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There are Positive Ways to Handle the Competition

Oh what can one say about the competitors? There’s lots to say and they’ll be said right here. Competition has and will continue to occur as long as mankind is here on earth. Oh yes indeed some of the competitors seem to have lost their minds because they’re willing to get rid of their competitor and when I say get rid of their competition (meaning) they’re willing to cause their competition’s demise. “How can competitors think that they’re effective within their craft if they’re unable to compete effectively?” by: Tanikka Paulk. Some of my competition was and probably are stilling willing to through shade, attacks, and try to ruin my name.

I’m able to keep smiling and proceed because I’m confident driven and motivated to achieve more than I’ve achieved before. There are some competitors insanely trying to pull down my path why? Perhaps they’re lacking confidence or perhaps they’re envious of what I’ve achieved and what will be achieved in the near future. There are so many afraid to live their dreams because they’re afraid of what the critics will have to say. In order to prevent being criticized a person would have to be a hermit. As long as they’re seeing the shine then they will want to dim the light.

My focus isn’t on what the competitors will do or say but my focus is on helping and accomplishing my set goals. If any person focuses on what their competition is doing then they’ll achieve less. There should be focus on building but there are so many continuing to believe that there shouldn’t be any building. They’re wrong. My journey has been filled will adversities some wouldn’t dare to face. Annoying? Yes. Although there were and are many attacks my purpose was already declared so the individuals aren’t brain filled perhaps their actions would suggest that they’re brainless.

God chose me=Tanikka Paulk and mankind selected me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be some disagreeing but the disagreeable won’t cause “Tanikka Paulk” to turn away People. I’ve helped and will continue to help and although I need help myself I’m a firm believer in what had has said. God wants mankind to help one another and love one another. There are so many “demonstrating” hateful ways. No matter how many times I’m attacked I’m believing in what God said and will continue to seek as long as I’m here on earth. Yes they tried to destroy my path but I’ve prayed and will continue to pray for the individuals.

There are positive thoughts even when there appears to be persons wanting to see my decline. I’m able to smile at the individuals and proceed. Glory! There’s less in an area and more in areas. My confidence didn’t lower there is strength to proceed and achieve what I’ve desired to achieve. One can learn to communicate with the competition and counter acting by offering positive words when they dish out negatives. There are so many reasons why I’m continuing and I’ve made a difference and in fact I’ve made differences. “Obtaining abilities is a wise thing to do to be able to grow is a blessing but how many are appreciative?” by: Tanikka Paulk

To be positive when the storms reign in certainly can be difficult. There are endless possibilities and I’m willing to seek what my dreams have to offer. I understand that there will be competition and I also understand that there needs to be bravery in order to accomplish “the set goals.” Perhaps they’ve viewed me=Tanikka Paulk as an easy target. Some of my competition I’ve included on my journey due to the individuals trying to sabotage my purpose I’ve uninvited the individuals. They’ve tried to ruin my work, my expressiveness, every area I’ve created but I’m refusing to become what they individuals are.

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God said to “Seek and you Shall Find.” The you has found. Scripture will tell people about the you and God as well as Jesus Christ will provide the glorious words describing you. Mankind doesn’t seem to understand that they’re unable to overpower God. God is the Creator of mankind and He designed my purpose but mankind will try to destroy what God has ordained. Their efforts won’t incur what they’ve expected. My continuation probably surprises most. Glory to God I’m living faith filled. There is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see.

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No Time for Dramatics On or Offline

I’m afraid a lot of people will be disappointed because I’m not partaking in the antics. Oh no. “No time to be indulged in childish game playing.” The little children adults with the name calling and blame games isn’t on my agenda. If any person expects to prosper in anyway then they’ll have to stay clear of what can cause a decline. It’s better to be surrounded by visionaries and individuals who want to be apart of growth. Troublemakers will continue to do what they feel is necessary. Here’s a phrase. People Will Become Angry When Love is Displayed Towards The People.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve noticed that most people do not like when others are trying to get ahead. Some are so dysfunctional that they actually believe that they’re in better positions because they have wealth. The money can not be supplied to God nor Jesus in order to enter into Heaven. The forces which continue to try to drive others away from their drams, goals, and aspirations will soon discover how :ridiculous” their actions are. No time to be bothered with foolish ways. Fools will continue to think foolishly but it is the wisdom of the anointed which will allow prosperity to occur.

