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Some Additional Information on Medications
November 28, 2017


The Truehope Program of Supplementation and Support uses Empowerplus™, which

has been formulated specifically for this program. Required dosage differs from

participant to participant. A Truehope Assistant will advise you on a reasonable starting

level of the supplement. Remember, the supplement is based solely on nutrition and is

not a drug so you may be flexible in finding a dosage that works for you.


Although Empowerplus™ in general is extremely well tolerated, occasionally mild

stomach upset or nausea can occur. Be sure to take the supplement with food to

minimize the chances of stomach upset.

Occasionally, participants may also experience headache, loose stool or diarrhea,

flatulence and/or constipation. A small number of participants have reported mild

excitability or inability to sleep when the supplement is taken too late in the evening.

Because of the interaction between the supplement and medication, side effects of the

medication are often thought to be side effects of the supplement. Completion of Step

Three of this workbook will help to clarify the root of the symptoms and side effects.


Although certain disorders may respond faster than others, participant response times

can vary dramatically. For example, a participant with six or seven limiting factors will

likely respond much slower than a participant with no limiting factors.

Please understand that all participants who are medicated or severely ill upon entering

the Truehope Program will have some degree of difficulty in recovery. Our support

staff have been trained and provided with information that is designed to assist you as

you go through the process of healing. Utilize all of the resources available to you and

be sure to establish a good personal support system with a friend or loved one who can

go through the process with you.

Restoring health is a process that takes time. Remember, you did not get sick overnight.

Give your body a chance to heal and balance. The results are worth the wait.

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