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Smartphones are also our GPS!

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I remember several years ago, it was very convenient to own a GPS which was averagely like $100 to $200, depending what kind of brand, model you purchased. However, now with new technology – we have maps on our phones where we can use as a GPS feature. The GPS we currently own, a Garmin is not even being used. In fact, I bet it is worthless now a days because who needs a GPS and not to mention the GPS loads extremely slow!

For instance – Today, I needed to drive to an address that I was not familiar with. Instead of the old school method (had I not have a GPS) going online, looking up the directions and printing it out. Then when I drive, I would have to reference my paper which is not safe or try to remember the instructions in my head. Now, all we have to go is reference the GPS/Map Feature on our phone and type the address then press go! As we drive, the feature will speak to us and tell us where to turn, exit and which side is our destination. Then, to go home – do the same, type our home and our phone will help guide us back!

Even though a smartphone *may* be an expensive cost upfront, but you are getting so much more than a smartphone to call. You are receiving a GPS feature which already say is a $150 value! Plus the phone is also like a point and shoot camera and say that is already a $150 value also! In addition to the features you have: ability to make phone calls, face time calls, chat, use the internet, connect with friends and family via social media, browse the internet, and so forth!

Overall: Owning an updated smart phone has so many perks!

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    1. Smartphones are becoming a necessary gadget these days with its varied functions, and busy people can rely on it.


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