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The current lockdown in many countries of the world creates a good opportunity to earn online. Many people have little to do at home in countries where the lockdown are. Many websites have experienced a huge increase of visitors during this period of the COVID-19 lockdown.


Many people have also resorted to online business. For those who rely on their salaries and wages, there has been a new realisation. Some companies have cut wages and salaries and others are not paying at all. In many countries, the informal sector is virtually on a standstill. This should give us a lesson.


It is best to supplement our incomes. It is not the best of a situation for one to depend on a salary or wage. There are many opportunities for people to earn money online. Personally, I rely on affiliate marketing and blogging. This generates good revenue for me.


Affiliate marketing


With affiliate marketing, a person advertises a company’s products and get paid. The amount you are paid is in direct proportion to the revenue you generate for the company. This is because many companies pay people, a percentage of the price of the product as a commission.


Let us say someone has advertised a product worth $100 and the commission is 10%. It means if a person buys the product, he/she gets $10 as a commission. So, the more that the people you refer to the company buy the products, the more you earn. The good thing is that you earn from more than one company.

Find affiliate sites here



There are many platforms that pay people who contribute articles to them. Currently, many platforms are paying in their tokens or crypto coins.  A person will then sell the crypto coins and get fiat money. People who enjoy writing articles would better write for platforms that pay than writing for those that do not pay.

I write for more than 30 blogging sites that pay. I make it an objective to write at least three articles for each blogging site per week.

Click the link if you want to see the sites that pay to blog: Earnfromblogging.







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Why I Don’t Use LinkShare Affiliate Network
April 27, 2017

I think many of us know that there is this affiliate network. This is not one of the popular affiliate network. In fact many brands are working local for US based citizens alone. And this makes you wonder if this affiliate network has any global reach. Though Rakuten being their own brand, they have affiliate system for the brand itself. But it can be troublesome to even use the linkshare in that context. I think linkshare can be surely worth the effort in case if you have got some serious traffic. For example, buy.com and rakuten has the deals that may interest people. And for this reason this can make some good option for monetization. So let me explain why I want to use linkshare affiliate network.

Udemy Affiliate

I joined as an affiliate of udemy. I found out that the affiliate network was good enough on most of the points. But promotion through linkshare is totally not worth it. The dashboard is one of the worst thing about the linkshare. But making links was good enough part. I also learn how to promote and how to get the links click properly registered. I think on that front I found out it was a good part being linkshare affiliate. But that being said, it was one of the horrible experience with the linkshare with such type of the dashboard. In such case I regret joining the udemy affiliate network.


Most of the merchants have the decent commissions and the cookie rate. But I didn’t find much of a good output with the linkshare affiliate network. You can find that some of the merchants in the network have really good rate. You have to understand that some of the affiliate options can be good enough. It just makes me wonder what can be done. You can see that 10-30% commission is not that bad. Also the amount of time it takes for you to reach that is pretty much good enough. I’d say the system is good enough for any one who is setup with any type of the affiliate website.

Lack of Conversion

You may notice that everything is good. But it has one issue. You have to find better merchants. For example nobody buys things from official store. Instead people buy things from the amazon and the ebay. So this is indeed turning out to be a good system only if the conversions are good. I personally don’t find the network that good. I know some affiliates make good money out of this. It just makes you wonder if the lack of conversion is good enough for most of the regular affiliates. Because with low conversion you are not going to maintain those sites. It just going to waste your money in the process.

So as you can see I prefer to not use thee linkshare anymore. Instead I may use the shareasale or amazon network for the promotion. You can also go for other affiliate networks but you may have to think of SEO and other affiliate systems there as well. That should give you some idea of the affiliate network.

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My Experience With Zazzle Store Designs
April 1, 2017

I have learned a lot by promoting the products on zazzle. I think one of the good experience or me was promoting someone else products apart from mine. I have helped some creators make money. And in the process I made money too. I had to worked really hard in order to make money through zazzle. But eventually it did worked. And I earned some money. Mind you my designs didn’t sold for much. Instead for me affilite income seems to be much easier. I made money here and there. And so far this is going on just fine. I am not sure how many people find zazzle as good source of income for affiliate marketing. Considering the sales are random. You have to work really hard and you have to create content on regular basis. So that makes it not so easy for people who are new to this.

Unique Designs

Most of the sellers with unique designs get the most sales. I have found that there are some of the sellers who use the stock images. And they think that it would sell. but that is not how the sales are made these days. Instead the sales need the unique product. You have to find the unique angle to even simple thing. And then customer are going to buy the product. Just imagine there are 100 images of the Disney characters. and what is different that you can offer here. That is what counts. You have to offer something different and unique. This will eventually make you more money as time goes on.

Seasonal Stuff

Most of the unique ideas have the expiry date. So you have to find the unique angle to the seasonal stuff. You have to find out what makes the stuff around seasonal and selling. Find that selling point and then see if you can market with it. Most of the customers like buying seasonal stuff. Christmas and halloween are known for the best selling months. You just have to find out what works for you. Being creative with the design definitely helps. Your design suggestion will improve as you go ahead. I have not seen the cases where you can find the things which are not seasonal and selling well. That part will rarely happen these days.

Linking Instead of Feeds

You may find that the adblocker is going to block the RSS feed from the zazzle. And for this you have to find out the linking method that works with most of the affiliate marketers. You have to write the content and link to the product. This will work no matter which adblocker you are trying. You just have to find out what works for you. And based on that you can decide what works and what does not work. I have found a lot of success with linking to the popular products. And I want to continue to work on those small changes. I wish to make more money with new tricks that work.

I think many of us want to make money with zazzle. But if you don’t have time for the design then surely go ahead with the affiliate marketing. That should work as well.

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Ways to make money online

There are many ways to earn online. I am going to talk about some of the ways in this article. You can make money through your own content, blog or website, or by doing some work on other websites. Like marketing in field, one can do marketing online and earn good amount. There are many websites which pay for just clicking on the ads. So the ways through which you can make money online are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This method is popular these days, and some people claim that they are earning good income by this way. In affiliate marketing you have to promote the products of various companies online, through your website, blog or by sharing it on social media. When some one purchases the product promoted by you, the selling company will give some commission to you. In this way you can earn good money by promoting more and more products of various companies. One of the most popular company is Amazon.
  2. Working on Websites:  There are many websites which are giving money for doing different activities, like writing articles, posting comments, voting polls and many more. Just sign up with these and start earning. Few of the most popular websites are : literacybase, mylot and many more.
  3. By having own blog/website: If you have your own blog/website then also you can earn money by displaying ads on you content. This can be done in two ways, the most popular google adsense or using third party ads other than adsense. For adsense, just signup with google and apply for adsense, when approved you can place google ads on your blog/ website and earn money. You can also use third party ads other than google to increase your earning.
  4.  By uploading videos on youtube: You can earn money by uploading you own videos on youtube. Just create a youtube channel enable it for monetization, share your videos on social media. Google will show ads on your video and this way you can earn good amount.
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