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Social awareness- Responsibility..Be a responsible person of society..u feel proud..
November 12, 2017

Social Awareness-Responsibility

Social Awareness

In order to develop social awareness within society, information is key. Discussion about that information is also critical as it presents the same data in different formats. Moreover, debate about that information is vital to the process of developing social awareness. Exposure to different points of views and comparison of advantages and disadvantages is what leads to successful solutions to today’s global problems. Therefore, social awareness is clearly an important societal necessity as our world swiftly moves forward in a technological age shaped by a multitude of overwhelming global issues.

Social Responsibility we the privileged human beings posses 6 senses who are ultimately responsible for the preservation of this beautiful world by our socially responsible actions and activities. But the questions which challenge us are:

Do all have the proper awareness of social responsibility?
Is it the ultimate responsibility of Government – to be socially responsible for all the abuses made by people?
Is it the responsibility of corporate to be socially responsible to maintain and develop the eco friendly environment?


What is Social Responsibility?
“Social responsibility is an ethical or ideological theory that an entity whether it is a government, corporation, organization or individual has a responsibility to society. This responsibility can be “negative,” in that it is a responsibility to refrain from acting or it can be “positive,” meaning there is a responsibility to act. While primarily associated with business and governmental practices, activist groups and local communities can also be associated with social responsibility, not only business or governmental entities.

Individual Respondent’s response

* Helping the poor.
* Growing trees, Save electricity, Paying tax promptly etc.
* Helping our children for better education pursuits.
* Adopting orphans.
*Promoting our mission among you friends and family members
* Eye / Blood donation.
* Sensitizing your colleagues and managers and making them socially responsible.
* Supporting children and elders to nullify the social stigma among them.
* Raising voice for women empowerment.
* Adopting children and supporting for their entire wellbeing
* Helping helpless old age people.
* Keeping the environment litter free.
* Making advice not to marry within blood relations.
* Conducting health checkup and awareness camps
* Celebrating many happy occasions like birthdays, marriage days and other memorable anniversaries with Orhaphanages and old age homes.

Corporate Respondent’s response

* Providing rural employment
* Treating the industrial waste with proper effluent plants.
* Building educational institutions and hospitals.
* Helping the government in construction of public convenience facilities, maintaining gardens, traffic barricade etc.
* Creating awareness about the globalization and its cause & effect.
* Taking the technology to the public through user friendly modes.
* Developing infrastructure in backward areas by setting up industries there.

For individuals– Start growing more service mind set from school level onwards, with more focus and more effectively
– put the students into practice towards doing more service
– For example, take school kids to govt. hospital and let them learn how the system works and why it fails or succeeds? Definitely this kind of activity will make them to think a loud.

– Ask them to help the old age people
– demonstrate by examples, take them to a old age home and tell them how to and what to help them? In turn they can practice the same at the home. Assign marks to these kinds of activities and make it compulsory.

– Ask the educational institutions to inculcate the practice of social responsibility as their second nature. At one stage schools & colleges should mould the students to volunteer more for service; rather than compelling them by undue pressures in terms of marks. But to start with we may insist this system to be compulsory with marks.

For Corporate
 Install the social responsibility practices more vigorous with a service mind set.

* Government should make it compulsory that every corporate should also submit their corporate social responsibility reports and accounts along with their regular annual reports.

* As told earlier rather than insisting and enforcing things it should become a practice.

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