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Be Extremely Careful When Dealing With Competitors

Of course there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s so many competitors who are like sharks or snakes. They’ll try their best to get their competition down. For some they’ve been caught off guard by their competition. Not knowing just what “strategies” they’ll use. Some may try to sabotage every single area their competition tries to advance in. A lot of the tactics used involve distracting their competition. Too many end up losing business deals and their business because of the underhanded tactics that their competitors decided to use.

There are some who continue to try and sabotage their competition. It’s very important that business owners find “the best” ways to stay connected and not lose their business or brand. So many have discovered that the very ones they’ve perceived to be great business partners or connections are the ones who may be like snakes. Yes, all areas of business will be filled with some form of competition, there are some areas in which the competition is like wild animals. Mainly using wolf instincts. They’re prowling looking to see just how they’re able to knock their competition down.

The ones who expect to elevate in anyway must continue to keep their eyes open. Don’t allow the competition to cause a cease in the business. Because there’s a lot of underhanded tactics used. The ones who have been conducting business for long periods of time will stop the competition in their tracks. Just observing will allow the person or persons to see which competitors are like wolves. Not all competition will try to sabotage a business or brand. The ones who out due their competition may try every sneaky tactic they can “think of.”

Even the ones who are close will engage in such behavior due to being overly competitive. They may choose sides thinking that the ones who are economically sound are the ones who are more developed. Not necessarily. The very ones they’ve “perceived” to be less skilled actually are the ones who are able to advance and the competition will become surprised when rising occurs. Be very careful because some aren’t really being friends. There are a lot of competitors who will pretend to be friends in order to help their business grow. Just pay attention.

Too many have fallen short because they’ve trusted the wrong individuals. Thinking that they’re connections are on the up and up! Not all will display friendly characteristics. There are some who are way too competitive to think about how other businesses need to grow. “The economy” is better off when more businesses grow. There are some who really do deserve to be completely cut off due the tactics being used. No business owner should have to tolerate dealing with the underhanded. If they’re not willing to be fair at all then there is no need to conduct business with the individuals at all.

“Look Close at the Tactics Being Used in Order to Make Sound Decisions.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“The One Which Stands out.” (paulk tanikka)

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Aggressive Competitors and Their Mental States

Some competitors may not appear to be mentally stable. If they’re sending threats and sound awfully creepy then they’re not mentally healthy. Can insanity be generated by being overly competitive? Absolutely. Some are so in tuned with competing that they lose all “train of thought.” Behaving strangely because of the desire to knock their competition down. Yes, some competition is healthy, but too much and the competitor or competitors can have a nervous breakdown.

“Please Don’t Devour me =¬†Tanikka Paulk”

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

There will be competition in business and in other areas as well. Some just don’t know when to stop competing. Harassing their competition and sending threats through their devices. Some may even have “to obtain” order of protection because some competitors appear as if they’ve lost their minds. Not all competitors are stable some could be playing some sort of game to try and cause mind weakness. There’s some who are extremely dangerous. Let’s not forget about the competitors who are always seeking distraction tactics in order to get their competition off course.

There will be battles continuing and some of the issues arise because the competition is trying to cause fatigue and create disturbances. Some of the most unthinkable acts will occur when competitors become overly aggressive with their competing. Sending insults to individuals in hopes they’ll just stop what they’re doing. Trying to instill fear in their competition. Some have even “succeeded” with forcing their competition to not only give up but to never try again.

Dangerous methods are being used. The times have changed. The competing isn’t what it use to be. Some will even go as far as to want their competition wiped out. To think some are willing to cause death just because they’re not wanting to be in competition. No matter what’s said or done. There shouldn’t be any giving up. Even when setbacks have been created. “The will to go on should be there.”

Dealing with some of the most aggressive competitors isn’t easy but soon enough the competitors will learn their lessons. Some are angry and could be releasing all of their frustrations on their competition. The fighting and the war between who will stay and who will go. The key is to be alert when it comes to the competition but do not allow competitors to ruin the works. “Be Courageous and Continue on Even if the Competition Wants a Cease.” By:

Tanikka Paulk
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The Business and Career Competitiveness

Competing for some is like food. Some live to compete and when there’s competition in business then things can get out of hand. In any area really but in business and in the career spectrum the competitiveness can get ugly. Competitors trying to make sure they stay on top. Some even stomp so low as to harass their competition. Wanting to be the best and most are perfectionist. Bashing the competition to no end. They’ll try to find ways to wipe their competition out.

If one business has products which attract customers and the other has the same but is making less sales. Then the one making less sales will become envious and start trying to trip up their competition. A dangerous game but played all over the world. Competing is one thing but to try and harm the competition is another. Some are so deep into the competitiveness scene. The logical thinking is removed and then there’s more abnormal behavior displayed.

Unfortunately for all parties involved. That’s how so many businesses end up with lawsuits. So many refuse to offer ethical business practices. They’re not concerned about just making the sales or offering good services but are more in tuned with getting their competition down. The lawsuits are enormous because of the harassment, bashing, slander and so on. Some are addicted to competing and they’re on a path of destruction.

In some cases the law may need to be involved. So many competitors lose sight of their business and so many end up losing careers because of their overly competitive antics. Competitors risk losing lots of revenue because they’re not focusing on the business but “focusing” on what their competition is doing. There should be some concern about customer satisfaction and zero concern about trying to trip up their competition.

Business owners should speak up about being harassed because they’re elevating with their business ventures. Anyone starting a career shouldn’t have to deal with some envious beings trying to make sure others don’t “excel” in some way. Instead of placing the energy where development can occur. They’ll focus more on getting their competition down. No matter how vicious the competitors become business owners and career seekers should not give up.

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