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Sea or Swimming Pool, Which Do You Prefer?

Photo shows one of the beautiful beaches we visited

It is swimming season now, the sun is shining so hot everyday, the temperature so humid, making people seek comfort from the heat.

One way of combatting the very uncomfortable temperature is by staying in air-conditioned rooms, taking a bath twice or thrice a day, using electric fans, or drinking very cold water or fruit juices.

But for many people who do not have air conditioning units, or they wanted to save on electricity for an air conditioner, they flock to the malls to spend the day and enjoy the free air conditioning. They can just sit there and have some snacks when they go hungry. Some would go to the movie houses inside malls and spend the hours there.

But the best thing people are doing now is going swimming in the sea, rivers, or lakes, and some in man-made pools or swimming pools.

Swimming in the sea is the most preferred by many because it offers some unique feeling of bonding with nature. You can smell the water, can touch the sand, see the fish swimming by, or enjoy picking some sea shells, although some famous resorts ban this activity, even getting sand from it like in the famous Boracay beach where the sand is very white and fine.

It is easier to swim in the sea because there is more buoyancy, but just stay at a safe distance from the shore to prevent drowning. Do not go past the allowed distance set by resort owners. Sometimes you can never tell when you can have leg cramps which will be hazardous when swimming because you can not move your legs well. It is always advisable to wear life jackets or have some floaters for safety.

Do not swim alone, always have some companions with you, or let the lifeguards know that you are swimming.

Swimming in Pools

Sometimes it is easier to go to swimming pools which are always available if you are living far from the sea. There are exclusive swimming pools which you or your group can hire for a day or days. It is good to rent this kind of swimming pool because you can enjoy some sort of privacy compared with public pools.

There are also public swimming pools which charges lower fees for using it. Although I do not like it so much because there are so many people at the pool, and you can never tell if they follow the rules of using the comfort room for urinating. You just wonder how they can stay so long in the pool for hours without urinating?

And do the swimming pool owners/management always change the water daily, or on a regular basis? There are also cases when you can smell the chlorine that is added to the water to purify it. It could be itchy to the skin and dangerous if you continuously inhale it.

But just to beat the summer heat, people just ignore these dangers, saying they will just rinse well after taking a swim at the chlorinated pool. They say anyway, they are just doing it every summer months.

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I am too lazy but still making challenges for myself.
March 28, 2017

My human nature is lazy. Always I prefer to sit rather than go, to observe from the outside, but not to experience, to rankle myself if stop sport or exercises for a long time, but can’t again start doing that. I prefer my meditation and contemplation, neither going for an action. That is why my mornings, when I need to get up and go to the pool, especially after a long break, are very scary. Today, after the clock alarm rung, inside took a place a very long dialogue with myself.

Why I am going there, it’s cold outside, and I will need to enter the water. Why I should do it if I did not need it for a long years. I better go next time. When it will be I do not know, but still better next time, not today. Now I will need to get up, dress on and to go outside when in reality I want to check Facebook news with hot coffee cup still lying in the bed.

But just I tried to close my eyes when I realized that I really will not forgive myself if stay in the bed and refuse to act according my plans of day. I do not remember what thoughts finally pushed me out of bed, but I got up, packed my things, trying not to think too much, that would not change my mind but endured and went out. And, when I was already in the water, I swim and thought: “Thank you, dear. You did it right”.

It is good to dig out yourself, to jump over yourself, to do what you did not intend or did not want. The feeling of self-pride, which come upon you and great gratitude make your day. I am very lazy, but, most likely, will cause for myself even more challenges, because living in  comfort zone makes you overgrown with lichen and moss. What types of challenges you are thinking of?


Picture by Pixabay.com

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