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Through Determination and seeking I’m Going to get There
July 18, 2017
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It really does take determination in order to get to one point to another. With all the adversity most would probably stop trying to pursue in anyway. I’m not through yet. There’s a lot to discover and although so many may not want to witness “transformation.” Oh well, they’ll have to get use to it, and if not then that’s their problem. Too determined to look back now. Not in the mood to be apart of a bunch of child play. There’s way too much to do. For some they may perceive my seeking as some form of unrealistic kind of thing but oh no.

If there’s a way then there’s a way. So no matter what others are saying and what they’ll try to do. I’m a mission to gain more than I’ve gained before. Been through too much and there’s no way that I’m going through all of the madness and not receive. But receive what? Receive the blessings that are deserved. Mankind can try to stop “breakthroughs” but can they really stop the breakthroughs? Not if they’re meant to be. Of course some will continue to try.

Some may think that I’ve moved too slow. Not knowing exactly why certain situations have occurred. “There has been progress and will continue to be progress.” The ones who have tried to slow my progress are ending up setting themselves up! By the beings not doing any good, they’re making lots of mistakes, in which they’ll later regret. It’s the determination that keeps the hopefulness alive. I’m still here for a reason and although some may not think that what’s to come is for me=Tanikka Paulk and I’m you, You, YOU. YOU!! you! So what I’ve discovered is, a lot of people aren’t really pleased with the progress of some, not sure how they’re line of thinking has brought the individuals these far.

I’m certainly on a mission to leave “a place” where I’m believing all of the work in that place is almost completed. There’s a lot of memories that can’t be denied. Although I’ve faced many battles. There’s a reason for me=Tanikka Paulk being here. If a person is truly serious about what they’re doing then they’ll continue all even when the crowd behaves foolishly. No amount of troubles should detour a person from trying to excel. Too many have already listened to the wrong people and ended up tossing out their dreams.

There are many plans and some may try to sabotage a plan in someway but when a person is headed in the right direction then no amount of antics will stop the movement from occurring. There has to be patience of course and it’s unfortunate that so many are without “patience.” Perhaps some are afraid of others getting ahead because it reminds the persons how they’ve wasted so much of their lives on areas which add no value. Too many are concerned about how others are living their lives and rarely focusing on their own lives.

Where I’m headed isn’t all concern

There is still a lot to learn

My progress will not be hindered by all

I’m still standing and for some I’ve appeared tall in Elementary

Chuckles as the memories pass by

I’m headed somewhere if they’re saying otherwise then there’s lies

Although so many have tried to stop the journey

I’m still here and there’s still that yearning

What is it that so many ask of me=Tanikka Paulk?

Some may think that I’m headed nowhere at all

Their line of thinking could be their downfall

There is progress still ya all see

Don’t count that out because I’m still on “my journey”

Poetic Piece Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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Mission to Seek and Find

Matthew 7:8 which mentions to seek and find. Seek and you shall find. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will open. Ask and you shall receive.

