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Staying Grounded in Deep Waters

There are environments which are so controlled and so consumed with evilness which may generate some negative feelings if we’re not careful. Having to deal with a lot of unnecessary situations can be a headache. There are some people who are so annoying that they probably annoy themselves. Sometimes there will have to be some annoying involved in order to keep the mind in tact. There’s some who are persistent and will try to drive individuals insane. Stay in tact by removing some of the unnecessary mess.

The ones who are on a mission to make one’s life miserable aren’t very happy people. The best thing to do is to just proceed with the areas which truly matter. To discover more and to believe that there will be progress even when there’s disruptions and disturbances. Someday’s may seem as if there are high tides. The water may appear to be going over one’s head. There may be lots of drama. Some may choose to engage in such recklessness and others may just choose to “be apart of growth.”

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“Trees Represent Growth” By:

Tanikka Paulk

By not engaging in the foolishness one can move further. There can be abundance by not paying close attention to areas which can never add any “value.” Some aren’t even worth taking precious time to listen to their antics. Not meaning they’re not worthy just meaning that there’s no need to be consumed with their antics. The ones who are constantly trying to wreck havoc in persons life shouldn’t even be apart of their circle. They’re the ones who should be removed and not allowed to come back.

Take sometime to gather thoughts because there are some who will continuously try to push a person’s buttons. Always looking for a reason to harass the individual. Stay connected to joyfulness by finding ways to remain whole. Don’t be disturbed by “the actions” of others. There are some who will continue on the path of destruction and not willing to add any value to society or to their own lives.

The key is to focus on the areas in which there will be greater. The areas which will create abundance and prosperity. Not all will want to be apart of the growth which can take place when there’s determination, hopefulness, and motivation. It’s not easy to have to deal with some individuals who are always on a mission to create more problems. Some aren’t really in tuned with being problem solvers. “Disconnecting is necessary at times.”

Not allowing certain individuals in the circle could help minimize some of the pressure. No person has to deal with the pressures in which some “will develop.” Finding a way to not only become whole but to stay whole is important. trying to remain sane is important. Perhaps spending less time in unhealthy environments will help. Not being focused on the opinionated individuals but finding the knowledge. Seeking better can help create even more joy.

The world is filled with a lot of naysayers, doubters, cynics etc. There will be times when we’ll have to face the individuals. There will be environments filled with critics and the heckling will take place. Focus on the good, positives, and the values. The challenges may arise and some may have to deal with some of the most difficult people on earth but there are “ways to get through.”

“Stay Grounded Because There is Abundance Near Even When it Doesn’t Appear so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk
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