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The Dangers When of Having to Deal With the Comeptitors

There will always be competition as long as mankind is here. There’s so much competition and so many aren’t even aware of how to compete properly. So many become overly aggressive when trying to compete with their competitors. Instead of focusing on elevating a business or brand the competitors are more focused on sabotaging their competition. “The Competitors Become Overly Aggressive and out of Control due to Wanting to not Only win but to Devour Their Competition.” By: Tanikka Paulk. It’s not easy when having to deal with aggressive competitors. They’re always searching for new ways to get their competition down.

How to Deal With the Comeptitors

The best thing to do is communicate in ways in which the competition can understand. Setting boundaries is necessary. If the competition projects threats, harassment, and continues to bully then the law may need to be involved. Consulting with lawyers is also helpful. For some lawsuits will need to be held against the competitors in order to find some solutions. Some fear their competition. Not all are willing to do what it takes in order to get their competition to back off. “No Person “Should Accept” Being Bullied by Their Competitors or Others.” By: Tanikka Paulk

For so many they’ve stopped conducting business due to being severely harassed by their competitors. No person should be forced out of their business. Learning how to deal with the competitors is of “great” importance. If not then there will be continuous problems from competitors. It’s better to learn just where the competition is coming from. They’re always thinking of ways to try and get next to their competition. No matter what area a person or persons are working in. They will always have to face their competitors.

Don’t be afraid of the competition. They’re will be some trying to intimidate constantly. The ones continuing to be aggressive should be contacted and asked to cease their aggressiveness if not then lawyers should be contacted and deal with the matters. Unfortunately so many continue to have to deal with their competition aggressive ways. Some may not know exactly how to deal with their competition but as business deals are put fourth they’ll learn. “Conducting” the business shouldn’t be consumed with having to deal with the insecurities from the competition.

A lot of businesses have failed because business owners were too focused on what their competition was doing. There should be more focus on elevating the business. No matter how many times competitors are told to stop harassing their competition. “The competitors” are unwilling to listen. They’re are some not considering how they’re causing more difficulties in their businesses. Too many end up taking long breaks because of fatigue from what they’re competition continues to do.

Some competitors not only threaten their competition but they’ll also go as far as to harm their competition. Some have tried to wipe their competition out completely because they’re unable to compete. No matter how long a person has been in “business,” they’ll continue to face what some may not want to face at all, the evilness in which their competition will display because they’re so upset about the advancement incurred by their competition.

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Some Complaints are Very Understandable

Some may become irritated when there are complaints but in some cases complaining is the only way to gain results. There are way too many individuals who believe that violating a person’s rights is acceptable. One of the most annoying things is when “websites” refuse to pay. If the work is complete then pay up! Refusing to pay can be bad business. There are some companies and websites who receive numerous complaints and when the website owners refuse to respond then the members can become irritated. So the complaints roll in.

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Pay Just Do the Right Thing

Gosh it appears as if some receive their compensation while some may not. There is clearly some form of discrimination going on. Any person who feels as if they’re being treated unfairly should take a stand. Do not hesitate to call out the websites and individuals who are responsible for non-payments. The persons should be exposed. There should be documented “communications” and if there’s  no response then reporting the sites to Rip-off-Report of the BBB may work.

No person should accept being treated unfairly. Too many are afraid to speak out. The ones who are discriminated against should consult with discrimination lawyers or civil right lawyers. There are advocates who are willing to be the voices when such issues arise. We all have to make a living right? There are way too many individuals treated unfairly. Some may allow such injustices to continue on because they may not be concerned or are afraid of the backlash.

There are so many reasons to complain. “Not being compensated is certainly a good reason and doing so can also help others who have faced the same injustices.” (Tiki) It can also be annoying when competitors are the reason why some sites decide not to issue payments to certain individuals. For some doing so is their way of stating that there is some form of control. Doing so can result in lawsuits. Some sites take the risk thinking that the members won’t stand up! There are a lot of members who will stand up and give the site owners and others a piece of their mind.

