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The Many Approaches to Leadership

Leadership shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many leaders but the strongest leader will produce the most. “How does one deal with unruly groups of People and still be an effective leader?” There certainly has to be patience involved. Some have faced some of the toughest challenges the main reason why some choose to become disorderly is because they’re trying to get their way. No leader should have to babysit any person. It seems as though there are more dictators than there are leaders. When it’s time to administer the consequences what will the leader do?

There are some having difficulties accepting the position or positions in which a leader was chosen to fulfill. Perhaps some are wanting to be in the same position and refuse to settle down because they’re thinking that they’ll scare off the leader. “An effective leader will proceed despite persons becoming angry. There will need t be decisions made regarding dealing with individuals.” (Tanikka Paulk) Perhaps ignoring will help but some will need to incur the necessary discipline in order to advance to the next levels. “If any leader expects to be productive then the leader will need to remove what’s decreasing productivity.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

Yes, it appears as though some leaders will have to deal with adult babies. Some behaving as though they’re needing some breastfeeding. When they’re trying to discourage there should be thoughts of advancement. Surrounding self around the visionaries will help. Perhaps there are many lacking confidence or they’re feeling inadequate. There should be focus on the important areas but there will need to be some directing. It’s important to have a voice. To speak on subjects in which will help lower the rate of persons being disorderly.

  1. Be expressive and be stern.
  2. No meaning is no. Adults should know how to behave.
  3. Take action if necessary.
  4. Utilize courage. Yes there should and must be courageous leaders.
  5. Disconnect refuse to accept the disorderly behavior.

There are leaders who have chosen to step down because of the many challenges. There are some willing to test the effectiveness of a leader. They’ll test to see if the leader is fit for the position. “The individuals unwilling to respect the position or positions could become problematic but there are solutions to dealing with such behaviors.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Some probably need to be rehabilitated. Their actions could prove to cause walls to crumble. That’s why it’s necessary to take actions so that the persons don’t cause declines. If they’re refusing to accept then the leader should proceed and team up with the cooperative ones.

There is joyfulness when making progress. “Every person should be approached in a way in which there will be prospering.” (Tanikka Paulk). Some may feel as though they’re underachievers but the leaders aren’t suppose to hold their hands and bottle feed the individuals. There are some wanting power and will try to cause the leader to fall. Be careful when dealing with some of the individuals. There could be some mental issues and perhaps suggesting that the persons find help will be of great benefit.

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Open Eyes and Shut Eyes

What am I (Tanikka Paulk) saying in the title above? I’m saying that it’s better to not focus on areas that can add no value. When there’s a lot of disruption we do not have to indulge in mischievous deeds. There are a lot of people who will continue to through their dramatics onto others but it’s better to continue on a path which can offer “better living.” Some think that if they challenge individuals day n and day out that they’ll receive whatever it is that they’re seeking. There are some who are so spiteful and do not know how to come out of darkness. One can choose to not see the hecklers causing all sortsĀ  of havoc. Ignoring can help no need to be consumed with the stress they’re dish out.

When we smile through the chaos, we’ll find that we’ll be in better positions. Some want to see just how far they’re able to go. There are some who are so out of tune not considering how their actions are costly the persons “abundance.” Some can receive more prosperity but there are some who are way too envious to do so. Trying to cause all sorts of disruptions but refusing to project what is needed to live in a better society. Not seeing and being apart of their antics is a great way to stay mentally sound.

There are some who want to see just where they stand so they may continue to dish out insults or bash in order to see what the person or persons are thinking. Some situations don’t need the attention at least not from certain individuals. We’re able” to quickly observe “which should receive the attention and the ones who do not need any of it. For so many they’ll fall victim of the attention seekers. The ones who continue to through out their hate in order to try an defeat a person.

The love will conquer the problems. It is love which “continues” on despite the garbage dished out. All the trials can not stop one from their pathway unless they’re willing to stop. There are so many who deal with the cynics and yes they can be a pain in the rear. We’ll discover that there’s a lot of people who feel hopeless and because of the feelings they may behave abnormally. The attacks shouldn’t be discouragement, in fact the attacks should make persons want to continue, believe that there will be a breakthrough.

Do not pay close attention to fools. The foolish ones are the ones who have to attack (Tanikka Paulk) everyday. They’re in a position in which they may not know how to come out of. The attacks and bullying hasn’t forced a cease. I’m still here for a reason. “I’m still continuing on despite my circumstances.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones who can not refrain from being bad are in a lot of trouble. They’ll have to worry about worldly trouble and hell. Perhaps praising and clapping for the future blessings will help forget about the disorderly.

“Still Blessed Even When They’re Attacking my Anointed and Chosen Position.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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