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Continuation Moma and Patty Sue Talking
January 25, 2019

Patty Sue is holding the phone close to her ears and on the other end of the phone was the man of her dreams. He didn’t sound pleased though but Patty was focused because Patty looked directly at the receiver. She was listening to his voice and wanted to interrupt but didn’t. He seemed upset but whatever was the man on the other end of the phone upset about? Patty wanted to know but decided to listen further to what he had to say.

Patty Sue: “Spoke and said, Why such an angry voice? What happened?”

Fransco: “I’m a bit upset Patty Sue I’ve heard somethings and I ain’t pleased what I’ve heard.”

Patty Sue: “What’s been said they still saying mean things about me? They speaking nonsense they jealous that’s all.”

Fransco: “Patty Sue they’ve said the most upsetting things. I don’t know what to think.”

Patty Sue: “So ya believe what folks saying?”

Fransco: “They’re convincing Patty Sue. What they’ve tried to say could cause problems for so many.”

Patty Sue: “I ain’t tending to what the folks saying. They don’t dictate my “purpose.” Better listen to God.”

Fransco: “I sure do love ya but folks are saying some awful things and I ain’t satisfied about what’s said.” Nope!

Patty Sue: Fransco I have to attend to some business so I have to get off the phone now.”

Fransco: “Perhaps I’ll see ya soon Patty Sue.”

Patty Sue: “Perhaps.”

Moma: :What’s the matter dear child?” Ya sure do look distressed.”

Patty Sue: “Moma Fransco the man of my dreams was telling me that he heard folks saying awful things pertaining to me!”

Moma: “Patty Sue folks gone talk and they’ll lie perhaps they are jealous. Pray and keep moving forward.”

Patty Sue: “That’s what I’m going to do Moma. Yes indeed.”

Moma: “There’s tasks to complete and we’s got to finish.”

Patty Sue: “That’s right! We’s gone finish.”

The door opens and the neighbor Charles walks in.

Charles: “What ya’ll up to?”

Moma: “Charles we’s got some business to attend to. So we’s gone head into town.”

Patty Sue: “Yeah Charles coming?”

Charles: Nope! “I’s got to attend to some matters and I’m expecting company later.”

Patty Sue: “Okay Dokey”

Moma and Patty set off to head into town. Moma and Patty looked ahead there was a young man standing near the apple tree. Moma looked at the young man and wanted to ask him what he was doing standing next to the apple tree but decided to proceed to their “destination.” Finally both arrived and as Moma and Patty Sue walked into the shop a loud sound was heard nearby.

Moam: “Whatever happening in the store across the way?”

Patty Sue: “Don’t know Moma but sounds as though some troubles occurring there.”

Moma: “Anyway we’s have to move along because dark fall come fairly quickly.”

Patty Sue: “Indeed Moma we’s better gets to making things happen.”

Moma: “Yep!”

What else will occur while Moma and Patty Sue are into town? Have to stay tuned or perhaps wait to read what else happens while they’re away from home. It seems as though Patty Sue forgot what was said regarding Fransco. Doesn’t appear as though Patty Sue is worried what others are saying. Good! Moma and Patty Sue proceed to accomplish the goals.

Written by: Tanikka Paulk 

Image Credited to Pixabay

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The Winner is Love and Proof

To constantly revisit what has already been proven can incur fatigue. Why should persons have to prove to disagreeable People anyway? If there’s proof then that’s all one need to “continue.” What has been proven some are unable to accept. Some are more in tuned with trying to remove, destroy, and sabotage but should be focused on producing stability. What information and data has been collected? Collective information has been introduced to a powerful system. The civilians, the citizens of “The United States” are unable and unwilling to accept the what is.

The “Government” has their proof and is able to closely observe what’s occurring now and what has occurred in the past. There’s to reality that forward movements are to occur. What individuals perceive is what they perceive and some are unable to convince others they’re wrong. No matter what’s said “the proof” is accepted in so many arenas. The classifications, identifiers, collected data has been supplied. There’s so many investigative measures which can be used in order to produce the necessary proof.

The unwilling may witness how their actions have caused the declines in which have occurred right now. Despite what has been posted, “communicated,” and addressed the continuation of what the Government and others want is continuing. If the Government disagreed then the ceases of my mission wouldn’t continue to prosper. I’ve been closely monitored so my behavior has been observed as well as others behaviors. There’s the classification of good and there’s the classification which entails bad behaviors.

Love conquers despite what some may think. There are many actions and so many have viewed my journey as their own. The name which holds value. What’s “included” thus far some have misjudged. There’s the many notations my prospering is notated. The challenges faced have caused more prosperity. Oh of course some may think that prosperity has to involve monetary It’s been declared although some are still disagreeing about the decisions made. I’ve focused on the set areas and the revealing of what has occurred unseen won’t until the latter part of my journey.

