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Make money listening to, and reviewing music

Do you enjoy listening to music?

Do you want to get paid for reviewing new songs?

Then look no further than slicethepie.com.

Slicethepie is the largest paid review site on the internet. You earn cash for every review you leave!

Your feedback on tracks, clothing and lots more goes directly to help artists, record labels and brands make decisions.

Slicethepie launched back in 2007 as a fun and interactive site to identify the best up and coming artists. We rapidly evolved into the web’s largest music review engine that now provides on demand feedback to most of the major US record labels and thousands of independent artists every month.

In 2015 additional review categories were added, including fashion, mobile phone accessories and others.

All the ratings and reviews left by our reviewers are used to provide real time predictive insight to music executives, designers, buyers and merchandisers in large and small organisations to help them decide which products will be most successful.

We now have over 2 million reviewers with thousands of new ones signing up every day.

All you have to do is sign up, and start listening to music. You have to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song, and then give it your honest opinion.

The length of your review shows as an orange bar above the text area, once it reaches the right-hand side of the box then you’ve written enough of a review to get paid.

You then have various star ratings that you have to mark for different things, after which you can then submit your review.

Now, don’t expect to get rich from this, some reviews only give a 2 or 3 cents, while others might give 20 cents. It all depends on the genre, and you don’t always have to review music.

Sometimes it’s fashion, mobile phone cases, soft furnishings, branding and digital ads etc.

Music reviews so far for me, haven’t paid out too much, but over a week ago they have double earnings on mobile phone cases, and I earnt $0.28 on each review.

The minimum you can withdraw is $10, and it goes straight to your PayPal account within a couple of days.

I was dubious about whether they actually paid, but sure enough within a few days, the money was in my PayPal.

So, if you’re looking to earn some cash, and can write reviews quite quickly, and it is possible with slicethepie, then sign up today here slicethepie.com.

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Paypal Fees Increased This Month for Indians
April 22, 2017

I have learned that after March 30th, the paypal has added some new rules and features to the payment system. Now we are being charged higher for the payment acceptance. I don’t think there are any charges for sending money. That is remained free for some of the time. Paypal on the other hand, you can see adding more fees in the program. This month I got few payments from multiple payment sources. And found that paypal has added the fees lot more than usual. And for this reason i don’t accept the small or low fee into the account. I want to see how much can be in future if I want to accept the higher amount.

Premium Account

Those who are using personal account too have faced the change. But the premium account seems to be the most affected. As this account is enabled for selling services online. This can be some of the times bad for many people to accept the money with such high fees. I think payoneer on the other hand would be more beneficial. I can tell you that premium account may not bring much output for me. And this means I may have to switch to other premium services like say stripe or payoneer. Based on how much charge they are going to apply, it would be harder to even see how the premier account may work out.

Payment Under 10$

You may notice that any payment under 10$ may got few cents extra deducted under service terms. And with every increase in 10$, you’d have more issues with the withdrawals. I have got the 10$ before and after this rule change. And I found that there is difference of 25 cents per 10$ change. And it seems or premium account higher charges will be with higher money. So say for 15$, you may find that it is going to charge you around say 96 cents. And for premium account, this is given to be offered with more features. I don’t use those features but the money is gone none the less. I think this is another reason i prefer not to use paypal for accepting money.

Indians or All Users?

I think this is the question if this change is made for just Indians or all. I am not sure if this change is going to be any good or bad. I think most of the premium account users who are freelancers, may have got some bad heat in there. I am not sure if this is going to help them much. But based on what I am doing these days with the amount of efforts of low cost payment acceptance. I personally think that payoneer and the other services are much better. Bitcoin can be good too. But you may have to wait and see if you can get it in legal way for the payment transactions. So far that facility is not much available as well.

That being said, how do you find new fees from paypal for your online earning? Are you affected what is your plan and what you can do about it? You can see that

Image by pixabay.

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Good list of writing sites
March 17, 2017

i will now about some writing sites list. post is providing you with list of opportunities to make extra income, and the good thing for these sites is that the daily payment. imaginet your earnings within one day or less at your paypal account. wow

let us start learning few things to get started with these sites:
You have to open a Paypal account to get paid, if have one that is ok, all the writing sites prefer paypal to pay no cash. and there is not any money to get paypal

You may later withdraw that money to cash or bank account,
Most sites pay at 2 dollars or 5 dollars each time you earn them.

but this sites dont, forget about accumulate your dollar

try the site named Qmee at make some money online by advertisements that appear in the sites that you search at for example Amazon.

This money is good if you use the search alot, search for selling or buying or hotels

i dont like prize drawings i feel not real since i didnt get any prize for year.
Postloop : is good writing site you get to post at their clients sites, this site is not international only English speaker from usa or canada people able to work at these sites. You have to write long really long post too long post, that is why i wrote this site in the second in the list of list writing site, since its not for all and not easily to earn money, but when you earn you get income, so if you know of good international sites to make money online please let us know as we all use some help to see what site is better for writing and more income to retire

so gals guys lets all put the sites that writing at so people get benefit and also you get benefit by your code


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Paypal, how to activate receive feature from any country.
January 18, 2017

Paypal, the online payment giant offers an easy way of paying and receiving payments online. It has made businesses run smoothly due to its efficient and reliable system, which is most of all secure. They offer a money back guarantee if you make a payment and did not get the product you paid for, but there is a catch, and most people do not even know it. Wait a minute, do not rush in to thinking everything is about you, rather, this has everything to do with the banking system in your country. If the banking system in your country is reliable, then you get the full paypal services, but if its not, it becomes a different story. In a country where the banking system is not reliable, they may decide not to offer services to its residence, or they may just allow you to send but not receive payments. You will be able to sign up but you will not see the options of accepting payments but you will still be able to buy using your paypal account. The reason behind this is that they need to be able to keep their promise of repaying you the amount you lost when you made a payment using your paypal account for a product that you did not receive in-turn. In a country with an unreliable banking system, it becomes very difficult to recover the money you received if you do not ship the product you sold to someone. So for this reason, they only allow you to pay but not get paid via their system. One example of a country that is facing this challenge is Zimbabwe, you can google it see for yourself the service they are getting. The problem of this half service is that it becomes impossible for that country’s citizens to transact between themselves using paypal, and also they can not really do international business using Paypal. Well there is a workaround to this problem, all you need to do is open a Payoneer  account, they actually send you a Prepaid Debit Card. After opening this account you go to the Paypal website and open a business account and link your Payoneer account to the Paypal account using the VISA enabled Debit Card, its that simple, you are now good to go, now you can receive payments via paypal.


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