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Today i am felling inspired

Today is a good day for me here at Literacy Base. I am feeling a certain inspiration for posting blogs about all sorts of things. I decided that today was the day i would blow of some steam and write about anything that is on my mind.

I have written a couple of posts and still have ideas for some more. I am still thinking of more also. While i am writing these posts i am also trying to think up an idea for an E-Book. I have been thinking about this for a while and am now trying to find tips and tricks to help me sort out the story i want to write and write it down.

After writing the E-Book (if i successfully do that) i am going to try and sell it and see if i get some profit out of it. It all depends on how my story turns up to be. If i think it is interesting enough i’ll try and sell it. If not i’ll publish it on Wattapp and see what others opinions are about my story,

Until then i’ll be posting around here getting things off my mind to try and get a clear head about the kind of story i want to tell.

I am still planning on writing a minimum of 10 more posts today. Yes, it seems like a bit but i think i have the power to do so today. If i do then i’ll be please that i met my goal for the day.

Thinking of making a self challenge for myself here to get me writing some more but i have to try and figure out how to plan my own challenge.

Maybe i’ll post my challenge and see if any of you decide to accompany me and get our writing better and posts published. It ends up being a win-win. The basic plan for the challenge is 5 posts a day for 1 topic. We’ll see how this goes. Today it is free for all. Anything counts.

Dare to dream–You can write a book.
January 26, 2017
Use the computer to write your book.

Technology to the rescue


Have you ever wanted to write a book but did not know how? Do you think it can cost thousands of dollars to write a book? From the days of the typewriters to the present age of technology, writing a book is no longer a mystery. There are a lot of tools and ways available at your disposal to aid you in writing a book. The best way, in my opinion, to start is by way of the E-book.

The E-book is a good start

Why do I think the E-book is a good start? It can be short and simple to do. In today’s busy world, people do not want to spend time reading a long book. They want a book that they can read and get to the point of the story or information needed. The kindle and smart phones can be a lucrative market to sell your E-book but my advice is not to do it expecting a big bundle of cash. Write a book because you want to. Having this in mind, you will not place yourself in an anxious state of mind and will enjoy the journey. I, personally, have wrote two E-books and while I am not a millionaire,I have enjoyed my work and have seen some fruits. In time, the money will come.

Here are some main points to consider when writing your E-book—

  • Go to Google drive–If you do not have an Google account, get one as soon as possible
  • Get familiar with the format and start writing–Make sure your book cover stands out. Remember, first impression is a strong asset for your book. You can be creative and take a picture. Also, you can look for pictures that are domain free. Please do not get any copyright pictures. Doing that can get you in trouble. Also, the website Fiverr is a great way to make a book cover for only $5.00. A good introduction and strong content is another good way to begin your book. Try to capture your public’s attention during the first few minutes. A good book will go a long way and good reviews from the public are a must. Even if you get some bad reviews, do not be discouraged. You cannot satisfy everybody–remember that.
  • After you finish writing in Google drive, you can transform your files to PDF or Word. My advice is to go to PDF. It is easier to download it and easier to publish.

Marketing your E-book

This is where the rubber meets the road. With the PDF format,  you can download it and sell it by way of the website sellfy. It is free and it is easy to set up your material.  Now, that you have your E-book published, tell your family, friends, church, etc. Go to Facebook and promote it on your page. You might want to create a free Facebook page and promote it even further. There are many ways to promote it for free or at little cost. Now, if you want to go by way of the big leagues and promote it by Amazon, that is another avenue. You can, even print your book by way of Amazon and they do the work for you by including the credit card option and a space for your materials. Also, Amazon has a great system on publishing your book on softcover. I have included some useful links to help with your book writing adventures. Hopefully, it will work for you as it did for me. Until then, happy writing and go after your public. Thanks for reading my article.

Other useful links–