What is there to find and what has been found? Some have demonstrated what could be perceived as hatefulness. No matter what I’m going to continue to love. I’ve made progress whether a little or abundantly. Focusing is what should occur now and should have occurred then. The importance of protecting the sensitive information which can be considered as highly “informative information is.” I’ve excelled by actions. There’s the process of learning and there’s continued thinking. Think! “Actions can be viewed across the globe. Worldly. Witnessed. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hidden collective data is unable to reach the collective data which is placed in technological memory. There are so many wanting to reach the data. “The Government” has the power to collect data without individuals noticing what is occurring. Protected although it may appear as though I’m always sought after. I’m where I am right now but will be where I’m to be in a timely manner. “Defeat is in one’s thoughts but victory is and shall be.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Image Credited to Pixbabay

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Positive Thinking is Worth a try
July 3, 2018

To be able to think positively is certainly a blessing. Imagine being surrounded by disorderly People so what shall one do in such cases? I’ve learned to put on my positive thinking cap. Yes. Removals are necessary, to replace the negative thinking with positive thinking will incur better results, perhaps more should try “to think positively.” Although there is positive thinking there will still be the negative thoughts. There are many reasons why one should be positive. Knowing what I know the joyfulness allows the positives to build up.

Some present themselves as negative thinkers. it seems as though there are more negative thinkers than there are positive thinkers. Just look at their actions and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that persons are more attracted to negative thinking. Negative “thinkers” may try to distract so therefore it’s better to think positively. More can achieved when there’s positives around. Just remembering fun events can generate positive feelings. Oh what gladness when thinking about having a good time.

The worth is right here thinking of more ways to build stronger communities. How many choose to think in ways where there can be more developments? Smiling can help generate positive outcomes. Thinking is an ability in which some really appreciate. There are some removing their thinking caps because they’re trying to achieve disrespectfully. Actions can tell a lot about their mindsets. When there’s the negatives there will also be the positives. No person will be positive all of the time.

There’s so many ways to build positivity. Reading a good book can help and building positive communications is a sure way to be positive. Singing is a great way to think positively. What about the clapping of one hands? Being expressive and demonstrating that there are reasons to be positive can encourage others to be positive as well. Perhaps there are some feeling down and they’re unable to think on a positive level. Some could be stressed and need outlets and then perhaps they will become positive.

It’s certainly worth a try. Some environments are riddled with negative thinkers and there needs to be some “light.” Having genuine friends can help with building positivity. Encouraging others can also help with the building of. “There are some rarely thinking on a positive level because of their experiences perhaps they should engage in positive activities.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Persons are able to go further when they decide to leave negative thinking behind.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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Fantasy and Reality are Total Opposites

Remembering a time when my cousin and I Tanikka Paulk would play around with my Aunt’s fabric. The white fabric was used to pretend as if there was a weeding and both of us getting married to our Prince Charming. Reality suggests that Prince Charming rarely exist however there are some good men could be difficult to find but they’re out there. My Aunt would laugh at the both of us and I’m sure she wanted us to marry a Prince or King but oh boy. Fantasy seems so much better than the reality. “Goodness” gracious. Some marry individuals who are nowhere near being a Prince Charming more like a Wicked Monster.

Pretending even occurs in adulthood. Some prefer to pretend than to have to face reality. There’s so much to deal with in reality. Pretending too long can alter perceptions. Most kids will pretend at some point in their lives. Some having imaginary friends oh and the imaginary tea party. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. In the teenage years most will think being an adult  is way cool until the responsibility sets in. That’s why so many adults “express” how it’s better to enjoy the childhood years and teen years and to avoid rushing adulthood.

There’s major responsibilities being an adult. Some try not to behave adult like. Some may never experience maturity. For some being immature is a way to cope. They’re still pretending as if every aspect of their lives is grand. There are some who will continuously pretend because they’re actually hoping for the reality. A chance to experience what they’ve never experienced before. The fantasy shouldn’t be apart of a person’s everyday life. There has to be maturity at some point. Imagine a person who is always behaving immature. How can one conduct business if there’s no maturity?

Being a kid or some prefer child isn’t always easy and that’s why some choose to pretend or imagine. “Being” an adult isn’t easy either. Some have to wait many years for a Prince Charming or at least close to one. There are some who will never find their Prince Charming. Sad to think of some simply living their lives alone. Some may feel lonely at times and others may enjoy their freedom. No person wants to be completely alone. Oh the reality can be rough at times.

Good thing there’s memories of some good events. Even if one never marries their Prince or King then perhaps there’s some good times in their lives. Some may choose to never marry for whatever reason. Some have even lost out due to their high standards. The ones who are good are deserving of having the Prince, Princess, King and the Queen. For some waiting is what they’ll have to do in order to receive what should have been received before. The fantasy can become reality “through patience.” In time the receiving will occur.

Sometimes women end up rushing the process because of what has occurred in their lives and end up going through more. Not selecting the right spouse, not taking in any advice given, just jumping into the unknown. Some not looking into family “history” or paying attention to the signs. Most men who are good mates will treat their mothers well. The ones who don’t probably won’t be stable husbands and if they’re not only mistreating their mothers but others then they’re probably not good individuals. “Waiting is Best in Order to Receive the Very Best or at Least Some Good.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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