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What keeps women stick to their unfaithful partners
February 18, 2017

Human nature is such a mysterious thing that it keeps me wondering about how it works. I find many people suffering in their relationships but still sticking to it.

At one side people show love and care about their life partners and at the other side they let them down by being fascinated about others, staring at them or having friendship with hidden intentions with them .Even some times they either show off their love for their partner or put them down in order to draw the attention of their interest.

I think this can be the most insulting situation for the partner who is being used for such a mean purpose, and the person who does this kind of behavior must be a really mean person.

This behavior is common in men and the victims are women who are mostly and commonly taken for granted by their life partners .They are always expected to be loving ,caring ,understanding ,supportive , no matter how they are treated .If they try to object ,complain or show their disapproval to the unfaithful behavior they are made to feel bad ,wrong .Many times they face extreme response if they try to protest.

Now the matter of mysteriousness comes again, after suffering this type of mean treatment for years they choose to stick to the relationship .No matter how many fights they had because of that, they still try to be with the same person who had let them down many times and will do it again according to his convenience .

Few women find the courage to end these kinds of relationships others never dare to do that.

I ask why? what is the reason behind it?

If you are reading this, I would like to ask you what you think. Do you think its normal behavior that a person who is in a relationship keeps wandering or being a little unfaithful with his life partner?

Is it over reaction if the partner of such person objects and gets upset .What should she do? DO you feel fine if your wife or husband have a habit of staring on opposite sex?