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Around and Around Over and Over
February 22, 2017

Some won’t learn a thing well at least it seems as if some aren’t learning. Learning to mind their business. Learning to stop coming up against others. Some will do whatever it takes to try and get a hold of another person’s purpose. So sad. Then they’ll find out how much trouble they not only caused for others but for themselves. Trying to hide out but the “light will shine” on their acts of destruction. What will happen? God only knows.

We’re disciplined for actions which cause havoc for others and no matter how many times God expresses how pleased He is about coming up against certain individuals. They’ll still do so. Why? Envy. That’s why envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Trying to take away what they haven’t earned. Can anyone imagine what it would be like for a person who has produced a lot of work but have no “proof” of the ownership. A lot of deceptive individuals. We’ll find more.

What’s been done will include some punishments for some the punishments may be light but for others the Wrath of God will be something they’ll try to “pray” away. Even the ones who have never prayed before. Why can’t individuals try to use their own creativity. Some will come up against others for many years. Just getting by with their antics. There will come a time when a cease will come. Some have reaped so. All they can do is sit and think about the individuals they’ve come up against.

No one will be without sin but some just never try to do good. Always coming up with a scheme, a plan to get others down, never trying to think of something positive, That’s because some don’t have anything else to do. In an effort to try and make matters more difficult for others they’ll try to create distractions and try to intervene in matters in which they have no business in.

“Some people will be difficult no matter what’s said or done but allowing God to do what He does will alleviate some of the stress.” God can do what no man can do. Due to some having overly competitive spirits they’ll continue on competing their way to destructive avenue. Some have ended up in prison because of their antics. The main goal for some of these individuals is to distract their competition so they’ll be a slower process.

It’s better to complete tasks and not be bothered with the confusion. If others want to create havoc. Keep going and know there’s a reason so many want to get certain individuals down. They’re aware of the gifts and want to make sure there is no rising up. That’s when the individuals will make “more progress.” Perhaps if we all learn to mind our business then there wouldn’t be so many problematic events.

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The Time may be Difficult to Grasps
February 1, 2017

Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine how somethings will connect and to understand the length of time it takes to get from point A to point B. Time waits no for no one that’s for sure. No matter how much time getting there will take there still needs to be actions towards the accomplishment. When it appears as if the progress is slow some may become discouraged. Have to put fourth the effort at least.

Can’t just sit back and no nothing. There has to be some movement. Timing is certainly important. Some days will seem like it’s accelerated. While other days will seem as slow as a snail. Thoughts may focus on what’s not happening instead of what could happen. Just because there may appear to be some slowness doesn’t mean there’s no progress. In time we’ll achieve what needs to be achieved and what we’re wanting to achieve.

For right now the best thing to do is to continue to make the necessary steps so there’s “more stability.” Advancing can take time but it’s the patience which allows a person to understand. Certainly not going to happen overnight. Minor achievements perhaps but major ones will take some time. It’s the outcome which matters. May have difficulties with the process. Some processes are more strenuous than others.

The fatigue may set in but keep anyway. Growth is something everyone should want but not all are willing to do what it takes to grow. “Improvements”are a good thing. Transforming in some way can incur better living. Not wanting to stay in the same position and a need to live peacefully and freely. Sometimes just going across the way may prove to be difficult. The many obstacles in the way. Of course we’re capable of getting over the hurdles.

It’s the timing in which so many may have a problem with. Wanting certain occurrences to happen rapidly. Not all things will occur in a short period of time. Sometimes we need to marinate a bit before the big changes occur. Each day we’re here allows some productivity to occur and with every step there’s a gateway to getting to where we need to be. Getting ahead in some way “isn’t an easy process” but a doable one.

Release all the things which will add no value to progressing. There will be some people who will try to hinder for whatever reasons. Trying to cause delays and upsets. Perhaps for their own selfish reasons. No matter how difficult trying to reach “the ultimate goal” may seem. Trying is always best. Just pondering about moving ahead won’t due. Placing effort will help. Placing more each day will certainly be helpful.

