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Searching for Answers Through Silence

The question still remains regarding the rapper Tupac Shakur. There’s a lot of speculation regarding the incident which occurred in 1996. No matter how many questions are raised no person wants to come forward regarding the shooting in 1996. There could be a lot of information supplied in the next couple of months but will what’s said draw conclusions? Probably not. Usually persons are too afraid to speak about matters which involve homicides or attempted homicides. Too many fear retaliation and so therefore it’s quite difficult for investigators “to solve” crimes when witnesses refuse to cooperate.

Yes Tupac Shakur had Lots of Enemies

Tupac Shakur has been the industries competition and there are some who aren’t very welcoming when it comes to competing. There’s still speculation that Orlando Anderson was involved in the shooting but are we certain? The persons who were on the scene can reveal the information but refuse. They’ve tried to interview Suge Knight regarding Tupac and Suge did communicate briefly but didn’t reveal any details regarding why Tupac was targeted or information regarding the individuals involved. However there’s some “information” which isn’t public knowledge and due to the sensitivity shall not be exposed.

The Mentioning of Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur were good friends questions continue to circulate regarding what Snoop knows about what occurred in 1996. Persons being targeted would want to know who, the what, and the why. Of course we can come to the conclusion that there’s some unwilling to accept that Orlando Anderson was the gunmen. There’s way too many unanswered questions and some of the information doesn’t add up. Snoop Dogg may not feel comfortable discussing what he may know. However “somewhere” there’s some clues and not too many may know how to find such clues.

Tupac Shakur is a very talented artist and poet. There will be a lot of books, movies, and documentaries regarding what occurred in 1996. Is it possible that Tupac Shakur can reveal some of the information in which the public want to know? Possibilities exist. How many are willing to accept whatever is said in the next couple of months? We’re still discussing what occurred perhaps because the case is still considered to be a mystery. How many are really involved? “We may Never really Know What Occurred and It’s Possible That the Wrong Individuals Were Named Regarding the Incident in 1996.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Suge Knight was unwilling to cooperate when interviewed while in prison. Suge Knight refused to discuss anything regarding Tupac Shakur however Suge Knight did reveal that Tupac Shakur is “alive.” There is also a video where Suge expressed that Tupac isn’t deceased and of course looking back at the incident there were too many clues that there was a possibility that Tupac was alive. What are some thinking about the shocker? Some are still wondering what really occurred. There are lots of stories told but there’s still no concrete evidence as to whom the individuals are. “Who Shot Tupac?” Perhaps Ttupac will be willing to tell or not.

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