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Spend Less Time on Social Media for Better Health
February 16, 2017

Social Media was intended to be a platform where socializing virtually takes place. A platforms where promoting and advertising can occur. The platforms seem to be riddled with trolling, harassment, and bullying. Even celebrities are suspending their accounts. Some contacting authorities and “lawyers to deal with the matters.” What’s wrong with the individuals? Why are so many bullying others? Everyone has a right to use social media and have a right to be free from bullying.

It appears as if the administers of such platforms are unable to control what’s going on or refuse to intervene. By not doing so lawsuits will continue to brought up against the platforms and perhaps the individuals who are continuously bullying. Perhaps that’s what some want. Want the competition to leave the platforms. On the other hand when certain individuals stay away. They’re still being harassed to come back to the platforms. Are some suffering from severe mental illness?

Displaying rage and continuously attacking others who are just trying to move along. Some have navigated to other platforms in order to use social media peacefully. Staying on the platforms too long may not be beneficial. Continuous bullying can cause depression and can cause meltdowns. Users have a choice whether to stay on the platforms, spend less time on the platforms, or leave the platforms completely.

The platforms are no longer the happy go lucky platforms they use to be. The uploading of family vacations and romantics getaways are gone. There’s a lot of trolling going on. Individuals bashing others and trying to create havoc. Madness on some platforms. Celebrities can’t seem to get a handle on what’s going on. Being bullied and attacked. One good thing is they’re starting to lock accounts. Followers would need permission to follow from the user.

Having a lock on the account can help lower the risks of being bullied but isn’t 100% proof. So it’s suggested if bullying is taking place and the bullying is severe to spend less time in such platforms. The continuous bullying needs to be brought to the attention of lawyers and perhaps authorities. No one has to use social media however social media is a great tool for promotional “purposes,” socializing, and sharing life experiences.

Teens have expressed how they’ve left some platforms due to older individuals using the platform and being bullied on the platforms. Some teens have committed suicide due to severe bullying. Bullies will use such platforms to agitate anyone who they feel is intimidating. “Perhaps individuals who are creative or who are allowing their gifts to shine.”

The adult bullying is on the rise. The reason why bullying is so rampant is because some believe there’s no consequences for their “actions.” As long as they’re allowed to bully others then that’s what they’ll do. Another reason is there’s a lot of courage behind a computer screen. More than likely the individuals wouldn’t say what they’re saying on social media face to face.

In order to stay mentally healthy it’s best to “limit the time in such environments.” When the chaos becomes too much then it’s time to find other platforms which are more concerned about their users. If it means navigating to Facebook or whatever platforms offer more peace then do so. No person deserves to be bullied and especially continuously.

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    1. I cannot agree more. One will have to take several breaks in a day or week from social media to ‘detox’ from all the negativity and of course, to get some physical exercise.

      • Of course breaks are necessary. There’s many ways to obtain exercise. For me it’s dancing. Too much time online can be draining. There’s a lot of negativity in which we all should limit our time in such environments.

    2. Indeed when the social media you are registered with has some trolls bullying you, it can be detrimental to your health especially when exchange of not nice words were hurled at each other already.

      Luckily, I have my account on private setting. That way, not anyone can go directly to my account and bully me.

      Most of the times, those that are bullied are on public setting. Besides, maybe their posts is something that can incite bad emotions such as the post can be so bragging. Or those who constantly posts selfies of themselves because others find it offensive that you are so finding yourself beautiful. ha ha ha

      • Bully me and I’m advocating. There’s a lot of bullying on certain sites. Some protect their users better. Spending less time on sites with a lot of bullying may help. There’s nothing funny about anyone being bullied and hopefully adults realize that bullying is totally wrong.

    3. Social media has become such a pain for so many people.instead of being that place where people catch up from years back or just doing networking, it has become a bullying platform.
      I remember when i joined the family of social media things were good people were good to each other there was no bashing at one another it was all about family and love.
      As social media continues to grow, the more bullying and bashing grows. There are so many platforms that people are using to do wrong to others. It has now become the 411 platform where all the gossip in the world is goin on. People have even taken up the art of being good photographers to report about the things that are going on around the world.
      As it is now you will find people taking photos of either celebrities and start telling or spreading rumours about them, then it becomes a trending story before you know it the person who’s been talked about gets frustrated then slips into depressed and before you know it they loose their fame. The same may happen to someone who’s maybe just starting up in the fame world, something like this happens to them and they decide to commit suicide because they just can’t take it all. So really social media as much as it has saved many people in terms of time and money, it has also brought people together throug networking. But lets make use of social media for what it meant for and not for tormenting people.


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