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There’s a lot to Discover but Patience is Necessary

There will be a time when discovering will occur. Some of what’s discovered may be surprising and some may not. One may never know what they’ll find but the Bible states what a “you” will need to do and that is to seek and you shall find. I’ve discovered some information and other mysteries which will need further observation. Hopefully soon enough all the matters will be taken care of and of course with the discoveries comes “blessings.” Sometimes we’ll have to go through a whole lot before we’ll receive what is called ‘abundance.” Some may not be patient enough to receive the abundance, prosperity, and breakthroughs.

When we become patient then we’ll notice that what is meant to be received will be received. Yes, it’s quite difficult to have to encounter so much adversity but going through the trials will be worth the wait. Some may not be able to tell what could have occurred if they had been patient and there are some due to actions aren’t here to tell what could have been received. To be able to discover is truly a blessing. Not all will want to see others on the path of discovery because there may be fear of what some may “achieve.”

To seek isn’t always easy and seeking can be very time consuming. No matter how difficult the path may seem if one is determined enough then they’ll reach their “destination.” For some they’re not willing to travel outside of the box. There will be some who would rather allow others to discover and then want to receive what’s discovered and it’s up to the persons whether to supply. The Bible does state that we all should be cheerful givers. However doesn’t mean that we should allow any person to take advantage.

In due time there will be the prosperity some have hoped for. One may never know when their blessings may arrive. There’s certainly a lot to face. There will be some who will become quite difficult because they too may want to receive what another receives. Sometimes our blessings are held back because of the persons who are our environment. Our meaning each individual who is in the same “position.” Our is a general term. Not meaning every person who uses our. Doesn’t mean that one person’s abundance belongs to another. It’s up to the persons whether to grant the blessings received.

No person should try to take away what is received although so many try to do so. There are so many who are out to gain and may not be concerned about the blessings others are “deserving” of. It’s better to just wait and allow the receivers to give. If the persons are meant to receive then that’s what will occur. Some become greedy and will try to harass the very ones who are continuing to discover and they’ll end up missing out on their blessings. Greed is one of the deadliest sins.

To Seek and Search

Searching can take sometime and sometimes there may need to be others to assist with the discovering. Not all persons will be able to discover on their own. There is nothing wrong with needing some assistance while on the path. Of course there shouldn’t be fatigue experienced if so then it’s time to take a break and sometimes there may need to be extended breaks. That’s why resting is so “important.” There will need to be comfort. It’s difficult to concentrate on any area when there is fatigue.

Some may want to know what’s occurring at all times. No need for every person to know what’s is being discovered. There are some who should be involved when the discovering is taking place. The persons will know if they’re the ones. There will be “confirmations” of such. Do not become dismayed when there is disappointment. Some of what is found may not be for the person who’s discovering. There will be some who will become very deceptive because they’re needing to obtain whatever it is the person or persons are set to obtain.

No matter what’s said the discoveries should continue. Some may not need to receive attention because they’re disruptive and may slow down the process. The ones who are in the position to assist can sometimes help to settle the problem makers down. No need to place a lot of pressure but if any person “continues” to insist on forcing their way on the path then there will need to be some form of assistance in order to prevent losing the blessings which are suppose to be received.

Some won’t understand why they’re not able to be involved and if they’re unwilling to try and understand then there may be a lot of problems but will need to be solved in order to be more productive. It’s rather sad when some refuse to stay in place and not become invasive when breakthroughs are near. If there is any to be given to the persons then they’ll have to be patient and not hound the ones who are trying to discover. Once the blessings are received then the blessings can be allocated properly. Not all will be able to receive but helping some is better than helping none at all.

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Do not Become Weary From Doing Good There’s Hope After all

The many challenges have not made me= Tanikka Paulk stop the movement. No matter how many weapons are formed. “There is more than diamonds for me=Tanikka Paulk.” There will be adversity as long as we’re here. There is a place where there will be no troubles, no sorrow, no despair and there’s movements to make it there when the time comes. So all the attacks in the world won’t stop what God has for me= Tanikka Paulk. My grandmother would always be encouraged even when being treated unfairly. When some of her children were being disobedient. She kept the faith and kept on believing that someday she’ll make it in the arms of Jesus Christ.

