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Reality is Where I Would Rather be

There’s the thoughts but there’s the reality some are way too focused within fantasy. The realities are what realities are. Thinking positively and remaining whole by actions and thoughts. To keep my mind focus on what some have probably viewed as fictional. My story is filled with truths. My cousins were gunned down, my great grandmother is deceased, my conditions are so. “Whatever to be perceived some have misjudged my path and what I’ve tried to express.” (Tanikka Paulk).

The reality is “movements.” There’s so much to accomplish and there are goals to meet. What they’ve perceived seems twisted. So many aren’t able to comprehend what’s “truly” occurring. No matter what the words describe there’s the dysfunctional line of thinking. At least some should consider trying to listen and trying to understand. The purpose was written and no matter how my moves are viewed my reality is still within me! Some seem to think that stories are fictional. No. All stories aren’t.

What’s said isn’t always what is. One think for sure “it is so.” So many believe whatever they hear or read. That’s why there’s research and investigative measures. The truth will present but the alertness should be. There could be a lot of why’s. All won’t know right now some won’t be able to understand what’s occurring. The factual is what some aren’t willing to accept. Truths are presented and what is to be said could either be accepted or not.

Perhaps the reason why some are unwilling to accept is because they would rather partake in fantasies. Reality has to have its place. “The many words spoken have the truth within there has to be the listeners and the audience.” By: Tanikka Paulk. “My journey isn’t easy at all so many adversities to even name. Too many to count.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although some continue to project the altered words my purpose is to continue to move further to accomplish greater.

Where am I headed? Somewhere although it may appear as if the movements are slow but there’s still progress. To think of thinking what some haven’t though to think. My name is apart of the realities. So many disrupt by wanting to hold on to the fantasy but I’m more in tuned with the reality. The need to and the desire to get to where I should be. From here to a different place. “Newness!” Continued with my beliefs and my thoughts protected by thee.


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What’s Said can Either be or not but the What is Just is

Some haven’t figured out what is actually occurring and perhaps some never will figure out what’s happening right now. There’s so much to consider here. There are so many invaders and they’ve really tried to start a war but in order to continue their war they'[ll need “participants.” I’m unwilling to give the individuals what they’re looking for. I’ve faced many challenges and although there’s the projected adversities there is no way that I’m giving up on my dreams. There’s the struggles but every person will have to face problems and it’s really how individuals deal with the problems that makes the difference.

There seems to be the lack of thinking. There are way too many individuals focused on competing instead of trying to build. How can groups of People become powerful when they keep trying to pull down?” By: Tanikka Paulk. The line of thinking is what some should be focused on. “To think” in ways which will incur prosperity. Imagine a group of People trying to prevent their race from moving further and what group would try to do such things? So many are aware of the race of People I’m speaking about. Pulling down won’t solve the problems there should be rising up.

They’ve crossed the line and caused damages so what can an advocate do about the situations? Continue to be firm and focus on the areas which will make the differences. My journey has been challenged so many times but there isn’t a consideration to stop “my journey.” There are some insecure about the movements which need to occur. The ones continuing to disagree aren’t doing themselves any favors. They’ve tried to pull my progress down and yet they’re still dealing with me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve vocalized many times how their actions aren’t creating unification but they’re causing division.

Just look into the “Word of God” and find out that it is so. The what is just is. No matter how many believe that they’re capable of changing what God has already “declared” they’re unable to do so. Some believe that they’re more powerful than God. They’re incorrect God will demonstrate His power. God the Father of Jesus Christ. They’ve made mistakes by continuously trying to challenge the called. The anointed is anointed even when others think that they’re isn’t any qualifications. God decides and mankind can try to disobey God but what will be the consequences?

I’m time and so many continue to try to disrupt what was already been ordained. They’ve faced their own challenges and yet they haven’t learned to be humble. In scripture the words from God state that is higher than I. It is that which is blessed and favored by God. Yes, this is also that. The chosen one, the appointed, the anointed. No matter what their views are it is what God says it is. There will be the confirmation and confirmations of such. Soon enough there will be the witnesses seeing what God has made so. In time, in time, in time!

“My glow is my light and I’m Continuing to Shine Amen!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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