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Toxic People Should not be Apart of the Journey
December 3, 2016
The Mesmirising Formation of Clouds_Toxic People Should not be Apart of the Journey

We may come across a lot of toxic people while here on earth. Some can be as poisonous as a viper. Individuals who are constantly on a mission to stop a vision are quite dangerous. Some will go so far as to not only threaten others but to actually try to cause harm to the ones on a journey. It doesn’t matter if they’re a relative or not. If they’re not supportive then they’re not equipped to travel along. There will be envy but some are having to deal with the most difficult people. Don’t have to tolerate a lot of confusion.

Some will go against others no matter what. If they’re doing something positive they’ll be displeased. If they’re doing something wrong they’ll lash out. No matter how rough things become. Keep moving ahead. Some are disappointed because they’ve chosen not to live their dreams. Some friends may become foes. Not everyone will be happy ┬áto see others grow. Some will try to generate misery for others just because they’re miserable. Engage with true supporters.

Avoid dealing with individuals who are constantly causing trouble. They’re the ones who will slow down the process. Some will never accept the accomplishments of another. No matter how hard they’ve worked or what they’ve accomplished. The vision isn’t for everyone to understand, No need to try and convince others because they’re gong to accept they want to accept.

Of course adversity will occur but some will try to create more problems for others. They’re the ones who should not be apart of the circle, on the journey, or be considered a friend. It’s alright to leave some family and friends behind. No need to add additional stress and become overwhelmed. In order to make more progress one should keep the details of the vision private until it’s finished. There’s some waiting to get ahold of a person’s ideas and creativity.

Don’t become discouraged when a lot of people turn their backs. Some will never understand or try to understand. Be bold with the “vision and ideas.” Always believe in self. No matter what there will always be at least one that believes in another person’s creativity. The ones who don’t need to be apart of the struggle or the success. Stay motivated and uplifted. Think positively and block out the negativity. “Continue to Soar.” BY:(Tanikka Paulk) Tanikka Paulk

Author’s Notes: Being a Writer and Visionary isn’t easy. There’s a lot of people out there who will become angry when they’re observing others shinning. A lot of naysayers will come out as well as the critics. It’s important that a visionary continue on their journey in order to reach the finish line. “Be Bold and Know That There’s a Some Light When it Appears Dark.” By: Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk) (Tiki33) Teep11 ShaPaulk

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Envy Can Create Havoc in a Person’s Life
November 28, 2016
Envy Can Create Havoc in a Person's Life

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Envy causes so many to behave in odd ways. They may become mean and be on attack. Envious ones are very destructive. The attacks are a sign that there’s something that they’re seeking. If one has a talent that many lack then some may try to go after the talent. It’s so important to embrace the God given talent. No matter what is said or done. “Stand Firm.”

There’s some who will be very determined to obtain the gifts but the “blessed” should pray and keep moving. Everyone has talent but some utilize their talents in another way. So therefore their talent gains exposure that irritate some. Tactics may be used in order to generate fear so that some just give up. No one should give up on their dreams.

Too many people stop nurturing their gifts because of others reactions. Critics will criticize whether things are going well or not. If one does or doesn’t doesn’t something will be said. It’s unfortunately that some are harassed because they’re blessed but no amount of harassment should stop “the progress.”

Sometimes we’ll have to block out individuals in order to “rise up.” Envy causes all sorts of havoc and can stay within an environment for a long time. Prayer is the best method to use when dealing with envy and envious ones. Never be controlled otherwise the gifts can be crushed.

If others are determined to take a dream away. Be more determined to keep the dream. We’ll find that we’re constantly on the battlefield but there’s protection. Use the protection and keep going no matter what. The world is filled with cruelty but we must overcome somehow.

Never be denied what is deserved. No matter how many naysayers come out, point fingers, try to create disruption. The gift deserves to shine. Oh of course they’ll be waiting to dim the light. Through faith and lots of determination. Progress can and should occur. Some will never stop being riddled with envy and there’s nothing anyone can do. The visionaries and dreamers should continue on and be courageous. The talent and the gifts are blessings.

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