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How to Deal With the Betrayal and Deception

A lot of people will find themselves being taken back by betrayal and deception. Some will expect certain individuals to be deceptive while others become deceptive due to desperation. No matter how or why a person displays deception, it can be difficult to believe, thoughts how could the individuals be so scandalous? Well, if there’s greed involved then there will be deception and betrayal, some love money more than people. “The need “to gain easily and not being concerned about how the money is being gained or who they’re hurting to gain. Some even risking their freedom in order to make a quick buck. Not really a buck but an expression.

The best way to manage being betrayed in someway is “to think” about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was betrayed by His followers. Jesus was hated and suffered but was willing to do so to save all. So therefore mankind will be willing to betray any person. They’ll turn away from family, friends, and etc for many different reasons. Some for mere pennies. Suppose considering getting out of whatever hole they’re in. Not realizing how they’re actions will cause deeper problems.

Being betrayed isn’t easy to deal with but the Bible does speak about how so many will be betrayed and by whom. Mothers will betray their daughter. Fathers will betray sons. The Children will betray their parents. Some may do so out of desperation. Trying to get out of one hole and creating more holes. Some never get over being betrayed. For some “the best move” is to move away from the toxicity. To take a different route in order to heal and feel free. It’s not easy being betrayed by a mother or any other person but one can heal.

Forgiveness is important and can sometimes be difficult to do. If there is none then one won’t be able “to rest.” There has to be forgiveness in order to be forgiven. Prayer helps to get over being betrayed. There is also professionals who can assist with the healing. Some dwell so much on being betrayed and that’s where the mind starts thinking about some form of retaliation. That’s why it’s so important to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Some will never admit to their betrayal. Never admit to any wrong doing. There may be further actions to try and make their way out of the mess they’ve created. There may be more lies told and some will even continue to try and setup others in order to keep themselves from being imprisoned. Some are fighting for their freedom. Not considering anyone else but how they’ll be able to stay out of a cage. It’s really sad when some are willing to take their own child or children down in order to gain. Reading “the Bible helps to understand” why so many will become deceptive.

Evil certainly exist and coming into world has made so many become riddled with evilness. Some never turning back. Going so far into the darkness and not seeking the light. Some may not want to come back to the “light” because of not wanting to incur more responsibilities. That’s why some choose to block out certain events and information because of not wanting to deal with what they’ve should have dealt with long ago. Imagine being betrayed by so many. Can be difficult to even ponder but we’re in times of major darkness.

Forgiving the persons doesn’t mean that their behavior is condoned. It’s a way of releasing the pain. To allow healing to take place. For some getting over the betrayal will take a very long time. Some may want to hold on to the pain in order to feel something. God wanted each person to know that when the betrayal comes to not be dismayed because God will never forsake. When the mother or father betrays. God will take up His children. Some move away just to be in place of healing. To discover more and “find ways to live a more productive life.”

In Tupac’s case. The betrayal came from his inner circle. Never know where or when betrayal will creep up. That’s why it’s very important that each person examines who they’re allowing in their circle. Some betray because they’re forced to do so. Some do so in order to gain and some will do so in order to protect certain information from leaking out. Betrayal can produce anger. Anger can create more betrayal.

“Being Betrayed in Someway is not the end of the World. There has to be a Time of Healing and the Healing Must be Allowed in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Is It A Sin to Love Someone while Loving Somebody?

Love is the most powerful feeling that people experience in their lives. The feeling of being as a whole with someone is the best thing to know the importance of love. Others can be submissive to a person whom he or she loved. That’s the power of love as they said. It should be pure and no particular standard to check. Life will not be complete to someone devoted with.

There are times that some people became so selfish. The mere fact is that they are in a relationship. However, the catch is this person still thinking his or her ex-partner. Some people cannot understand why someone can still love their ex-partner despite having in a new relationship. “Is it unfair moment?” In some way, it is too unfair for a person to feel this way. This person is silently cheating their new partner in life.

Loving the ex-partner is always part of life. He or she can move on and find new love, but he or she can never forget the past relationship. They can set aside for the sake of loving someone or somebody. It is called a new chapter of his or her life. This is a normal feeling for someone who never stops believing in true love.

On the other hand, if a person keeps on thinking his or her ex-partner; then there is something wrong here. This means that the person is not fully healed from the past relationship. The course of action is to end the new relationship to stop silent betrayal. It is the time to soul search and let the course of nature heal the heart for the lost love. In time, a person’s heart would be able to reach out someone if they are ready to love again. Some experts even advise diverting the feeling to taking good care of a pet or to grow plants for a long period of time. If they survived, then this person is ready to love somebody out there.

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Never Expect High Hopes From Others
January 25, 2017

Life is not fully dependent on others. We still need to decide for ourselves. It is a self-concern if being manipulated or expecting too much on behalf of others. We are still living in an imperfect world. Whatever the cause of something, we should never expect high hopes from others. If we do, we will expect that our lives are dysfunctional. It is not healthy to cling to someone at all times. We need to stand up with reason and live to the fullest without the presence of others. This is the typical nature of a woman being betrayed and cannot move one because of loving their significant loved ones.

In a relationship, we are normally looking for someone to hang on. They are they support system to live with a purpose. But then, some people who are so attached to our lives will never stay long. Protecting ourselves with such expectations needed to live independently. We don’t want to fall in a hurting moment and hibernate in the four corners of the room. It is a normal way to cope up with depression. Being detached is normal within three months. It is similar of grieving the death of someone who had touched our heart dearly.

A person can be luckier and never have the chance to feel intense heartaches. He or she had found the right person. Life is not a fairytale. It is not always a happy ending story. However, the world will not end there. We just need to tame down the rage of hatred and never stop loving oneself. Give time to love oneself before others. Imperfection in love is fine. The indifference can work out as long as the person know how to compromise and be inspired with great confidence of oneself. We need to believe in ourselves.


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How to Deal with People’s Betrayal
January 9, 2017

Life is full of surprises in dealing with the real world. That includes of keeping or making new friends. But then, there are times that we can’t deny that betrayal will come along the way. It does happen and it wasn’t a pattern to experience such situation. It can be also painful because the friendship or connections had been in years. Forgetting the people close to our heart are not easy and it takes a matter of time to recover from inevitable betrayal. “How can we walk through such intense pain of being lost?” “How to deal with it?

1. Socialize with Old Friends

Once you had the chance to come out from the depressive shell, it is about time to get connected to old friends. The time of being with old friends can be helpful to vent out the hatred that lingers into his or her spine. The relief of bursting out the hatred is the best therapy to get over with someone or something.


2. Finding New Hobbies

Dwelling with unloyalty people, it is also a good thing to find new things to do in life. It can definitely therapeutic to do some hobbies that will divert the feeling of misery. This is the best way to forget the heartaches and learn to find time for oneself.


3. Spend Time Watching Films

There are some films that can reflect the real truth happening in life. It can be the best time to pour out all the tears. It doesn’t show of being weak but to let go all the whirlwind of life. After which, you can able to think it over and will able to learn on loving oneself.


4. Look for a Getaway

As a computer, we need to reboot to refresh its function. Traveling is the last option for someone to forget everything that comes into betrayal from people who are insensitive. It doesn’t to be luxurious in traveling. A backpack is the best thing to carry on and travel to nearby tourist attractions. An adventure that is so priceless.


There are some ways to cope up with such situation. It varies from one person to another. At first, the feeling down of one’s life will be dreadful at some point. It is normal to lock up in the room and reflect of what’s really conspired to being in despair. Betrayal is the worst thing that happens to any innocent souls.

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