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I’m trying to seek and I’m sure whatever it is that needs to be found will. There’s blessings in stored and sometimes one must go searching for the blessings. Not all blessings are handed to persons. There are a lot that end up doing without because they’re either are afraid to discover, to ask, or too prideful. When there are awaiting then there’s a reason to go discovering. God didn’t intend for any person to be poor but due to the choices made and decisions some end up less fortunate than others. 1. 2. 3. of the same. The Photos all belong to T. Paulk.
There are so many who end up missing out on breakthroughs and opportunities because of not going about matters the right way. Some may choose to not try to seek out what is meant for the individual or individuals for whatever reasons. It’s obvious that God wanted each person to receive abundance. It wants His Children to discover, to live peacefully, and generate joy. If we’re staying in a box and not trying to look outside the box then we’ll end up missing out on some great opportunities.
Some may think that just by waiting the blessings will be handed to them. Not necessarily true. There has to be some work out in in order to receive certain blessings. God knows exactly when the blessings are stored but once His children to fetch what He’s already ordained. Some may not believe that we’re not suppose to be poor but even if some continue to live poorly. Heaven will have plenty of riches. There will be no troubles there and no person who resides in Heaven will be poor.
On the Mission
I’m on the discovery to discover what probably should’ve been discovered long ago or perhaps God has His time set and intended that the discovery be at a later date. It really takes patience when one isn’t sure where to look. How far shall one go to find a treasure? Some have traveled across the world in order to not only seek wealth but to seek peace.  Of course it would help to not have to worry about finances but some only think about wealth and not about some of the most important aspects of life.
Hopefully there will be the rewards and on God’s timing which is best. What shall be shall be. What is awaiting will wait because of the worth. How long does one seek? It depends on their determination to find. There can be lots to discover. Some may not find what they’ve could have found due to their being inpatient. Not having the ability to wait and see exactly what’s been stored up. Going through so many trials there has to be abundance somewhere. Job went through a whole lot of adversity and ended up receiving more than he had before.
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For some receiving is long overdue. They’ve suffered through many attacks and really do deserve to receive greater. My pain and suffering has been great. There was a lot of lost and many tears shed. Times when it appeared as if the entire world turned their backs on me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m still here for a reason and consider myself blessed. No amount of troubles will stop the praise or the thankfulness. There’s abundance somewhere and I’m still seeking. Image may contain: one or more people, sunglasses and indoor
Fantasy and Reality are Total Opposites
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Remembering a time when my cousin and I Tanikka Paulk would play around with my Aunt’s fabric. The white fabric was used to pretend as if there was a weeding and both of us getting married to our Prince Charming. Reality suggests that Prince Charming rarely exist however there are some good men could be difficult to find but they’re out there. My Aunt would laugh at the both of us and I’m sure she wanted us to marry a Prince or King but oh boy. Fantasy seems so much better than the reality. “Goodness” gracious. Some marry individuals who are nowhere near being a Prince Charming more like a Wicked Monster.

Pretending even occurs in adulthood. Some prefer to pretend than to have to face reality. There’s so much to deal with in reality. Pretending too long can alter perceptions. Most kids will pretend at some point in their lives. Some having imaginary friends oh and the imaginary tea party. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. In the teenage years most will think being an adult  is way cool until the responsibility sets in. That’s why so many adults “express” how it’s better to enjoy the childhood years and teen years and to avoid rushing adulthood.

There’s major responsibilities being an adult. Some try not to behave adult like. Some may never experience maturity. For some being immature is a way to cope. They’re still pretending as if every aspect of their lives is grand. There are some who will continuously pretend because they’re actually hoping for the reality. A chance to experience what they’ve never experienced before. The fantasy shouldn’t be apart of a person’s everyday life. There has to be maturity at some point. Imagine a person who is always behaving immature. How can one conduct business if there’s no maturity?

Being a kid or some prefer child isn’t always easy and that’s why some choose to pretend or imagine. “Being” an adult isn’t easy either. Some have to wait many years for a Prince Charming or at least close to one. There are some who will never find their Prince Charming. Sad to think of some simply living their lives alone. Some may feel lonely at times and others may enjoy their freedom. No person wants to be completely alone. Oh the reality can be rough at times.

Good thing there’s memories of some good events. Even if one never marries their Prince or King then perhaps there’s some good times in their lives. Some may choose to never marry for whatever reason. Some have even lost out due to their high standards. The ones who are good are deserving of having the Prince, Princess, King and the Queen. For some waiting is what they’ll have to do in order to receive what should have been received before. The fantasy can become reality “through patience.” In time the receiving will occur.

Sometimes women end up rushing the process because of what has occurred in their lives and end up going through more. Not selecting the right spouse, not taking in any advice given, just jumping into the unknown. Some not looking into family “history” or paying attention to the signs. Most men who are good mates will treat their mothers well. The ones who don’t probably won’t be stable husbands and if they’re not only mistreating their mothers but others then they’re probably not good individuals. “Waiting is Best in Order to Receive the Very Best or at Least Some Good.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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