So there is good and there is evil. Each person should consider doing good. Even the most notorious person will do some good so therefore there is good within each individual. Do not become dismayed when others try to come up against the greatness. There is a reason so many want to project more adversity upon another. Some are aware of the gifts and will want to take “the gifts” away. There will be plans to make some weak and to stop their gladness. Remaining filled with faith is necessary especially for me= Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve talked about me=Tanikka Paulk attacked me= Tanikka Paulk again and again. “There is still a smile” and I’m blessed even if they try to take away every single thing owned by me= Tanikka Paulk. Some are so disturbed and that’s why they’ll continue to come up against others. Not every person wants to see others shine. There are some who will never try to be happy. There will be more lies told and some may even want to see death occur. Sounds pretty evil but we all must remember that evil exist.

No matter how many project the arrows towards a person. God is always in control. The Creator of Mankind knows all things and will do what He said He will do. “The purpose was already designed” however there may be some changes. God allows each one to make their own decisions. Each person has choice and some may not be pleased with my choices but I’m going to make the choices anyway. The journey will be rough and there may be some fatigue and that’s why it’s so important to rest. Taking proper rest will allow one to remain functional.

There will be heckling going on. The heckles are meant to create distractions. Some aren’t happy when there’s progress especially if they’re not apart of the plan. Not every person should come along “the journey.” Some aren’t mean to travel with another. Jesus Christ traveled alone until His followers were allowed. Even Jesus Christ was challenged and ordered to perform miracles again and again. Although Jesus proved Himself. There were still the unbelievers.

The doubters are allowed to doubt. No amount of doubt coming from another should “be a reason” to just give in. There are way too many people who are focused on trying to cause disruptions for others when there should be focus on their own development. One must be courageous to deal with some of the individuals who will try their very best to cause an upset. Some may believe that they’re doing the right thing. Some may be forced to come up against another.

Build strength and never allow the confidence to fade. The words which are meant to pierce a person’s heart can be quickly removed by replacing the negative words with “positive thoughts.” Some will remain envious because they’re not doing what others are doing. God has a plan for each person and some simply aren’t doing what’s necessary to succeed. “I’m still here so I’m going to do what it takes to make it over there.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“God Still has Me Here.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Bring That Light, Bring That Light, Bring That Light. Alright!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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How to live our lives in artistic manner
March 1, 2017

Tic –tic – tic the watch keeps showing the passing time .Days comes and goes. Week’s months and year keep passing and seems like matter of days that we went   from childhood to teenage, young age and finely the old age came.

It seems like decades disappeared in blinks and there was so much to do, so much to achieve, so many places to visit, so much to learn, so much to read which we could not do.

Many people in their mid-age start feeling depressed because they feel that they could not do as good in their lives as good they would have liked to do.

How can we live our every moment of life in a way that if ever we look back we do not feel that it was wasted  .How to live life at its fullest.

I think that the answer is Live THE Life In Artistic Way.

Now the question is how can we live our lives in artistic way?

I would like to explain it in points –

1-we should take life in day to day basis. Thinking about past cannot help us as we cannot change or get it back and worrying about future is also waste of time because it has not come yet. So we should try to make the present day beautiful and meaningful.

2-Enjoy every little moment at its fullest. For example waking up in the morning is such a beautiful thing. Look at the sky, hear the sound of birds, feel the freshness of the morning. It’s all about feeling, feel the blessing of a new morning which can be full of hope.

Enjoy your cup of tea, talking with your loved ones, walking in the garden, cuteness of a child  , beauty of flowers ,smell of rain or whatever fills your heart with joy .

We generally do not pay much attention to these small but very precious things. Admiring them can really make our days full of joy.

