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7 unobvious gadgets that can be useful for new parents

There are a lot of things that parents have to buy before their baby come in to the World: crib, changing table, stroller, infant car seat, skin care products, clothes, toys… All of this baby products are necessary and helpful. However, there are also few other things that can be very useful, but new parents usually don’t think about them.

For someone who don’t have a child yet, these unobvious gadgets may seem unnecessary and unhandy, but in reality they can be a lifesavers for new parents, struggling with new responsibilities.

Here’s a list of 7 gadgets that will help parents with their infant and toddler.

Kettle with temperature control

This product may be really useful for preparing baby formula. With this item you won’t need to check or try if the water temperature is fine (and not too hot for the baby), you will be able to set the proper temperature on the control panel. The best products in this type usually offer 6 different temperature settings. There are also kettles with built-in thermometers so you could heat the water to any temperature you want.

Portable changing pad

This thing may be a lifesaver not only for parent who travel a lot, but also for those who are often out and about with their baby. Portable changing pad is made of waterproof fabric and has few storage pockets where we can put few diapers, diaper rash cream and a bag for used diapers. The whole pad can be rolled up into a small package – which is light and compact. The best part of portable changing pads is the price – they usually cost less than $20.

Diaper can

Parents have different opinions on this product. Some of them consider it as very useful, while others think it is an unnecessary expense. However, this item can be very useful. Sometimes parents have to change a diaper even 10 or 15 a day! If you throw used diapers in the trash can with other rubbish, the basket will quickly become full and you will need to take out the garbage even 2 times a day. Besides, used diapers in the trash can don’t smell very bad… Thanks to a diaper can this smell is kept shielded inside, rubbish are segregated and you can save time. Moreover, this solution is also more hygienic. This gadget can make parents life easier.

Electric Breast Pump

Electric breast pump is a lifesaver for new moms and it is so much better than manual one. This item can be very useful for women who have first child and don’t have any experience in breast feeding. It can be also excellent gift for baby shower!

Baby swing

Babies love cuddling, rocking and swinging. It’s a great way to comfort and sooth them. Rocking baby in arms can be pretty tiring for parents, that’s why electric baby swings are so great. Parents can use baby swing to put baby to sleep, to sooth colic and fussy infant, comfort teething baby or just use it as a safe and comfortable space for playtime.


Some parent use if during winter when the heating is working, other parents use it all year round. It’s very useful because thanks to it baby doesn’t wake up hot, sweaty and thirsty few times at night. It’s a MUST HAVE to provide baby with peaceful sleep.

Bath tub with stand

Many new parents at the beginning put the bath tub on the floor and during bathing the baby they have to bend and lift a lot. It’s completely unnecessary. Bath tub stand is a brilliant gadget! With this thing parent can bathe their baby in a comfortable position. This item is very useful, especially for moms who had C-section and can’t bend and lift right after the birth.

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Zippy strollers for your kid and baby
April 11, 2017

Zippy strollers for your kid and baby

We wanted new stroller since our last two kids got the same stroller one after the other, now we said there are lots of the desings that are modern and easy to pack, 5 months and few days ago, we went shopping online and at real stores. But before that we had to get rid of the old large stroller we had to give space for the new one

And after week of reviewing the sites we found our stroller.

Originally we liked it because of its size and second because of the car seat that you can attach it to the strollers for our toddler kid. I also liked the color that suits both girls and boys.

After rechecking with our friends who got something like this one, get that Zippy Stroller is

You are parent and your role is to keep your babies healthy and happy. This stroller was the one to make it happen, the car seat is so strong and our kids will not fill down, the stroller is quality and its price is fine.

If only the stroller has another place to have the both seat are there to put the two babies in it. It is excellent stroller. And here is the price that you wait for: its 300 dollars. Kinda little reasonable.

I recommend  this zippy stroller

zippy strollers are good old and new also, the only down side is that the strollers for babies age 3 months to 2 years maybe. but less than these months its not really recommend it. smaller babies need smaller size of the stroller and the car seat is for babies 3 to 6 years or it will not be safe to use it on the stroller, i felt like the shape and the quality though good but its not for older kids. so you do the math and buy what suits you and your kids ages, as for me I am planning to make it the infant only stroller, the elder kid do not like to set most of the time

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Kids book review; are you my mother small book
April 9, 2017

Kids book review; are you my mother small book


I like to read books like, Are You My Mother

The cover has that same green metallic color with the baby bird on top of the lazy dog. It’s exactly the same as I remembered when I was a kid.

