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Facebook doesn’t want to be Fakebook
April 6, 2017
Facebook - Keep Your Brain on Alert

There’s a big uproar at Facebook.   The ‘Fake News’ argument has ignited and ‘something has to be done!’

It was decided, to post an advertisement above the ‘news feeds’ giving users tips on how to spot the false stories and how to report them.

Now, I have this smirk on my face, which I need to wash off.   It isn’t a smirk at Facebook’s attempt to stop the posting of phoney stories, it is that people are so stupid as to believe phoney stories.

Years ago, there was an item published on Triond.   The title was; “Johnny Depp Commits Suicide“.

Now, let me start from the beginning, go through the middle, and stop when I reach the end.

The item was published on Triond.   Triond, now defunct, was a writing site.  It was no News channel, it wasn’t even one of those silly celebrities sites.  It was a site, not unlike this one, where people could write what they wanted,

It was a writing site. People could write about washing silk, buying a new car, how to paper train your puppy, and flying to the moon on a broomstick.

The fact the item was on Triond should have raised the flag that it was a spoof.   That is, if people who could connect to the Internet by themselves had the brains of the average hamster.   Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people who don’t have the brain of the average hamster.

They believed it.

The item was viral for days.   Despite the fact it was not reported on any real news service.  Despite the fact that no one who should know about Johnny Depp knew about this ‘suicide’.

People all over the world viewed the item.  And believed it.

This reality was fully discussed in Triond’s forum, which was on the site.   Other writers, jealous, greedy, wanted to make up a story that went viral.

Some tried by claiming this celeb or that one, was gay.  Some claimed a cure for a disease, and one group, writing under the heading;  Whitehouse Insider, using the name Ulsterman,  decided to pretend they worked at the White House, under Barack Obama.

They knew the racism of America, and other people in the world.  They knew, maybe some of them even felt anger that a Black Man could be in the White House.  So this group, writing under the name ‘Ulsterman’ wrote the most horrendous things about Barack Obama.

They wrote completely fabricated stories.  They took bits and pieces of news stories, added what they wanted, invented if necessary,  some deep into spoofing,  and what they wrote went viral.   It went so viral that Triond’s owners made a special section for the garbage.

Millions of people viewed the rubbish.   Millions of people refused to believe it was fake.   Millions of people wanted to hear the worst things about Barack Obama, so read every word as if it were completely true.  Anyone who dared to question White House Insider was attacked by its defenders.

From 2009 until the day Triond dropped dead in 2015, millions of people read the garbage and believed it.

They absolutely believed it, although it was clearly rubbish.

There was no way to convince these mind dead morons that the White House Insider was the king of Fake News.    No matter what one said, what proof was offered, people believed it.   Even after the site disappeared without a trace, people still believed it.

Today, I am sure, there are thousands of people who still believe that this was Real News.

I say all this to bring the pot to a boil.

For people to have believed White House Insider for so many years makes it obvious that people are stupid.  To take the next step, now that Triond is gone, was write on some concocted web pages giving it some kind of ‘official name’ and link the page to one’s account on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most ridiculous corners of the Internet.  Millions of people babbling about their lives, linking to what they had for breakfast, linking items they read, and sharing it with other people is how it operates.

There are a lot of stupid people.   They will see something posted by one of their idiot friends and click on it, and believe it.

They will believe it and share it.

They will believe it, especially if the item is an attack or exposure on a person they hate.

Hate is far stronger than love.  We are taught the obverse, but the facts are, writing a sweet piece about a beloved person won’t get half the hits as writing an attack on a person people hate.

During the American election, a hatred of Hilary Clinton was created, and fed, and pushed, so that so much Anti-Hilary garbage covered Facebook.   Along with this were the fake stories about the ever horrible Donald Trump.

Many thought it was funny, I mean who would take this seriously?

Millions did.   Millions of people believed the rubbish published by some guys in Macedonia to make money.  That was the point of the story.  Create a site, get ad sense, post pro Trump garbage, get hits, and earn!   These guys who had never left Macedonia, these guys who had no connection any government, any news service bought Cars out of the money they earned from idiots clicking on their site.

Thousands of dollars, millions of dollars was paid to these young men for their Fake News.

