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The Benefits of the Trump Effect

There have always been ‘Right Wing’ parties.  Whether they are Neo-Nazi or mere tyrants, whether Ku Klux Klaners or Anti-Immigrant, these Parties have often been a bit on the fringe.

In 2016 – 2017 many of these ‘Right Wing’ Parties and candidates were running for office.  And many of them seemed to have a good chance.

In Europe, considering the backlash against Open Borders, many nations refused Migrants.   Britain did it up front, and left the European Union.   Hungary and other nations put up fences and physically chased migrants from their countries.

Other nations were able to field a Right Wing Xenophobic candidate.

In America, the racism, the xenophobia took shape in a guy called Donald Trump.   He was a guy who never held elected office, knew little about politics or the running of a government but he was a pure blooded racist and that is what Americans wanted, so they elected him.

Seeing him as President shocked many.   Not only was he a repulsive human being but he spoke so stupidly that translating what he said word for word caused many non-English speakers to question their translators for no one out of diapers would say; “He is a bad bad man”.

When the first week of Trump had passed and people all over the world realised exactly how bad it had gotten,  those who supported their own Right Wing Candidates began to rethink.

In Austria, the election was re-run and the Right Wing candidate was now defeated and Van der Bellen won with 53.8% of the vote and a voter turnout of 74.2%.

This odd situation in which there was an election, but questions were raised and it was redone and the Right Wing Candidate Norbert Hofer lost, is a direct result of the election of Donald Trump.

In the Netherlands, a very popular Xenophobe, Geert Wilders looked as if he’d win.   Many people were anti migrant.   But, when they went to the polls, they could not bring themselves to humiliate their nations by voting for a ‘Trump’, so he was defeated.

In France, Marine Le Pen was doing very well.   During the first round she and the newcomer Emmanuel Macon were the only two names on the ballot.

Many voters, who did not like him, voted for him so as to keep Le Pen out of power.

This is because they have seen what Donald Trump has wrought in the United States.

There are people who do not want their country to be a laughing stock, their leader to be seen as a clown, and the world to look at them with loathing.    They might not like the ‘normal’ candidate but they surely can not permit the Right Wing candidate to win.

The Election of Donald Trump by the United States has had a very beneficial result on the population of Europe.  It has made people understand the danger of electing a person who runs on hate.




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Student Government Elections; an Epiphany
April 17, 2017

Many years ago, when I was in what was called Junior High School,  that is the years and grades between leaving Primary at 6th Grade and entering High School at 10th Grade.

I was in what can only be called an anomalous class.

During the days of my education Streaming was practiced.   There was Bright Class, there was Second Bright, there was Average and there was Dunce.

These are not the official names, nor is there only once class in a designation.   It was simply that based on your intelligence, your achievement you were placed in a specific class.

I will not go into the long story of what caused the creation of 9-7,  suffice it to say that was a class made up of misfits.  Kids who caused problems, whether behavioral, spotty attendance,  whatever it was, they were problems to the teachers.

Some of the kids had stellar I.Q.s, scoring 140 without busting a sweat.  Some of the others could just about add 2 + 2.

Some of the kids had been left back twice.   Some were on parole from Juvenile Institutions.   Some were jokers. Some didn’t take school seriously.

At the first day,when the kids looked around and saw where they were, it was, for the brighter kids a kind of shock and awe.   How could they be in such a class?

After the tears, the embarrassment, everyone seemed to realise the class was more joke than education.  Because the teachers were afraid of us, as we were a kind of ‘freak class’  we took full advantage.

It didn’t take us long to start to ‘play’ the system.

The problem with bright kids, (I’m not just talking about A students, I’m talking about kids who have over a 130 I.Q. and border genius), is that they can think circles around average people, and quickly ‘get’ any of the ‘tricks’ and how to play them.

If a bright kids is challenged by school work they can plunge in and do the work and get the ‘A’s and go very far in the narrow bands of society.  If bright kids are not challenged, (in the years before they would be chemically induced into zombies) they tend to become ‘trouble makers’.

We became trouble makers.

Every year there were elections for Class President and other officers, and then for the Student Government which was school wide.

We knew elections were a crock.  We knew that the person elected had no power and was just used to spew the policies of the school and waste time.

We ignored all this until the Vice Principal burst into our classroom to berate us for our lack of school spirit and patriotism and whatever other words he wanted to toss.

Glenn, the class clown, stood and said, “You are so wrong Sir!  We have already elected our officers!  We elected Stoner as our President!”

Stoner was not his real name.  Stoner was a drug dealer who had been left back, deliberately, because he was making a lot of money selling drugs at the school.    He was usually high.

When the Vice Principal hear the name, saw Stoner, he fell pale.  He stood staring at Stoner who gave him one of those ironic smiles.   The V.P. ran out of the classroom as if his pants were on fire.

We, fourteen years old, (for the most part) had already learned that elections were crock, that it wasn’t the best and brightest who was elected, it was the guy or gal who played the voters.  So appointing Stoner, claiming he had been elected was the kind of brilliant slap in the face of the system that few people have ever comprehended.

It was at that moment we had our Epiphany of what elections are and would always be.

Those who were Christian, and those who read history, knew about the ‘election’ when Pontus Pilate put two candidates before the people.   One is the man the world knows as   Jesus, the other is a guy called Barabbas.

The rabble ‘elected’ Barabbas.

No matter how you read that portion of Scripture, there is no way to not see that the ‘people’ called for Barabbas.  That the ‘majority’ called for Barabbas.

Stoner was ‘elected’ and Stoner went on to cause Student Government to be collapsed for that year, due to his demands, behaviour, etc.

