choosing to be apart of more stabilized environments help lower stress. Some are defeated within the mind. becoming more productive has offered solitude. There are choices and what some choose to be apart of will determine the “outcome.” Positivity can occur if allowed. There are so many who’ve chosen to project negatives. There are positives in stressful environments but there has to be the searching for the positives. Attitudes change, transform, God has spoken about transforming and transforming the mind is the most effective step.

“The building of greatness, the ability to conquer, to unify will offer what Nations need and what communities thrive from.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are many “capabilities.” I’ve conquered the complexities. Difficulties can help generate further growth. Learning how to solve problems instead of creating the problems. “Obtaining the necessities by eliminating the overly negatives.” (Tanikka Paulk). The conclusions the ceasing need to occur so that there are the moving up to the different stages and levels. “Continued.”


Unified” (paulk, tanikka)

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The Mysterious to the Conquering Continues

They’re unaware of what’s really occurring and when individuals are unable to recognize what’s happening then they’ll become anxious. Wanting to know every move made. If there’s a need to make the most progress then the moves shouldn’t be revealed. “There’s more mysterious than the groups are aware of. There are so many believing that I Tanikka Paulk should engage in their war but there’s way too much to conquer. My abilities have surprised so many they thought that I was nothing but I’m everything Everything the same. “An African American female accomplishing what they wish they could.” I’m That African American female by the name of Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve challenges me=Tanikka Paulk and I’m refusing to give in to any persons trying to intimidate me=Tanikka Paulk. So the very ones which need to be included will and the others won’t know exactly what’s to occur. Coming to a destination where there is further growth and there’s the ability to achieve without the nonsense. The right eye continues my goodness has surprised so many and they’re trying to find out how just I am. My communications shall be deeply communicated without the invaders.

Secretive in some cases but there is more to what’s occurring right now. Perhaps fear is the reason why some feel that they can try to intimidate the path. My focus is on keeping what needs to” be kept” quietly. There could be motions in which they’ve perceived as actual but there will be the hidden in which doesn’t need to be revealed for many reasons. They’re watching every move but will they know what’s happening? Moving along here on my journey has taught me=Tanikka Pualk a lot. There are so many who I’m unable to trust.

That’s why there’s more mysteries involved. What they’ve failed to understand thus far is that “Love Conquers all.” Battling perhaps but will continue to keep my armor on. Haven’t forgotten about the head plate. There is also the word meditated without all to view. Have they invaded? Yes. What will I Tanikka Paulk do about their invasions? That too is a mystery. They’ve tried to use my gifts but there is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see. They’ve tried to compete and tried to intimidate but I’m refusing to back down.

Where will thie=Tanikka Paulk be headed to? There’s no reason to tell. They keep their visions on that=Tanikka Paulk. My purpose is to be fulfilled and although there are some wanting to prevent the movements there are some willing to assist with “the elevation.” Have I angered some? Yes. Am I concerned about their anger? No! They can project what they believe will destroy me=Tanikka Paulk but God has already ordained that=Tanikka Paulk. Mysterious with the continuation of. . .

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