This book author is P.D. Eastman and this author wrote really meaningful stories, so I thought why not to read this book also, it talks about one mother after getting her eggs in the net, she leaves it. Later eggs breaks and the baby come out, and the kid grow up and start asking all and everything he meet if she is the mother, for his bad luck none were his mother. In here since its about  small bird so he meets all the animals asking them are you my mother or not? So the book talks about parents connection with their kids. connection that starts from the minute they are born, not the minute they meet, since the mother in this story did not see her kid. And both never saw each other. Are you my mother is unique book since it talks not about human but its story about a mother bird and her egg which become her kid bird too

Pages: sixty four pages to read. considering its meant for kids its not long book. I liked that the book is fiction and not fiction at the same time. It has facts, the font is good, its really good journey book to read with your kids, journey of baby to find mother and parents with babies will like to get together and read it.

It tells you in few words that mom and dad loves their kids and even if far they are still connected.


The book is blue in color with photo of basket and tow birds are in the basket, its adorable and sure kids will like it.

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Pocket diaper and air purifier
April 6, 2017

pocket diaper that can be customized to suit all babies sizes, medium to large size, means from 15 kg to 30kg, My kids in that range

even if you are potty training them, these will help for fast access

these pocket style, meaning that are fast to put on and fast to remove.

It has so soft padding and an outer layer waterproof, pocket diaper come in white

The nice thing is even if you baby is runner , the pocket diaper are going to hold up nicely and that moms make it worth the expense.

didn’t want spend my time open the zippers and the tapes of other type of diapers.

just put them on the baby and let him or her play. There is no more unworked or stucked zippers, no more not taping tapes

after single open for the diaper. discovered that they diapers are in the market long time and did not get it before.

I became increasingly busy with the baby and the work but these pocket diapers save time and can stay long time for hours actually since they do abosrb almost hours of pee. the smell in the old style products are not nice, since it accumulate and make the diaper heavy on the baby, and make it slip down from heaviness. Old one are really bad looking, do not work well and cause lots of allergies


This one just when the baby have it for hours all you need to do is stripping. No more stinking. No more allergy and no more unhappy kid


No very expensive online thought it is expensive on the real shop, and I have no clue why


I tried and a lot but to be happy and save time and make your kid pocket diapers are your only chance. I had the exact same problem.

all in all, I become addict to buy this and go to the store to buy them without looking to other brand sot styles. I recommend them to friends



air purifier reviews that will make you live the spring in your house

we moved to new house to realize that we can not bring the sun to our house due to the big tree out and no fan in the kitchen so the house was kina with no breeze in or out. We wanted to increase have some air flow our living area.

there were no air flow that drawed dust. So we developed allergy sneezing all the time, headaches and sniffing. So we decided you need an air purify, sure we found a lot and the more expensive filter were the best, but spending a lot of money was not an option. you get  the filter and all are same the pricey and cheap one. Any way they cost  10   50 dollars for a device and a pack but when the is finished you will need replacement and that what will draw your money. the upfront cost is cheap, but the packs that you will need later you will lose money, in the long run you are going to lose more money, so it was hard choice, anyway we choose one purifier and hoped its going to work nicely, It made our houses air much cleaner and we were able to feel it from the first use, feels comfy and make living is healthier The vital thing bout the air purifier is the filter, Air Purifier works good when the filter is clean and when you see the air is not flowing, you get that filter is full. There was no cons and we paid $40 for this device. really we were surprised because we didn’t thought that the air purify will be vital

for who has no clean air, or those with airy atmosphere and those with allergies and asthma these air purifiers are key to your health and your families too, I hope you all have a healthy house

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New baby?-Tips on how to take good care.
January 3, 2017


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re having a brand new toddler! Now, on to the extreme stuff. You’re going to get yourself prepared in your new infant, mentally, bodily and you may need to alter your house and car for the new toddler too!

Mentally making ready for the brand new toddler

Consider this, ladies modify to having a new child faster than guys; so, do now not anticipate husbands to start being all fatherly after the pregnancy is announced. They are no longer like that. Girls alter better to the brand new child, mentally, due to the fact they revel in bodily, emotional and psychological adjustments. These changes help them modify to the brand new infant quicker. However, guys start feeling the brand new toddler after they see the bump or feel the sparkle of child motion over mommy’s stomach.

Physically preparing for the brand new toddler

There may be not anything a great deal a brand new father can do to put together to the new baby. What needs to be carried out via a father needs to be carried out earlier than the new infant is conceived. But, the new father can strive quitting smoking, quitting consuming and other vices as soon as the new child is conceived. The new mother needs to do the identical too.

Making plans for the new infant: the house and automobile

With the brand new baby, relying on whether you’re planning to co-sleep with the infant or whether you are planning to plonk the baby in a separate room impacts the changes to your home. Both manner, we suggest having a separate room to your new infant, even supposing the brand new infant goes to be sound asleep with the new mother and father for the first couple of months. A child crib, a few toys, an area to position all the child’s clothes, cabinets to handy clutch lotions, creams, diaper wipes, diapers, and so on. Off close to the changing desk is a have to.