Facebook thinks that by posting some silly ad that people so stupid as to have believed the White House Insider, to have believed the Fake News posted by the Macedonian crew, will read and learn?  Learn?  These people are incapable of that kind of logical deduction.

They believed Johnny Depp committed suicide.   They believed the White House Insider.  They believed the ridiculous things the Macedonians published.   Does Facebook believe that a ‘warning’ that a ‘tutorial’ will help them escape their stupidity?

It won’t work.


A Source of Fake News
March 21, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

The New York Times a respected News Paper,  confirmed that the rather unsavoury report. Fox News has a legal analyst,  Andrew Napolitano, who created his allegation that Barack Obama asked British intelligence to spy on President Donald Trump to a discredited former CIA analyst.

Larry C. Johnson, the analyst, was given the theory by Russian news network RT.   This was to back up Trump’s accusation that Obama was responsible for an illegal wiretap.

The story promulgated by Fox News is that Obama asked “the British spying agency” for “transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump”. Sean Spicer, the Trump mouthpiece pushed this story.

On the 14th of March the link between Napolitano’s claims and Johnson was exposed.

The Times also noted Johnson spreading false rumors that video existed of Michelle Obama using a racial slur against white people.

Napolitano is a friend of Trump.

Johnson,  was once a Fox News contributor.  He said Napolitano called him and requested that he speak to The New York Times.

So here is the infamous example of ‘Fake News’.   This is why Trump has been using the term, and pointing at others.   He had every intention of pushing Fake News.   He had every intention of creating Fake News.  And by doing what I call; Faight and Look at the Other Guy, and Finger Never Say Look Here  two items previously published.

In the first, I reflected back to primary school days that when you expel gas you turn and look at the person next to you.   In this way, you make it seem that the other person has done it.

This is why Trump opened the ‘Fake News’ argument.

He wanted to utter Fake News, but look at the ‘Other Guy’, so tried to put it into the minds of the simpletons who run behind him, that the Fake News was coming from other sources.

In the second article I mentioned how one attributes their faults to someone else.  One lies and calls another person a liar to divert focus.   Trump is a master of this.   He commits an offense then tries to get everyone else to blame someone else.

If people are looking at him because of one offense, he faights some lie about someone else to divert attention.

Many people suffer mental slavery.  They give their brains to someone else and follow whatever they say, no matter how stupid, illogical, or pointless.

The reason we have been swamped with ‘Alternative Facts’ and “Fake News”  is because the source of this misdirection is the White House.

Don’t Get Stressed Over What You Don’t Know
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Let me put it succinctly, there are many things you think you know, but you don’t.  If you were honest with yourself, if you weren’t so quick to believe what is said or posted by Whoever, you might cut your stress.

For example, I know, for a fact, that many Jamaicans are being rounded up and deported.  They haven’t done anything, it is just part of the Trump ‘make America White again’.

I know because someone in New York City pinched me, I know because the Police told me that they were getting deportees ‘who hadn’t done anything’, and it came over the Television tonight and the implementation of particular governmental policies and agencies was announced.

I would never have mentioned it, if I didn’t have proof.

For me, proof has to be ‘I see’.   It can’t be ‘me hearsay’ or ‘dem seh’ or being printed by a news service I don’t know.   For me, Proof means I can walk into Court and swear.

As so many people run their mouths like toilets with a broken flushometer, when I have to reveal something I will begin with, ‘I was Physically there when…”   this means no one ‘told me seh’,  I saw. I heard.

When passing on information I will begin with, “Shrimpie told me that….”   and repeat what Shrimpie told me without any notation, unless, UNLESS, I can verify some of it.

Too often people hear something unofficially and run with it, disrupting their lives, causing chaos, and often loss.   When someone tries to shine some light in their darkness, they cling to their unofficial version as if it were given on Mount Sinai.

This is what causes stress.  This ‘black hole’ of information.

Take hurricanes.

The Government does it’s very best to terrify the community.  They get their information from some Weather Site which is less reliable than Grandma’s bunions.

On two major occasions, one in 2010 and one in 2016, I knew that the hurricanes would not hit Jamaica because I went to boatus.com.

This is an Insurance site.  The company that runs this site insures yachts.  It is their pocket.  If they are wrong and tell you to move your Million dollar yacht from Port Royal to Manchester, and that hurricane doesn’t hit Port Royal, then that customer is going to demand costs.  Contrarily, if they say the hurricane isn’t going to strike Port Royal and it does, well you know it is their pocket.