3-Do Practice gratitude each day. This is the most important thing we forget to do. We are all blessed with so many things in life which we start to take for granted. The family we have, our parents, the life partner we have, our children, friends, a home to live, food, clothes, chance to be educated …the list is endless. There are many unfortunate people in world who are not that blessed.

4- Learning new things in every stage of our life is very beautiful way to make life meaningful. It is like entering in a new world. Learning new skills not only improves our personality but also it is a smart way to utilize our time.

5- We all live a very busy life. Every day we have a list of tasks to complete and in order to do that we do every work most of the time without giving much thought or attention to them.

The artistic way to get our works complete is doing them more mindfully and enjoying the period of working on them. The list is long and time is always limited. Choose numbers of your work for a day on the priority basis, no need to rush for everything. It’s okay to do less numbers of work but in beautiful manner.

For example if  you are cooking food ,Take your time ,put your heart and mind together at the present moment and enjoy every step with all your being. You will see the difference.

If you are having a cup of coffee, pay your attention to the aroma, taste of it, you are giving a bit of me time to yourself so enjoy it with full attention.

5- Be nice to yourself and others. It is the artistic way of living. When we are nice to ourselves and others, it makes life beautiful and easy.

6-Forgive others for their mistakes and forgive yourself also for the mistakes you did. Forgiving makes way for new and positive energy.

7-Compliment others for whatever good they have or done. Finding good in others is also artistic way to express ourselves.

8-Relax, we do not need to stress over everything. Every situation is not in our control, so relax and have hope for the best.

This list can be never ending. I hope the few points I could mention will Conway the way of artistic living.

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God is Certainly up to Something
February 26, 2017

When it appears as if the whole world has gone mad. As if every being has turned away. There’s something cooking. When it appears as if the troubles keep making their way in. There’s breakthroughs. No day is hopeless. No person is hopeless. Although we’ll face a lot of adversity “we’re able to manage.” The dream should fade and no person should feel as if they’re alone. God is always on His job. No matter what it looks like. He’s working all out. Yes, He’ll allow a lot of occurrences to occur, but His love will never fade. There will be tests and depending on the mission, journey, or path. God may allow a lot of troubles to occur just to see how we’ll deal with the matters.

He knew that His children would cause all kinds of chaos. No matter what we do God continues to supply unconditional love. Perhaps we all take advantage of His love. Not “considering” one another and not displaying love. God wants His children to love one another. Too busy competing and fighting and some not even aware of what they’re fighting for. There appears to be more hate than anything. Not wanting to see others prosper.

Through it all there will be blessings. When we least expect the blessings to arrive. That’s why we’ll have to go through so much. The blessings could be so large some may not know what to do with the blessings. God has even each one their own gift and there’s no need to try and steal another’s gift but these things are occurring. Of course God isn’t pleased with the individuals who keep going after other’s due to envy.

Not allowing others to excel and everyday filled with thoughts of trying to get back at another. Doesn’t appear as if too many have any Godliness within. Even close relatives will turn against one another trying to steal what isn’t there’s in the first place. More “misunderstandings” than anything. Continuous cycles of anger and bitterness. Even with all of these matters all hope isn’t lost.

There’s a lot to be grateful for may not seem as if too many are grateful. Not enough humbleness. A lot of arguments amongst a group of people. One side wanting the other side to whatever the other side is saying. We’re in constant battles and some are aware that certain individuals will receive blessings and that’s why so many will try to prevent the blessings from pouring in. “They’re unable to stop what God has already designed.”

Although they’re aware of the difficulty removing some individuals from their positions. They’ll still try. The more they’re pushing. God is continuing to gather the blessings up for delivery. He knows there’s a lot of people waiting to try and take away from others. That’s why He may delay some “breakthroughs and blessings.” He hasn’t forgotten about His children. Even if others feel as if certain individuals don’t deserve the blessings it’s up to God. He knows.

