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The Transformations and Newness are Coming
January 10, 2019

Soon there will be the many changes there’s many reasons why the changes should occur. Change is what some aren’t thrilled about. To have to adjust to a transformed environment can cause some to behave oddly. All persons won’t understand why the changes need to occur but change is and has already occurred. The disagreements about why a change occurred could ether be explained or declined to explain. It’s better that individuals attempt to adjust to “transformations.”

Acceptance is so difficult for mankind. Some aren’t able to understand because they’re unwilling to. There are many individuals having difficulties because of what they felt should have occurred. Some disagree because of positioning perhaps they’ve wanted to move in a different direction. “Transformations are welcoming to be apart of newness and to explore the many options available.” (Tanikka Paulk). Just attempting to speak about the difference can cause some to think they’re railroaded.

The many explanations supplied seems to still incur the misinformed notions. Listening to what’s said and understanding will develop the finalizing. Some are unwilling to listen to reasoning. Time continues to move forward there’s progress and determination to reach the “destination” which will offer greater. Allowing the transformations is quite helpful. Progressive measures are and shall continue to be effective. There’s working whether seen or unseen.

Headed in what direction? The right direction is where some have decided to move towards. Yes there’s the downwards and upwards. No matter how many times I’ve explained what I’ve felt needed attention some haven’t understood. Their actions demonstrate they’re unwilling to allow, accept, incur. Progress is made when there’s a decision to allow progress. The actions will produce abundance or decreases. Changing one area to another area.

Inside motions and outside motions. The movements are occurring some of the moves should occur without persons being able to view the moves. Privately producing actions transforming from one set to the next. Gathering of the necessary “information” so that the projects are completed. So many have tried to interrupt but there’s still the advancements. Conquering, reaching, accomplishing despite what has occurred. “Somewhere is where I am now and with the continuous motions there will be the finalization.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Road to Better Living

There’s a lot to process when trying to do better, live better, and move elsewhere. There has to come a time when one makes up in their mind to just go after “the gold.” To become prosperous to be filled with abundance. To be able to take risks. Trying to live better isn’t an easy path because there’s so many who aren’t pleased witnessing others trying to excel in some way. There must be strategies set in place in order to get through.

Learning what to do and what not to do. Who to let in and who should stay far away. There will be a lot of “pondering” going on when on the pathway. It’s difficult to understand why so many are against others trying to live a better life. It’s certainly difficult to be surrounded by individuals who continue to try and hold back. Anyone trying to prevent others from excelling shouldn’t even be in the equation.

Some do so be cause of envy and others because of fear. Fear some will just move on and forget they’re existence. Some feel as if there will be great abundance and will continue to try to hinder any “progress.” Shouldn’t we all be pleased that others want to grow? There will always be the ones who will continue to display the crab mentality. There will be the ones who hope the person or persons simply give up.

That’s how a lot of people think. The mindset of some is so out of tune. They’ve disconnected from the good and are focused on what others are doing instead of what they should be doing. It’s kind of disappointing dealing with so many who can’t stand to see others rise up. Not even allowing others to make their own decisions when even God gave each person “choice.” The need to do better is a good thing. The desire to blossom and to learn more is wonderful.

For some not so much. Some feel the need to push others into danger instead of just allowing others to live a life in which there can be joy. Too many invasive people and there is lots of wonder when they have time to focus on their own lives. Just doesn’t make any sense. Why are so many insist on making trouble for others? Shouldn’t the individuals try to “make some headway” for themselves?

Trying to keep up with what the next one is doing and trying to prevent any movement. That’s why it’s best to do what needs to be done behind the scene in order “to achieve” in some way. They’re always focused on the next move or moves. Really? Who has time to always concentrate on what another person is trying to do? If others want to leave one area and gather to another then what’s the big deal?

On some occasions wanting to scream to mind their business. Some end up giving up because they’ve faced so many obstacles. Faced dealing with some very annoying individuals trying to make sure there is no progress at all. Not fair but these are some of the situations one must deal with when “trying” to prosper. Some have been held back so long, not even sure how to move ahead, thinking they’ll never get there.

There has to be faith in order to keep going despite the circumstances. There will always be the ones who want to see failure instead of “prosperity.” The ones who continue to try and hold others back aren’t in a good place. They’re not satisfied and don’t want others to be happy or find the place of comfort. To live better is a wonderful thing. To be able to share with others who are on the same page and who want more out of life is a blessing. Some are simply trying to escape.

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