Hence boatus.com is as accurate as humans can be, because it is their pocket. And if I tell you the hurricane will miss because boatus said so, you can pretty much put your pot on the fire.

I know a bunch of girls who were so terrified by what the news was telling them they probably shaved years off of their lives.

What you have to do is take a deep breath and consider the information you receive.  Don’t accept it on face value.  Do your investigations.   Check it.  If more people checked the source of their information, more people would not be fooled.

Before you panic, before you worry, take a breath and search the source.  In many cases, what you are so worried about isn’t true.

The Deception of Political Correctness
February 25, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

There was a time that people said what they felt.  It might be coarse, it might offend, but it was honest.  One was left no doubt of the prejudice or perception of the speaker.

Now that so many words and opinions are not permitted, people resort to a form of ‘doublespeak’, (as portrayed in 1984) in which they make statements they don’t really mean.

For example; Make America Great Again.

What does that mean?

The mind dead, or very young, would think; ‘Oh, that means America isn’t Great any more and Trump is going to Make it Great Again.”

Those who understand Doublespeak know he is saying; “Make America White Again.”

Almost everyone who voted for him Knows what he said.   A few stupid ones might not have the mental acuity required.  But what he meant was obvious.    This is because since he can’t say the word ‘white’ he choses a one syllable word which those who know, know, and those who don’t understand, won’t.


The ‘Tea Party’, a racist organisation, never used words which could suggest they were against the Black Man in the White House.  They used all sorts of terms and distractions, so that they would sound ‘politically correct’.

This kind of deception is forced to be practiced.   Sure, one doesn’t want to hear the offensive terms, but the fact they are being replaced by meaningless words is only deception.   A deception which, like doublespeak, is to deceive.

One can not say Bad in 1984.  One can say; ‘ungood’.   Although the meaning of ‘ungood’ is bad,  the word ‘bad’ is removed.  It can not be said, it can not be thought.  So the concept is twisted.

Trump knows that using the meaningless terms, the unsupported statements, the announcements without planning, could not work in reality.  But can work in the fantasy world of ‘alternate facts’.

So, he will Make America White Again; by getting rid of Hispanics, of Muslims, and then, other non-whites.  But he will do so in such manner, hidden from the eyes and ears of the respected press.

For Trump has barred the real reporters from his Press Conferences.  So only the deceptions can emerge.

The True King of Fake News
February 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

One of the things you learn in life, is that people often attribute their flaws to others.  If you listen to people castigate another, they are often talking autobiographically.

People see their own faults in others.

If you don’t have a particular fault you usually don’t attribute it to others.  To be clear, if you don’t know what the word persiflage means you won’t see it, hear it, be aware of it.

If you aren’t a liar who twists and bends every fragment of information, then you don’t see Fake News until it is pointed out to you.

Donald Trump is a pathological liar.   Anyone who does the slightest research on his past will find enormous lies this man has told from his teenage days.   Simply put, he has the inability to differentiate between the truth and a lie, and believes that if he says there are five lights there are five lights, even though there are only four.

One would never believe the leader of Jamaica, much less America, could stand up and lie before an audience. But Donald Trump can.

On Saturday he addressed a rally of his mind dead minions and said;  “Look at what’s happening last night in Sweden”, as he babbled about European nations which suffered terrorist attacks.

There was no terrorist attack in Sweden on Saturday.  Neither on Friday, nor on Thursday, nor on any day.

When Sweden requested that he explain, the POTUS ‘tweeted’ that he had been referring to a Television Report.

There had been no Television Report.

Pressed he stated it had been broadcast on Fox News, his beloved station which is the headquarters for biased reports.

Searching through the broadcasts there was some twisted fake story that had aired on Friday night about crime in Sweden.   Totally false news.

Trump’s pimps tried to wriggle out of the corner, one saying that her Massa had been talking about rising crime in Sweden.

There is no rising crime in Sweden and a former Swedish Prime Minister, Carl Bildt,  mocked the Orange Clown suggesting that he had “been smoking”.

The fact that Trump is so ‘sensitive’ to Fake News is because he has been ‘broadcasting’  for years.  He has been telling lies, demanding his slaves believe them.   As any liar, if he says the same thing long enough and loud enough, people will believe it.