The competitive crew may feel as if decreasing or stopping certain persons pay will allow their elevation to increase. Doing so could result in the persons losing more than they’ve realize. It’s certainly a bad idea to try and sabotage earnings in anyway. In the run the persons who are behind such injustices will receive their punishments for doing so. So although it may take sometime to receive “the results” one is looking for. Eventually the injustices will receive solutions. “Have to Continue to advocate in Order to Receive any Justice at all.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Abnormal Behaviors Displayed in Competitors

Any area of Business isn’t easy and where there’s competition there could be danger. Some are overly competitive, always looking for a reason to get their competition down, there will be tricks and other tactics used to discredit or bash their competitions name. Some may use some of the most evil tactics in order to try and gain their competitions name, business, or work created. The ones who are “determined” to do so will try often to discredit their competition.

“My Business Which has My Name on it and the Invasions Will Watch me=Tanikka Paulk Prosper.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There are some competitors who have put in lots of time trying to attack their competition. Competitiveness is dangerous. The lies told in order to gain whatever the competition has or will have is absolutely ridiculous. Some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is “multi-talented.” The ones with insecurities and a complex will become angry when their competition continuously proves they’re the producers of their work and the owners of their ideas.

For so many they’ve given up on their craft and business because of what competitors try to do their competition. Some should be arrested for their antics because some are and have committed crimes in order to gain whatever it is their competition has. It’s sad that some are on the brink of insanity because they’ll rather steal the work of another then to try to use their own “skills”. Business is risky but should any person have to constantly fight for their craft?

No matter how much “proof” is supplied some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is gifted. Some are so use to being in the spotlight and are now having a difficult time accepting they’re no longer in the position they were in many years ago. How does any business owner deal with such individuals? A whole lot of praying, the law, and lawyers. Eventually the competition may have their day in court or other consequences.

No person should be forced to hand over their work, to stop their ideas, or a dream. The competitors who continue on such a path will create their own insanity. Some may end up in the dumps because of their behavior. There are many competitors who actually need their competition but instead of “expressing” a need. The competitors will continuously harass their competition until the law intervenes or other interventions.

No matter what competitors are trying to do any person who wants to conduct business should do so. There’s a saying that says, “All Dogs Will Have Their day.” Meaning persons who continuously commit evil deeds will face consequences. Some may seem as if they’re unable to do any good. Perhaps the challenges they’ve faced but whatever the reasons are no person whether in business or not should tolerate such behavior.

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Business Competition and how Competitors try to Subtract

Oh yes indeed there’s lots of competition. Some have discovered just how far some are willing to go in order to compete in business. Some will try just about anything in order to stop their competition from getting ahead. Instead of trying to stop the competition perhaps they should consider trying to find ways to excel in their business. It’s so unfortunate when some competitors to all sorts of things in order to slow their competition down. “Some have risked their freedom” in order to knock their competition out of the race.

There’s a lot of ridiculous stories about how some competitors have tried to take down their competition. Business is already risky and having to deal with some irritating competition is like a torn in one’s side. Some are so annoying and never take a break from trying to irritate their competition. Some competitors are willing to steal from their competition. There certainly has to be “some precautions taken” in order to achieve. Never know what the competition is up to.

Some have risked losing their business because they’ve refused to back off their competition. Being overly competitive is dangerous. Every business and business owner will have competition. For some the competitors are as bad but for others. They’re continuously trying to not only keep their business afloat but are trying to keep every cent earned. Some competitors will go through accounts, information, and other areas which involve their competition which is illegal. There should be consequences for “their actions.”

If they’re searching for their competitions earnings and other information then there’s a possibility there’s a plan to steal what’s earned. Business owners must stay on alert because there’s some evil competitors out there waiting to steal every single earning occurred. Some constantly watch what comes through the business and if a business or business owner has “suffered breeches” then there could be thousands or millions watching to see what can be obtained.

Every business should have some form of protection in place in order to stay afloat. Competitors want to know just how and where they’re competition is earning. Some may go as far as to hinder or stop their competitions earnings in order to stop “advancement.” I’m aware of such things because I’m a victim of earnings being taken away, stopped, and having my identity stolen.  She’s a victim. Who? “Tanikka Paulk”

If a business owner has suffered a breech, their information has been stolen, and their information altered then there should be some contact with lawyers, law enforcement, and other agencies. No person should tolerate being victimized by any person and certainly not by their competition. What they’re seeking could land the individuals in prison even law enforcement if they’re not following the laws.

“Make Contact With the Appropriate Agencies and Take Precautions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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