The ones who are seeking to challenge the anointed at all times aren’t happy people. There are some who may appear to be happy on the outside but are actually miserable. Any person who continues to agitate another isn’t mentally healthy. “Not all persons are in the position to be good company.” There are some so destructive that they’ll continue to cause destruction within their lives. For some no matter what occurs or has occurred they’ll to behave foolishly and think on a foolish level.

If there is to be any progress then  there should be some blocking out. The communications which fools supply isn’t worth embedding within the mind. “It’s better” to focus on better living and trying to be in a better position then to be concerned with the antics which stem from foolish ways. No need to go back and fourth with the individuals because fools will only hear what they want and will only believe what they want to believe. Any person can become a fool.

All one has to do is observe which is which. For some every word which comes from their mouth stems from foolishness. The thoughts of some are so distorted that they’ll have a difficult time thinking positively. Just look at how they’re interacting with others. The worldly beings will continue to try to be destructive because some are so envious of others and are afraid of their “excelling “that they’ll continue to try and cause grief for the persons.

A lot are so damaged and aren’t repairable because they may not want to be repaired. There are some who want to hold on to their pain. Some may not be in “a position” to reason with. No matter how they’re approached there are some who will continue to go up against certain individuals because of their gifts. Not all will be pleased to witness an  elevation and some will become angry when seeing certain persons rise up! No matter how many tomes a person is challenged there are ways to get through the troubles and keeping the faith is one the ways.

“(Tanikka Paulk) is Still Blessed and Here for a Reason.”

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Sometimes it’s Difficult to Tell Whether the Persons are Children or Adults

With so many adults behaving like children these days it may be difficult to imagine any maturity coming from the individuals. Not everyone will mature properly. Some will display child-like behavior their entire lives. There’s a lot of children who behave more maturely than some adults. There is nothing wrong with having fun but there’s a lot of trouble making going on these days. The best thing to do is to just continue on with whatever is going on because sometimes there will be individuals who will use immaturity to try and gain attention.

No time for the immaturity. Keep the distance from the instigators. The ones who not only display immature behavior but also behave as if there is no brain activity going on. Isn’t there better things to do? Perhaps not. Some may engage in immature behavior because of boredom and then there are some who will do so because they’re competing. No matter what the reasons are. No person should become stressed over childish behavior. If some are unwilling to behave maturely then they’ll receive an” ignore.” That’s right!

Ever wonder why some people continuously cause trouble? Sometimes all that’s offered is a head shake. Yes indeed. The world is filled with jokers and all sorts of “personalities.” There is a choice to feed into the behavior or to keep going. Some may behave in such a manner because they’re trying to cause a disconnection. There can be many reasons why some choose to engage in destructive behavior. Of course the playtime will occur but some go way too far in their playfulness.

Not every individual which engages in immaturity behavior is doing so intentionally some can not control their actions due to some disorder. Not much can “be accomplished” if there is focus on the immature behaviors. The words will flow about from some could come from some underlying issues not dealt with. Not able to control what others will say or do but there are ways to control how we’ll react to such behaviors. In fact so many are seeking reactions.

Proceed no matter what occurs. If some want to behave like children then that’s their choice. The ones who try to be mature will go further. There is a time to have fun and then there are times when work must occur. There are so many environments riddled with a lot of the behaviors expressed here. A lot of the actions can cause a person who is trying to move further to be slowed down. “It’s best to just continue making progress” and avoid engaging in unstable environments. What some will try to do won’t work because they’re refusing to use the proper methods.

“I’m not Discouraged by Because I’m Headed Somewhere.” Still Blessed and Encouraged.”By: Tanikka Paulk

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A Cat that Likes to Sleep at the Top of My Head
March 21, 2017

If you found a cat that sleeps in your lap, congratulations because that cat chooses you to be their human. If you have a cat, your cat has a human and that is you. Congratulations, you found each other. However, what if the cat loves to sleep at the top of your head? Well, the meaning is they love you, they super duper love you that they don’t care on how strong the fragrance of your shampoo. Sleeping without you makes their day incomplete that is why no single night that they are not on top of your head.