Nothing New About Fake News
February 18, 2017

There have always been hoaxes.   in Ancient days, many were written in newspapers or spread as rumours.  Today, we think there is something ‘new’ about them,  but that is because we don’t know history.

We don’t even know that in 2009, right after Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States, a hoax, a complete library of fake news, was packaged in the ‘Ulsterman Report’ and did very well in the Adsense department, although from word first to last, it was nothing but Fake News.

One of the most famous, and most unknown examples of Fake News happened way back in 1917.

In that year, the most influential newspapers in England published a story that today is named “the master hoax.”

What happened was simple.  Britain wanted China to enter World War I on the Allied side.  A story claiming that the German’s Kaiser’s forces were “extracting glycerine out of dead soldiers” appeared.

There was an article about how corpses of soldier were taken to this factory and the glycerine was removed for use in bombs.

There had always been rumours about how dead bodies of the ‘enemy’ would be ‘processed’  but there had not be a direct source.   Not until The Times ran a story about the German a ‘corpse factory’.

As is usual in Fake News there was the quoting of an unnamed Belgian source,  who, in more than gruesome detail, relayed how corpses were processed by the Germans.

Of course,  the German government protested these “loathsome and ridiculous” claims.  But they were not believed.  After all, the article had been in The Times!

The Chinese, believing every word, declared war against Germany on 14 August 1917.

In 1925 a Conservative Member of the Parliament name John Charteris, who had been head of intelligence admitted he had fabricated the story.   The New York Times took it up, and revealed captions from photographs found on captured German soldiers were transposed.

So, here was an example of Fake News, way back… One Hundred Years Ago, which people believed.  Believed so strongly, they joined a war.

Some Recent Fake News Stories Everyone Believes
February 6, 2017

WE’ve all heard/seen the Fake News Stories.  Some of us learn they are fake.   Some of us knew they were fake as soon as our eye touched them, or after we did a check with reliable sources.   But, a pile of people absolutely believe them.  Just as they believed the ‘Whitehouse Insider.”   (This was a Blog created by a chap in Ireland which was anti-Obama, and posted the most ridiculous stuff).

To give you an example of how bad the Fake News is, and how many people believe the stories; last year a number of racist bloggers  began sharing the ‘news’ that 19 white women had been murdered in Los Angeles by a black killer who carved “Black Lives Matter” on to their bodies.

Although the story was immediately kicked to the pavement as it was completely untrue, the hoax was shared more than 500,000 times on Facebook.   People believed it.

In Canada, a few hours after the report that six people had been shot dead in a mosque, stories began appearing online  blaming the massacre on Syrian refugees.

The police have said, again and again that the only suspect in the shooting is Alexandre Bissonnette, a white right wing Canadian who had been posting xenophobic comments online.

Yet, people prefer to believe that Muslims killed Muslims.

During the American Presidential Campaign, some guys in Macedonia decided to make a post saying that The Pope backed Donald Trump.   They made it up.  They admitted it.   There is no doubt, they made it up.  But people still believe that the Pope did endorse Trump.  Despite the story having been, written by some guys who never left Macedonia,  people want to believe it, so believe it.

In Britain, one of the major  Brexit campaign groups  got a lot of attention and support by claiming Turkey was about to join the European Union.  This got the Brits very upset.  This is because they believed this.  Some people say, this inspired the Brexit vote.

Guess no one recalls that Turkey’s application to join the bloc has been sitting since 1987 and is unlikely to ever be approved.

The point is, people are really gullible.

How Do You Know When it’s True?
January 15, 2017

We are often to see ourselves as a bag of prejudices and prides, attributing wonderful traits to our friends and faults to our enemies.

In this politically correct schizophrenia promoted by our modern world, we are likely to turn into zombies, afraid to express ourselves.

Of course, if you knew me, you’d know I am Not Politically Correct and my mouth is no prayer book.  I talk to those I know won’t get all worried that ‘Big Brother’ is watching, and they’ll be killed for expressing an opinion.

The other day a chap I know mentioned something about ‘pretentious people’, and I saw my top pick for Pretentious Prig passing as if he were the Prince on a Royal expedition.   I knew who the chap was referring to, by my friend, with her back to my top Prig didn’t, but made particular statement.