You’ll also need to reflect on consideration on getting a toddler chair too; baby chair for the house (on the proper peak for the dining desk) and a toddler chair for the automobile (for touring). a few baby chairs can be adjusted to suit the person dining chair AND fit into the automobile on the same time. They are a touch bit greater steeply-priced than the traditional infant chairs, but the multi-characteristic is extraordinarily handy PLUS it’s far downright secure in your new baby.

Different vital stuff for your new toddler

Frankly speaking, the essentials rely absolutely to your personal choice, price range and life-style. you can live without a number of this stuff if you suppose you’ll as a substitute now not waste the cash.

When you have had preceding infants earlier than, you possibly do not want too many new toddler clothes. New infants outgrow their clothes extraordinarily fast and it would be a waste of money to splurge on new clothes. You could get hand-me-downs from nieces and nephews too, in case you want. What you need to in all likelihood get are blankets, sweaters, coats, and clothes for going out. At domestic, your new child is not going to thoughts antique garments. In reality, it’s miles a fact that your new child might be going to love wearing the vintage clothes better than the new clothes. Don’t neglect the feeding utensils like child bowls, breast pump (in case you’re planning to pump breast milk in your new infant at work), toddler bottles, fabric nappies, diapers, child wipes, creams, shampoo, bathtub gels, towels, toddler blankets, baby bedding, bibs, stroller, and many others.

And do not worry, you’ll do fine. The best thing to do is to get impartial referrals from pals and family.



All living creatures want sleep. Slumbering gives human beings and all residing creatures the time for the body to recuperate and regenerate. Lion’s wishes 16 to 18 hours of sleep, whilst primates, ten to twelve hours of sleep. People want on average six to eight hours sleep to rejuvenate. Human infants want a full 8 hours of sleep and naps in between.

The body makes use of sleep as a manner to regenerate cells and refresh the brain and typical aids within the development of our frame, thoughts, and fitness. For the duration of our sleep, the human body can regenerate hair follicles, fingernails, toenails and even the outer protecting of the pores and skin. This occurs due to the automatic pilot that is constructed into our bodies. Human beings tend to suppose that the body most effective needs to recharge spent strength at the day’s work however in reality the frame works the regeneration cycle an awful lot quicker while the mind does now not control tons motion.

Infants therefore want their snoozing time to increase muscle groups, limbs, and skeletal shape. A good way to reap a good night time’s sleep for your child, It’s miles essential that your infant have comfortable and welcoming bedding. The name of the game to a terrific bed is one that feels just proper. Beds that are to big may additionally make your toddler feel insecure. Your toddler’s mattress must be at ease and provide safety for them to get an amazing night sleep. Selecting the proper bedding should additionally be a challenge. The bedding ought to be clean to the touch and sense cozy. Bedding this is to stiff or maybe to fluffy decreases your infant’s consolation stage and therefore reduces his/her sleep time. We’d want our infants to enjoy their beds and don’t forget it an area of safety.

Try to make your child’s napping revel in a pleasing one. Bedding need to be inviting to the eye. There are such a lot of outstanding patterns and fabric in the marketplace today that deciding on the proper bedding must now not be hard. Remember the fact that your infant desires enough rest to stimulate his/her boom and development and when this is accomplished, your toddler can attain his complete capability.




So, up to this point, your dog or cat has been your toddler, but now there’s a touch human on the manner. it is ordinary and, in reality, wise to be involved approximately how the 2 are going to mix. The possibilities are excellent that everything will paintings pretty well and your pet and your child can be very near friends, however there are some matters you could do to be organized. First some tips for dogs:

Teach your canine to stay out of the nursery

Start right away putting up a infant gate or keeping the door closed to help your canine learn to stay out of the child’s room. Later on, you could allow the canine within the room, Specially if you are in there, however it’s fine to prepare him before everything to stay away.

Introduce your dog to a few other infants

If he’s in no way been round a baby, carefully introduce a few into his existence. he is a great deal much less in all likelihood to be troubled round your child if he is delivered regularly.

Ensure he’s nicely educated

An infant’s conduct is not predictable, so your dog needs to be the grown up in this situation. If your canine does no longer obey you, it’s time for a few training earlier than the child arrives. In case your canine is a male, and you haven’t had him neutered, this is a good time for that, too. It ought to make the dog calmer and extra polite.

Then, there’s the cat – some of the identical thoughts work for cats, too, besides that training them to stay out of a room is pretty tough. They scale baby gates, and cribs, by way of the way without difficulty. So, similarly to a infant gate, it’s wise to buy a net to move over the crib, to maintain the cat out. Also, if your cat sleeps with you, don’t place the toddler in your bed with the cat within the room.

For each forms of pets, hold the food and water bowl away from the infant. Toddlers like to play in them, and this may no longer simplest make a large number, but can motive the animal to be even extra jealous. Also, sooner or later, in case your child can get to the puppy meals, he’ll try to devour it. I promise.

Your infant and your pets must increase a great courting with little trouble. Simply be diligent for a while until all and sundry is secure, and you must continue to have a happy home.



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