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Some Additional Information on Medications 3 – Round Up
November 28, 2017


You are effectively maintaining wellness when you make being physically healthy a part

of your daily lifestyle. Remember that everything you ingest affects your body chemistry

in one way or another. Seek to find balance and moderation in the things that you eat

and the activities you participate in. Listen to your own personal intuition about what you

should and should not eat. You’ll find that with practice, you will be able to establish a

routine of health and wellness in your life. Lifestyle changes don’t occur overnight, but

as you heal, you will find ways to improve your health along the way.


  1. CNS Disorder: Refers to any disorder of the Central Nervous System. As most of us

have multiple diagnoses and names for our condition, we have chosen to refer to all of

them as CNS Disorders.

  1. Program Participant: The person who is choosing to use the Truehope Program of

Supplementation and Support.

  1. Support Person:The family member, friend or loved-one who is assisting the

participant through each step of the healing process.

  1. Natural Law:Refers to the laws of nature.Meeting your body’s nutritional

requirements is a major part of the Truehope Program. The concept that everything you

take into your body affects your body chemistry is crucial to understanding natural law.

  1. Truehope Assistant (TA):A trained member of our support staff who will conduct

regular support calls, collect your personal Symptom Evaluation Forms, and assist you

with your individual supplementation requirements.

  1. Self-awareness or Personal Intuition: Most participants who have been medicated

or treated in the medical system may have lost their confidence in their own personal

intuition. Much of the treatment we have received and accepted may have been in direct

contradiction to the instinct that we each have concerning our health. It is difficult to be

self-aware or have a true sense of personal intuition when one is severely sick or

heavily medicated.

Each participant’s response to the program is unique and personal. During the process

of healing, Truehope Participants are strongly encouraged to listen to and trust their own personal intuition. We are not referring to fortune telling, predictions, muscle testing

or other sources of outside influence. We are referring only to your own sense of good

judgment that indicates what you need to do in order to be well. No one can give this to

you. It is already there.

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