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What’s Said can Either be or not but the What is Just is

Some haven’t figured out what is actually occurring and perhaps some never will figure out what’s happening right now. There’s so much to consider here. There are so many invaders and they’ve really tried to start a war but in order to continue their war they'[ll need “participants.” I’m unwilling to give the individuals what they’re looking for. I’ve faced many challenges and although there’s the projected adversities there is no way that I’m giving up on my dreams. There’s the struggles but every person will have to face problems and it’s really how individuals deal with the problems that makes the difference.

There seems to be the lack of thinking. There are way too many individuals focused on competing instead of trying to build. How can groups of People become powerful when they keep trying to pull down?” By: Tanikka Paulk. The line of thinking is what some should be focused on. “To think” in ways which will incur prosperity. Imagine a group of People trying to prevent their race from moving further and what group would try to do such things? So many are aware of the race of People I’m speaking about. Pulling down won’t solve the problems there should be rising up.

They’ve crossed the line and caused damages so what can an advocate do about the situations? Continue to be firm and focus on the areas which will make the differences. My journey has been challenged so many times but there isn’t a consideration to stop “my journey.” There are some insecure about the movements which need to occur. The ones continuing to disagree aren’t doing themselves any favors. They’ve tried to pull my progress down and yet they’re still dealing with me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve vocalized many times how their actions aren’t creating unification but they’re causing division.

Just look into the “Word of God” and find out that it is so. The what is just is. No matter how many believe that they’re capable of changing what God has already “declared” they’re unable to do so. Some believe that they’re more powerful than God. They’re incorrect God will demonstrate His power. God the Father of Jesus Christ. They’ve made mistakes by continuously trying to challenge the called. The anointed is anointed even when others think that they’re isn’t any qualifications. God decides and mankind can try to disobey God but what will be the consequences?

I’m time and so many continue to try to disrupt what was already been ordained. They’ve faced their own challenges and yet they haven’t learned to be humble. In scripture the words from God state that is higher than I. It is that which is blessed and favored by God. Yes, this is also that. The chosen one, the appointed, the anointed. No matter what their views are it is what God says it is. There will be the confirmation and confirmations of such. Soon enough there will be the witnesses seeing what God has made so. In time, in time, in time!

“My glow is my light and I’m Continuing to Shine Amen!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Say Said Saying With a Powerful Voice

There’s the vocalized expressions occurring now. Occurred then too. Some may perceive the voice of power as underneath but God has already ordained the voice to project “powerful messages.” Mankind seems yo think that they’re capable of changing what God has declared. There’s confusion because they’re unwilling to accept what has already been spoken by God. How are some going to get to another stage if they’re focused on trying to tear down instead of trying to build up. “Powerful” words spoken even when there are few listeners. No man (meaning mankind) can do what God can do.

Yes they’ve tried to prevent the movements from occurring perhaps they’re afraid of what the developments. Some could be feeling inadequate. Surpassing the majority can cause some to behave oddly. There’s the battle to take away want a person has truly earned. God gave me-Tanikka Paulk my purposed and it’s destined. No matter what words are projected I’m aware of what God has said and what He’s declared. Troubles were promised by God. No person will be without troubles there are some who will have to face long sufferings mainly due to their actions.

I’m continuing to speak “word” whether there are listeners or not but I’m aware that they’re listening. Being viewed across the globe there are many countries agreeing to listen and to follow which means that they’re being obedient. There are some choosing to be disobedient because of their overly competitive nature. “The words of love will cause a room to become peaceful. Love conquers all.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What some have perceived they were wrong. The judgments continue to enter but what is decided is that there will be the continuous movement.

To have to deal with so many challenging beings can be tiring but to progress isn’t impossible. There are two which continue to walk with me-Tanikka Paulk God and Jesus Christ. There is peace knowing that they’ll never forsake me-Tanikka Paulk. What has mankind caused they have caused destruction. God can rectify the problems in which mankind has caused. “The Bible has plenty of words in which so many should read. There’s a lot of knowledge within scripture.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The ones trying to remove what God has ordained are placing themselves towards the pit. There are some thinking that their actions will stop a purpose from continuing. God said and it’s so amazing to know that any time, moment, moments I Tanikka Paulk can speak to God. Yes there will have to be the going through Jesus Christ in order to get to God and I’m so “grateful” that Jesus died for all of mankind’s sins. I’m able to smile knowing that there will be a place for me-Tanikka Paulk in the Heavenly Residence. Amen! Oh the challenges seem rough but God is always in control. God the Father of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been heard, seen, and so many have witnessed the works the good deeds. No matter what’s said  about “you” God has a place for you! Mankind has tried to destroy what God built but they’re unable to remove the creations. Yes they’ll continue to try to do so. They’re making mistakes by coming up against the anointed. Satan tried to defeat God and was unsuccessful. “God is too powerful and it seems as mankind refuse to accept how powerful God is.” (Tanikka Paulk) What will they come up with next?

Eternal Life is Daughter=Tanikka Paulk “Confirmed”

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Can Either Send me=Tanikka Paulk to Heaven or Hell

There’s a lot of people who may actually think they’re God. Can’t be in their right mind to think that any can be God. No man and no woman can send any person to Heaven of Hell. Some may think their actions are like causing hell like problems for others. All they’re doing is opening doors for suffering. Some using ignorance as a means to try and destroy another. Oh yes being on earth is rough but hell is eternal. The suffering is not only long but forever.

Look at the way Jesus Christ was treated. Persons not even concerned that Jesus Christ is and was God’s Son. If they crucified Jesus then who am I? Some behave as if they’re in a position to carry me= Tanikka Paulk to a place with long suffering. Fools no not what they’re doing. If they knew then they would take heed to what God has said. Some are suffering now because of their sins and the attacks they’ve continued to project against the anointed. “Called and confirmed.”

As I’m observing some who haven’t yet figured out exactly how God operates. They’re continuing to believe that mankind weapons can destroy but even if persons wipe out others. There is a “place of peace” and they’ll left behind to reap. Some are setting themselves up for long suffering. The kind where there is no turning back. They’ll beg for mercy and maybe call on the very ones they’ve tried to destroy. Some only see what they want and not what is of God.

Some have no “positioning” and want to make sure others do not as well. There’s battles which are long and for some difficult to understand. Evil comes and tries to tear apart any and all things which are good. Tries to remove love which they’re unable to do. Causes all sorts of havoc. Some claiming to be angelic but aren’t. Remember Satan was once an angel. The top angel. Is his residence is Never Doing Good Hell Street. Some have chosen to walk along side Satan. Thinking they’re doing good when they’re actually doing evil.

My good works have not gone unnoticed by God. My work shall not be destroyed. My heart is filled with love. My praises are still here. No matter how many try to destroy what I’ve worked for. They’ll find out soon enough just what they’re dealing with. No matter what it looks like. There is something some haven’t seen. Some may not know exactly what they’re doing until it’s too late. “Some in no position to carry any person, to lead, to conduct what is right. ”

Some wanting what isn’t of good to be in authority. Some telling lies in order to gain. The day will come when all of the evilness will cease can God will reward the “anointed.” Some not realizing that each day they’re attacking and the persons are still going. What a waste of time. There are some who do not even Know who God is. Not a man. Even some who are in the pulpit will call a man to be God. Not the right thing to do. God becomes angry when mankind tries to take His name.

“What is Stored up for me=Tanikka Paulk Will be. Still Grateful and Still in a Position to Proceed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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