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Some tips and tricks for bloggers.

Blogger is a free to use platform provided by google to put your content online for free. Blogger provides free hosting and gives you a limited space to put your content online. One of the limitation of using blogger is that name of your blog ends with blogspot.com. You can manually add custom domain name like .com or .in, for this you have to purchase it from domain name websites like godaddy and others.

Some people may not like its default look, so one can manually change its default look by doing some changes in settings or layout. I did same for my blog: http://www.comparenshop.in/.

Apart from expressing your views or sharing some knowledge on blogger, you can also use it earn some money from blogger by displaying google ads or third party ads. To apply for google ads, just go to your blogger dashboard, click on earnings and follow the further steps to complete your application. You can also display third party ads on your blog apart from google adsense. This will boost your income. There are some website which approve your application for displaying ads even for low traffic.

The default look of blogger doesn’t look attractive to some people, so you can also change its look by changing its default theme.For this click on theme and then on customize. Blogger will show a list of attractive themes, which you can apply to your blog and make it more attractive and resulting more traffic. You can adjust widths and change background of your blog to make it more attractive, resulting more traffic and more income from your blog.

To get more traffic to blogger add it search engines like google or bing.

To earn more one can use online marketing. Apply for affiliate marketing on various online shopping websites like amazon, snapdeal and others. They will review your application and if approved you can display their ads on your blog. For this you have to add their HTML code to your blog. HTML code can be added to a blog in different ways. It depends on your where you want to display the ad. To display adds in right bar, left bar, above your content or below content, click on layout, click on add gadget and choose the option add HTML, now save your blog. If you want to display add inside the blog posts or pages, you have to add code inside the page or post. For this click on HTML from compose/html, and add your code where you want to display ad.

So from blogger apart from displaying your content on Internet for free you can earn some amount of money from it by just using some tricks.


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    1. It is really nice to have your own blogsite where you can earn.

    2. The Blogger or Blogspot publishing platform is a part of free tools and resources offered by Google. It’s very nice of a huge company like that, a tech giant among giants, to make DIY apps like these available to the “little people” so they can possibly earn income to support themselves and their families. Did I mention the platform is FREE? Google could be greedy, you know? They don’t have to offer it publishers at no charge. They’re not legally obligated in any way to make it available to bloggers or users.


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