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Superficial Massage Is Beneficial for People with Disabilities
March 19, 2017

Some people believe that massage is beneficial to their human’s body. It increases blood circulation and it relaxes the tensed muscles. In fact, it is true to believe on this. That’s the reason why businessmen took the chance of having establishments to cater the needs of the people who wanted to be relaxed and ease the tension.

Let us take the real facts about massage. Massage has different types and style of doing it. But then, it is not always be needed depending on the human body’s condition. For instance, a person is suffering localized low back pain. Some people will think that massage will be the best management. Why? Pain is not always an indicator for having a massage. We can’t be sure why there is low back pain. What if there is lump upon palpation of the affected area? Massage should not be possible because it might aggravate the condition. It should be checked by doctors and avail clearance if there is no infliction of diseases.

On the other hand, massage is totally beneficial for those people with disability. Neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and the like will benefit from having a superficial massage. The neurological condition commonly has manifestation of spasticity or rigidity. If superficial massage administered to the affected limbs, it will relax the muscles. Then, it would be easy to do some exercises in maintaining the flexibility of the body joints.

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The contraindication of massage is not beneficial for those people with disability manifesting muscle weakness or flaccidity. A big question, why? If you do massage, you are not increasing the muscle strength. This would be fall more on doing active physical exercises. It is a very simple logic to understand the real principles of massage. In addition, masseur should be supervised, ­by medical professionals.

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    1. Massage is good if the one doing it is skilled and knows the important points in the body to be treated. They should be professional and have certificates.

      • It should be professional. Certificates are easy to obtain. The experience should be gained from well-skilled professionals. There are times that some medical conditions had triggered different diseases. The most common are tumor or carcinoma.

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