There’s no denying that we can not please everyone. Why should anyone try? Some will have to be secretive about what comes through their hands. There’s so many wanting to receive what isn’t their blessings to receive. So they’ll fight and fight. Really aren’t getting anywhere. Being so hateful when there’s so many who really deserve to have what God supplies. More “love” is needed but it appears as if not too many are willing to do so.

“Hold on and Watch and see How God Works. He Knows What to do.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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The Enemy Attacks When Breakthroughs are Near
February 5, 2017

John 14:1 says, “Let not Your Heart be Troubled.” Just remembering what a Pastor use to say about “Turn the Other Cheek.” The Pastor expressed often how doing so was a problem for him. For a lot of people actually. We’re living in times where the attacks of the enemy will come around often. The weapons used are to cause insanity and despair. The enemy will continuously go after the anointed, the called, and the gifted. Work day and night trying to destroy.

The first attack is of the mind. That’s why so many use words to cause depression and anger. The scripture states to let not the heart be troubled. What’s “occurring” is to try and isolate and cause one to become immobilized. The enemy will attack more when things aren’t going the enemy or enemies way. Control is apart of the attacks. When there’s assistance to create a positive change then the enemies will try to disrupt what’s taking place. For instance: a person who’s troubled and another comes along to try to administer comforting. The enemy will try to intervene. Not wanting others to become whole.

Going back to what Malcom X use to say. Wasn’t concerned about being politically correct. Saying what he said could cause some uproar. “Observing” what’s taking place. Malcolm was right. Devils. Didn’t understand. Devils. Each day using tactics to try and cause disruption, to agitate, to instigate. The great instigators. The individuals will try to separate families, will attack finances, will try to control.

As they’re pulling. There’s lifting. When the attacks come the breakthroughs are awaiting. The greater the attacks the greater the blessings. That’s why the attacks continue to come. Anointed ones will step and step on the enemies. “Stepping.” They’re reaching up trying get a hold of the person or persons. The persons continue to move away and they’re trying to keep the persons in the same position.

The more they’re pulling. The more the persons rise up. Being a human being one will become upset but know when to close the month and “proceed” with the growth. Clap the hands, stomp the feet, and wave the hands because something good is coming. That’s why they’re attacking. Another reason is because of the love. When others who have a spirit of hatefulness witness love going on. They’re trying to hinder the love.

Let a group people start “loving” one another. Gathering together. Helping one another and watch on the Devils will start to become irritated. Now the individuals be called Devils if they wasn’t displaying the tactics the Devil uses. Hate, Bullying, Harassment. Bashing. Sending harassing messages through technology. While all of these things occurring. The Heavenly Father is up to something.

Preparing “restoration.” Preparing elevation, rejuvenation, and prosperity. So all the attacks come and go. No one can defeat God in Heaven. Jesus was attacked as a man. If they attacked Jesus then who are we? As they’re preparing their next attack. God is setting up the blessings and will send out the discipline for touching the anointed. Touch not. Touching doesn’t actually mean to place hands but to send out attacks on the anointed and the called will cause the individuals to reap.

Saying what Malcolm X expressed does not take away from what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in. Yes, we all should be peaceful, but we should not allow anyone to keep jabbing. The best way to “avoid” conflict is to go off and calm down and perhaps talk with a calm mindset. Sometimes doesn’t work. There will times when we’ll want to tell some folks when they can go. To keep sane. Bite the lip and say there will be no jabbing. Devils will use individuals to try and come after the person or persons they’re trying to control and try to make it appear as if the person is losing their mind.

Well. They wouldn’t use such tactics if there wasn’t something the person has that they want. There’s a gift and they’re trying to use the gift. So they “become” angry when they’re unable to do what they’ve set out to do. The control is like a drug. They’re addicted and want to get high. So they’ll continue to try and gain what the person or persons have. They’ll harass, send messages, send interruptions and so on. They’ll go after children to try and agitate their parents. The work of the enemy.

“The Situations Which are Occurring Today are Situations God Said Would Occur.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“The Bible”

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