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Spot on approval at LiteracyBase
February 7, 2017

I was away from LiteracyBase for many days as I had lost patience waiting for approval.I got back today just to test the site.  I posted a blog today and no sooner it was posted it got approved.  This is the most exciting experience I have had here.

LiteracyBase gives value to suggestions made by the community and this was one of the suggestions.  Delaying approval for days leading to not reaching payout was the most disturbing situation at this site. This seems to have been addressed and there cannot be better news than this.

Many have left LiteracyBase mainly for this reason but now I am sure they will return as nothing like seeing one’s blog live the moment it is posted.

Having said that while many sites have come and gone LiteracyBase has stuck on and with this new added feel good factor it will have further increase in membership.  Atleast I have decided to get back here.  Not only will I see my blogs live the moment they are posted I will get paid on or around the stipulated date.  There are no issues with getting paid here.  LieracyBase has never faltered when it comes to prompt payment.

I wish I had tested this site earlier as I would have had contentment here which I was not having before,  much earlier..

Writing a blog with a minimum limit of 300 words is child’s play for writers and there is freedom of expression specially when one can write on any subject under the sun provided it is not copied or plagiarised.  Good writers need not do that as they always have ideas to expand on

I joined LiteracyBase in May of last year and I was paid every month promptly with the exception of just a month where I had skipped reaching the minimum payout.

I have decided to get back here and be a part of this ever promising site.

Long live LiteracyBase.

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