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Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?

Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

A mom’s love is everlasting , no matter how hard-headed a child is mom can always keep her temper and hide her hurt hoping one day her child when becomes mature gradually changes his attitude. Sometimes her wish of this comes true and others never had happened for the worse had dominated their child’s being. If you are a mature one this time, try to imagine living life without a mom. It will be so difficult for your relatives cannot give the love a mom gives. There are many incidents that happen every now and then a child left to an aunt or distant relative suffers abuses. Child abuse is rampant in our society this time. It is sickening to see children left to the care of a relative because their mom died during their childhood or left them for some logical or illogical reasons. There are also children left under the care and protection of the social services, boys town, adoption centers and in orphanage hoping these children could have a family they call their own. These children also long cuddles, warm hugs and cares of a mom. They are so pitiful and there are so many of them around the world looking and longing for love.

Without a mom, your stomach will always be empty. If you are so young the moment your mom left you, varied experiences would never be in your young life like cooking. How could you cook if you are just a child? Everything is relied on mom, the washing of plates, the washing of your clothes, the cleaning of the house, the cooking of your foods breakfast- dinner, bathing you, changing your wet clothes, putting on your pajama at bed time, sending you to school until your are old and capable enough to go to school alone. Your mom has multiple chores she never had complained about. She is always patient and so happy to see you in good health and always happy and always making her happy with your giggles and sweet smiles. For a mom, you are more than gold. She would also take care of your dad for dad is the family bread winner. There should be give and take. Because you are with your mom 24/7 so when you grew up, you will also like to help your mom as a consolation of all her struggles. Mom will be happy to see you learned some chores. Learning is indeed the best and first school of a child. When you were a child, you never had seen your mom feeling bored and tired of what she is doing for the family.

Ask yourself now if you have tried to imagine life without your mom. I am so sure your answer would be hard without a mom. We always seek comfort in mom’s loving arms while eyes focus on her eyes. What a nice feeling when both your eyes meet. You can feel mom’s deep love no one can ever give it to you and to everyone. There might be times you give your mom heartaches and headaches because you do not like to be corrected. You want to be independent in all your decisions without consulting first to your mom or dad. Feel lucky if your mom is still wait you despite you are old and having own family. You can always have a good advice from your mom. I hope that you also had shown great response of love to your mom. There are special days we can offer and share to mom our love during her birthday, during Christmas and most especially during “Mother’s Day. “ I hope you had expressed your love to mom during this day through giving her lovely roses or anything you believe her favorite and by constantly saying these words “I love you mom.” The best feeling would be cemented in the heart of mom and see how see how she smiles to you direct to your eyes, so sweet that could melt a heart hard as a rock. There is nothing in this world lovely as having a mom that we always rely on. I am not lucky, my mom died when I was 6 years old. I never had felt her love and never had felt she touched my hair, so sick thinking about mom leaving me and my other siblings so young. We are still lucky for having a father that also acts like mom. Because we were so young that time when mom passed away, so dad do the cooking, cleaning the house, bathing us children. Other chores like washing of dishes and rags were done by my elder sisters. When dad was at work in the field as a military official, we were left under the care of our elder sister. We also owe much our survival from our elder sister who, at that time was 10 years old.

Our sister became mature at age 10 when mom left us. When I was 8, I also learned to clean the house and washed my own clothes and underwear. I also became mature at age 8. This age, eight years old, does a lot of fun for kids playing dolls with younger sisters and neighbors, but in our case reverse because we do not have a mom to do the chores for us at home. We have to work at a young age in order to survive. We are so thankful for our experience brought me and my siblings’ strong lives. We both became emotionally, morally, physically, socially and spiritually strong and stable. We also thank our dad who is now with mom in heaven with our Lord. I hope other children feel the efforts and struggles of their mom for them to be happy and stomach full. This time many no longer respect their mom. They just easily shout at them like a dog. If you only see the past when you were in her womb and the time you came out to this world and how mom took care of you by spending sleepless nights just to always answer your need, maybe you can never dare to hurt your mom’s feeling. Can you not see her tears falling down her check? Those are tears of a hurt feeling, not a lament why you were born that way. It is not too late by the way to show you care mom.

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