When I left for High School, the major lesson I took with me was that people will vote for the least qualified.  That people will vote against their interests.

Sure, there wasn’t voting for Stoner, Glenn just called his name as a joke.  I knew it, others knew it, but those who would have objected, were silent.  No one contradicted Glenn.

Stoner went on to do a lot of embarrassing and insulting things which caused the entire concept of Student Government to collapse for that year.

It was not the last time I had seen this kind of ‘worst person on top’.   The term Kakistocracy refers to the rule by the very worst people.

When you see the election of Donald Trump, or the vote to turn Turkey into a dictatorship, there can be no real shock.  People almost always vote against their interest.   This is why, when it is important, there is no democracy.

The Owner of the business will hold most of the shares, so can overrule the decisions of the Board.   The General will make his orders without asking opinions.   The Parents don’t let the kids vote on whether they want broccoli or ice cream.

Voting has always been ‘Give Us Barabbas’.

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Learning From the Mistakes of Others
March 16, 2017

It is said that average people learn from their own mistakes, intelligent people learn from the mistakes of others, and stupid people never learn.

Those in the Netherlands have proven they are intelligent.

For about a year, that is from March 2016 to March 2017, Geert Wilders, the ‘far right’ candidate was gaining massive support.   He was clearly anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, anti-European Union.   Many people in Holland were also anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, and questioning their part in the European Union.

People were going to vote for Geert Wilders.

That was before the United States of America elected Donald Trump.

The world has watched with a mixture of mirth and horror as this hate filled semi-literate took office.  They reeled in shock at the lies he spewed, his childish behaviour, his retarded speech, and his ignorance.

It was not that a distinguished gentleman spewed, in the height of politically correct language, his racist rhetoric, and his misguided policies, it was that a guy as respectable as a rum shop drunk blathered, repeating himself, going on and on in the most offensive manner.

People in the Netherlands had too much self-respect to allow a far right candidate to take office.  Not that Wilders was expected to speak as uneducated and uncouth as Trump, but that they could not take the chance he would make the Netherlands the laughing stock of Europe.

People in the Netherlands went out to vote, the highest turn out in thirty years.   They voted against Wilders.   They voted against him because of Donald Trump.

Those in France and Germany who share the ‘far right’ sentiments, might very well NOT vote for the far right in fear they will find themselves with Trump.

Find themselves with a divisive clown with a spoiled brat mentality who believes that he is entitled and everyone else is not.   Find themselves being ridiculed and seeing their country fall apart.


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If People believed the Ulsterman Report…
January 9, 2017

I have related the events on many occasions.

The “White House Insider” was, from first word to last; from 2008 until 2015, a complete an utter Hoax.

It was invented by Ulsterman; a chap in Ireland, and assisted by various Americans who enjoyed being part of a Hate Obama campaign.

The fact that no one ever prosecuted Ulsterman, that there was no hysteria concerning the fabrications spewed by the ‘Reports’ is because those who believed they were true were not voting against Obama to the extent he had a difficult election.

Had he lost the 2012 election, I am sure he’d claim it was Ulsterman’s hoax which caused his failure.

In America, although more people voted for Hilary, (just as more people voted for Al Gore) the skewed system of the ‘Electoral College’ allowed their opponents, (Trump and Bush, respectively) to win.

The argument should be for the abolition of this Electoral College so that the votes count.    There should not be any attack on Russia or Putin because Americans are stupid.   One is culpable for their own stupidity.

There are people today, in 2017, who actually believe the “White House Insider” was factual.   That the site it was on went down without a word should have made even the most feeble brain question.  However, because Ulsterman’s hoax had no real effect on America or American politics, we can shrug.

In reality, all those Fake News stories, all those so-called releases of Private E-mail, had no effect on the election.

People heard everything Trump said; racist, sexist, anti-Islamic, anti-Hispanic, and Voted For Him.

There are Black people walking around America, who supported and support Trump.   There are women who supported and support Trump.  I’m sure there are Muslims and Hispanics who support Trump.  The fake news, the emails, had negligible effect on the American election.

What had effect was the Politically Correct ‘gag order’ which had been placed on Americans so that they didn’t say what they felt.  They just voted as they felt.

The behaviour of the President of the United States has been embarrassing at the least.

It is not just reading rubbish, it is believing rubbish.   And no one would believe Rubbish unless they wanted to.

Just as in my article on Bias one starts from a position of dislike or hate then makes a decision, so too in the past American election.

Some people disliked Hilary for whatever reason, so wanted to use the Fake News and the Emails as excuses.  If there was no Fake News, no Emails, they would still vote for Trump.

There were Democrats who still seethed at the ‘tricks’ played against Bernie Sanders, so they stayed home.

There were Democrats who, having heard the debates, the tone in Clinton’s voice, stayed home.

In my own country, we had a 43% voter turn out for our General Election.   The fact is that supporters of the People’s National Party stayed home.  They didn’t vote.   Had they voted, then the People’s National Party would not have lost by One (1) Seat.

Everyone has scurried around to explain, to excuse, but the fact is simple; people were not inspired to vote. It is basic logic.

In America, Sixty per cent, (60%) of all eligible voters cast their ballots.  Over 90 Million eligible voters stayed home.  That figure doesn’t need deep philosophical analysis.  These 90 Million woke up on Election Day, and decided to stay home.

Maybe they hated Trump, and being Republicans, couldn’t bring themselves to vote.  Maybe they were Democrats, and disliked Clinton, so would sit on their vote.

These are facts.

If Obama wants to make a fool of himself on the World Stage, that is his choice.  If he wants to create a new Cold War, it is his decision.

The fact is, people were not influenced by the fake news or the emails.  They did not consider it important to vote for Hilary Clinton.

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