Cats have different personalities. Some cats don’t mind you existed until you give them food. Some cats really care how do you feel. When they see you sad, they ask you a question. You might not understand their language, but surely once they cried, they are asking you to do something. If they feel you are sad, they will seat beside you. They will close their eyes but they are not sleeping. They are observing if you want a company or not. Some cats are sweet. You need to make them feel they are loved and they will become sweet to you. Trust me, I have cats in my entire life. I know what it means to have them in your life.

Back to my cat, who sleeps on top of my head, he is a teenager cat. He was with us when he was still a toddler. He entered our house and wants us to forcibly adopt him. He welcomes himself, asks for food and the rest is history. This cat will never sleep when I am working online. Whenever I am with my laptop, he will look at me, looks like telling me to spread my blanket for he will lie down. Sometimes he sleeps deeply, but as soon as I keep my laptop, he will move because he knows that I am preparing to sleep.

He will wake up when I wake up. He is with me when I am having my meal. He is waiting for me when I am using the restroom. He is following everywhere. He looks obsessed but nope, he is just a sweet cat. We talk regularly and I end up laughing because he is answering every question I am asking without understanding it. I more likely to think he is just asking for food all the time. He even stops me from working online when he is tired. It seems he is too sleepy to wait for me to lie down in bed. He is serious on that and even literally holding my hands to stop typing.

This cat thinks he owns me. I don’t mind being owned as long as it makes me happy. He is giving me the feeling he is satisfied by my love and care and I am happy to be loving him for forever. I hope that no one from the neighbor that will hurt her because surely I will forget how nice I am and might start a war. I appreciate this cat. I know we are destined to be together.


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The Basics of Being Ugly
March 12, 2017

The building was to house particular indigent members of a community but was turned into a kind of ‘dorm’ .  Rooms are rented to women.  Usually they are under thirty, and are students or employed.   Most of the females in what I’ll call Martha’s House, are nursing students or nurses.

There was a time there were girls of a different level, girls who had dates and boyfriends, and who would go out on evenings, and although it wasn’t allowed, sometimes have a boy friend stay over.

Now, none of these girls has a date, a boyfriend, and their lives revolve about Martha’s House, each other, and their school or job.

They are loud, clumsy, careless females, unattractive, not only physically but personally.   Their voices are loud and raucous.  They seem unable to open a fridge or put down a cup without slamming it.  They talk in this horrible grind, and although, maybe, when they were younger, they were not as obnoxious, because they lived with their parents, now, it is like being in a woman’s prison, dealing with the lowest of the low.

These women are bone deep ugly.   It is not just their faces or bodies, it is their personalities.   If they were quiet and demure, if they were not clumsy and careless, they would not be as repellent as they are.

The odd thing is that I never met females like this before.

I never could imagine women with no dates, ever.   No boyfriends,  no one calling them except their mothers.  These females are not lesbians, but they might as well be, for which man would be attracted to a loud clumsy girl whose voice is as pleasant as a revving engine.   A woman so noisy and clumsy, who speaks in such a coarse way, that you don’t want to hear her?

When I was young I would go out almost every week end, different places, different people, a huge round of friends and interests, and choices.

If I were their age, being home on a Saturday night would be misery, save if there was some kind of natural disaster or illness.

None of them have dates.

Their big event is having pizza delivered or walking to the supermarket.

It is not that they are simply physically unattractive, their behaviour, their personalities, their lack of consideration overwhelms.   Clearly, these women developed these ugly traits before they left their mother’s house.

They came into the world with their loud mouths and ugly traits and never, for one second, appreciated how repulsive they are.

They don’t learn from others, they learn from each other, and persist in their behaviour as if they do not appreciate how no one who doesn’t have to associate with them would do so.

They don’t look around and wonder why there are sixteen of them, not one ever being asked on a date.  Not one.   They don’t notice other people who are attractive and in demand passing them.

The younger ones might think there is a future, not recognising that the older ones are who they will be.

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