So here were the three of us, coming from different corners, different experiences, but having the same opinion.

So my top pick is not coming from some twisted corner of my character but is the Universal Decision, for the guy is a total nobody with some elevated sense of grandeur.

I was speaking to a friend on Skype who made certain statements about a well known person.  She is blind, so can only go by voice, and I only heard the interview on the radio, so we were in the same position.  We didn’t see the speaker, we only heard the voice of the speaker, and we found particular traits which, considering the fact we rarely talk, we have opposite views on almost everything, but on this we heard the same thing, behind the words.

In many cases, thinking here of Fake News and Bias as dispensed by our News Stations, to know what is true requires one to go to various sources.

In many cases, when it comes to events and people abroad, I am not jumping in to extol or condemn.  I don’t know.

In my life I have been physically present at certain events.  I have heard, I have seen.   I know.  But I have heard others who weren’t there, who didn’t hear or saw, come with opinions.   And the only place those opinions can come from is their own prejudice.

Many News Bureaus are anti (fill in the blank) so whatever that person does or says is spun so that everything will believe how evil they are.   But persons who live there, who experienced whatever that person did or said, may have a totally different experience.   I listen more to what they have to say, for I have no problem in admitting I don’t know.

And no one who isn’t there, at ground zero, would know how the people feel about this speech or that act or this decision.

Fake News, Biased Reporting, and the Public…?
January 1, 2017

We have all heard of the Fake News Stories, whether that the Pope endorsed Trump or some anti-Clinton rubbish.  Most people believe everything they read, which is nothing new.   People are gullible.  That is why there are so many successful scams.

Many of us, however, are just becoming aware of biased reporting on so-called reliable news sites.

For many years I have know the bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation.   I know how they are going to report.   Who they support, who they don’t, and what they want you to think.   Listening to them, for me, who knows the tricks, is not problematic.   For someone who actually thinks the BBC is reliable and credible, they are going to be led into the kind of twisted belief Perfidious Albion is known for.

Fox News in America is arch-conservative.   They mask their racism with politically correct terminology, cage their reports to make it seem all Muslims are suicide bombers, and push their views on a public which thinks it is listening to unbiased actual news reporting.

Other stations are a bit more difficult to unmask; save those you know are published by Daash or a Political Party or a Government.

What the Fake News stories have done is alert the public, at least those with operational brains, that what you read or hear as ‘News’ may not be the truth.

I will never forget the hysteria on the BBC in 2010 which made it seem Jamaica was in the midst of chaos.   The incursion was confined to less than one square mile, and the few events outside of the parameter were no different than the crime we experience every day in the year.

Using my own experience, and having been a listener for many years, I can see the bias and what the BBC wants to prove.

Although they are a legitimate and ‘reliable’ news source, they are just better at obfuscation than other organisations.

When you listen to the News you have to start with; “What is the Political bent of the Owners of this Station?”

Then you begin to classify the stories as those which may be written or reported under the effect of that bent.  For example, if the Station is Anti-XY then all the stories will skewed against XY.   The worst things will be said, and if from a questionable source, the voice will announce the Worst Thing, in a positive tone, but a wavering voice will attach the questionable source, for example;

“Crapon News Reports that; XY WAS FOUND TO BE IN POSSESSION OF PORNOGRAPHY When he was in High School.”

The listener will hear about XY being in possession of Pornography, and might miss it is a story from Crapon News, and that this was when he was a minor.

If the station is in favour of XY the report would not be aired, and if XY was arrested for possession of Pornography fifteen minutes ago;  “There are some reports that it is believe that Mr. XY might have had some connection to some pornographic materials.  The Police are investigating.”

Once you train your ears, (and eyes) to hear and/or read between the words you can get a more balanced view of events.

You must also note that many events are suppressed.   They will be taken up by minor sources, they may be placed on Facebook or Youtube.   It is only when they ‘go viral’ or other nations are making great hay out of these  ‘hidden’ stories, that the local ‘reputable’  news services will report on them.

This is to be understood.

It is so easy to point to other countries and claim they have ‘News Blackouts’ or live behind ‘Iron Curtains’ or that their news is sifted and diluted, and very difficult to appreciate that the same thing exists in First World Nations.