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Remember the Movie & Song Lean on me??

How many can we depend on? It seems as though the very ones we may expect to depend on aren’t very dependable at all. Of course we shouldn’t be dependent upon individuals but when times are tough there should be at least one person we’re able to turn to. For some it may “appear” as if they’re all alone. Every person needs a good friend, a comforter, a person who’s willing to listen. Not all will take the time to be a good friend. There are some who will have conditions on their friendship.

To be able to lean on a person is a blessing. For so many they’ve been betrayed and no longer trust any individuals to be a friend or more. We should all trust at least one person and although it may be difficult to do due to past “experiences.” There has to be a point of trust. Not all are willing to put their trust in any person but after awhile we’ll find that there will be at least one willing to build a friendship. Some have lost so many friends along the way. Losing a good friend is difficult. Some friends are relatives as well.

What a reminder of a special cousin who was shot and killed. Of course he was considered more than a friend, cousin, he was like a brother. No sibling so the bond we “developed” was unbreakable. Just thinking about the smile he projected and how giving he was. So sad that his life was cut so short. It’s difficult to think that his presence here will never be again. The good memories are what keeps my days brighter. “To ask God why Such a Young Life was Taken so Soon Isn’t What God Would Want to Hear but I’ve Questioned Before.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Trying to hold back tears is one of the most difficult things to do. The lost seems to be as if it was yesterday. So that’s why we should cherish good friends and the ones who are near and dear. There are some of course who will betray and then we’ll want to just run away from their presence. My cousin was one I (Tanikka Paulk) could never turn away. “At least his memory will live on.” So many have left the same way my dear cousin left. So many relatives shot and killed but for what?

Cherishing every spoken word to the one’s we love is so important. Some nights are filled with thoughts it’s as if the tragedy happened recently. I’m still seeing his lifeless body laying in the casket as I (Tanikka Paulk) sat next to the casket unwilling to move. Not understanding how any can take a life and especially one so young. Some may say that time heals the wounds but there will be times when the emotions run deep. Perhaps some memory pops into our “memory” banks and then the tears roll down.

Some may never find a true earthly friend but at least there’s always God and His son Jesus Christ. When the troubles roll in there is hope, a time of in depth “prayer,” moments of silence. So many have spoken words in which can never be taken back and yes we’ll regret what was and may in the future be said but the important is taking the time to ask for forgiveness. Some have lost friendships because of misunderstandings and instilled ways. The good ones should be cherished.

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Those who Make Friends; those who don’t
Sunrise silhouette of 10 young women walking hand in hand.

We were having one of those easy chats, and something came up.  Friendship.

There are those who make friends and keep them until death.   People who will have their friends all their lives. Sometimes they are more active, going out, visiting, and sometimes less, such as when one moves away.  But they keep their friends ‘forever’.

Then there are those who change their friends like you change your jeans.  Last week this one, next week that one, and today they are walking around with some stranger who they met on Sunday and will be best friends with until Saturday.

When people can hold their friends there is an ability to ‘bond’.   Bonding is important.   If one has difficulty in bonding they will have a lot of trouble in getting married, in taking care of their children, in being reliable.

A lot of people can not bond.  For some reason they don’t like to get too close to anyone or let anyone that close to them.

They may be the typical ‘loner’ but some seem to be very social.   They seem to have armies of friends.  But they don’t.  Everyone is replaceable.  People don’t like being replaceable.

If you think Karen is your friend and then you see her with other people and she waves you off, that ends the friendship.   If you think Damien is your friend and he doesn’t invite you to his party, well, that ends the friendship.  Clearly these people never saw you as a friend, just an acquaintance.

But there are those who only have acquaintances.

Those who do not differentiate between those they meet at the supermarket, those they live next door to, those they see every Wednesday night.  Everyone is in one big mix marked ‘friend’ and no one really matters.

People pick this up.

Sure, if a guy has money he is willing to spend, lots of people will smile and play his friend, and it doesn’t matter to them if he remembers their name, just as long as he picks up the tab.

Sure, if a guy is some famous person who can gain them entry to all sorts of amazing places, they don’t mind to be lumped into the gang.

But when it comes to friendship, where someone can bond and become a real friend, and learns that the other person can not, the friendship is packed away and acquaintanceship is elected.

If most of your friends are people you’ve known ‘forever’ then you can make friends.  If everyone who is your friend today was unknown last year, unless you’ve moved to a new city or country, then you have a problem in bonding.

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The Woman who Loves a Gangsta
February 3, 2017

In Urban terms the word is gansta. Really the term is gangster. Some may hear the word and come to conclusion a person is evil or dangerous. Not necessarily. Gangsta falls under the category Gangsta Rapper. Some may call themselves a gangsta aren’t anywhere near being a gangster. “The heart is powerful” and love doesn’t discriminate. So yes. there’s women who love men who are what some may call, “Bad Boyzs.” Every being needs love. The toughest individual can be a teddy bear at times because of the heart.

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Sometimes the toughness is just a way of shielding the heart. Afraid to love and be loved. “Love can” be expressed from near or far. In wealth or in struggle. If love fades then there was no love. Sometimes temporary security. Some feel they’re able to make individuals stop loving another. By trying to stop the love they’re actually bringing it closer. Someone had to love Hitler.

When love is disconnected then there’s a feeling of being incomplete. Two souls emerge and the reason why a connection is even is formed is because the individuals need one another. While others try to pull away. The connection won’t allow the separation. “Love is” way too strong to be disconnected. Almost like a fairy tale. The prince falling in love with a woman who many may disapprove of but the prince is madly in love with the woman.

No matter what’s said they’ll find a way to connect. That’s why it’s best to stay out of their business because if it’s meant to be then it will be. Some may feel their in a position to choose who a person should be with. Communicate with and engage with. We’re allowed to make our own decisions. Just allowing individuals to at least try to be happy. “A woman is made for a man.”

We’re entitled to love who we see fit. For some the reasons for trying to disconnect if selfishness. An agenda which may not go as the individuals want if the love is connected. Some can love deeply with a voice, letters, photos and etc. Trying to prevent is a waste of time. Most likely individuals will follow the heart. There’s no denying and even love isn’t returned individuals will “still love.”

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