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Sometimes You Have To Work With What You Have
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Today, I thought I’d share the easiest way to make a meal. We all go to our cupboards, see what we have, yet end up going to the store to get something for dinner. Laziness? Maybe! Most likely, many people aren’t very food savvy.

Let’s face it we live in a fast-paced world. Time and time again people are making shortcuts to meet those challenges. But should you really take shortcuts with your health?

My photo today┬áis a meal I just put in the slow cooker. It took a whole 10 minutes to prepare and it will be done in about 4 hours. Today, I’m making Cheesy Potatoes with Bacon and Green Onions.

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I used everything I already had in the home.

Cheesy Potatoes with Bacon and Green Onions

(1) Bag of Yellow Potatoes
(Use what suits your families size. With 4 in my family, I used half a bag.)

(2) Olive Oil
(Just sprinkle it on.)

(3) Salt and Pepper

(4) Parsley
(You can use the flakes or fresh parsley. Remember use what you have.)

(5) Bacon
(I cut the bacon up because I’m adding three layers in the slow cooker.)

(6) Cheese
(Like the shredded cheese already in the bag. My girls use it for so much. But if you have a block of cheese go ahead and shred it up. And if you want to use two kinds.)

(7) Top with Green onions.
(Here’s a trick. Buy one thing of green onions from the store. Cut the bottom off. Put it in soil to grow or just a small glass and you’ve just saved money) I already had my green onions.
You’re going to repeat this two more times. (This will make a dinner dish but you can make less. Have it for a quick lunch or use it as a side dish. Whatever works for you.)

You’d be surprised by what you can make with what you already have in your cupboard. I hope you find this post inspiring. Let me know what you find in your cupboards.

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